Friday, August 31, 2012

Signs of Fall

Chance and I went for a walk after supper last night.

Chance at the gate

The trees are losing their leaves and the Oaks are dropping their acorns.   It sure looks like Fall to me.  It was only 80 F degrees (26 C) yesterday.  It seemed warmer than that.

Far Guy took off and spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair.  He took a bus with a bunch of other old was Senior Citizens Day at the Fair.

Chance did just fine..he loves his “sitter”!  (Thank you Jo!)

During our walk we were overtaken by the neighborhood bikers.

Neighborhood Biker one

Biker Two

This biker was all dressed was Open House at the school today..she starts school this Fall.  She had a little surgery last week but is feeling “just fine”..she is a trooper.

It gets dark about 8:15 now..less time to stay out after supper.


Sunset over the corn field.

I have four days off in a row.   One day is a paid vacation day, Far Guy will work for me one day and two days are my regular days off.  I might feel like a new person next week…when I go back I will have 20 work days left:)

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DJan said...

Just love that pretty yellow dress. I'm sure you do too, since it's your favorite color. I can feel the change in the weather, too. I kind of like it. :-)

linda m said...

Enjoy your days off.

Muffy's Marks said...

Beautiful sunset. Enjoy your days off. You sure have a pretty little neighbor girl. Have a great weekend.

L. D. said...

Yes your fall weather comes so early each year. I remember leaving Minnesota to go back to school and leaves on some trees were turning color already. I hope the State Fair thing went well for him. I have been in the cities when it was going on but never attended. It is good that it is Friday and you don't have to work.

RURAL said...

In our local newspaper the gardening columnist said the trees are turning because of our unusually cool, and wet spring. Seems like a two fold punishment doesn't it?

Ah four days off, you go girl.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Country Gal said...

We did have fall like weather but now it has turned hot and humid again , who knows what the weather is to be here any more !
Sounds like a lovely walk , cute bikers there ! Fantastic sunset photo across the field to ! We used to have to cage Miggy when we went out cause no sitters here but with a lot of training every day and replacing some things at the beginning, she is now able to stay at home alone in the house with out chewing things and howling ! She now knows Mama and Papa will be home soon. We have my in laws pop in every now and then as they live next door to let her out for a pee as I do for their pooch when they are at work or have gone out ! I thought she would never get over her insecurity but she has thankfully . I hated having to cage her ! Chance one day you will be able to do it and show mum and dad your a big boy ! Have a good day !

Gail said...

Enjoy your days.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

We were at the fair yesterday, too. We took the grandkids and had a great time. Do enjoy your days off!

Beth said...

Have a wonderful day off!

Red said...

I wonder if an early spring caused the early leaf color change? The plants had done their thing and were finished

Anonymous said...

I always love to walk in autumn. I dread dark coming so soon though. Very cute bikers you ran into there!!! Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend.

Dreaming said...

Your biker in yellow looks so darn serious. How cute!
We've been seeing some signs of fall, too. I'm not sure I'm ready... but ready or not, it's going to come.

Rita said...

Such pretty girls and a breathtaking sunset! I can't believe how it is looking like fall when we keep going back to 90 degrees. I don't think the trees know quite what to do with this nutty weather.

I'm counting down with you. Enjoy your days off. :)