Monday, August 13, 2012

War Memorial

Yesterday was the changing of the flags up on Bunker Hill up on the edge of the prairie.

This year Far Guy was asked to assist with the Air Force flag.

Far Guy hoisting the flag

That is him in the red shirt.  The Coast Guard Guys are in the way.

carey at the memorial

My baby brother and his wife were able to attend..he was in the Navy.  All of our “neighborhood” showed up along with Andy, Jen and the grand boys.

The Bunker

The bunker on Bunker Hill. 

Disposal of the flags

The flags were disposed of properly.

It was a thought filled day up on Bunker Hill..remembering all the Veterans the ones that returned and the ones that didn’t:(

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  1. What a wonderful day that must have been. We had a huge ceremony at the Milwaukee Brewer's stadium on Saturday where they honored military veterans. It was mostly for WWII veterans but all were honored. We broke the Guinness Book of records for the most people in attendance for a "movie" premier (over 33,000). The premier was a movie about the Honor Flights for WWII veterans to Washington DC

  2. Bless your community for doing this. Most don't bother.

  3. Your community is great! I thank God for the service that all the men and women have given to our county.

  4. Beautiful day! I am glad the flags were disposed of properly.

  5. I always enjoy seeing the photos from the ceremony at Bunker Hill. Very powerful and heartwarming.

  6. How appropriate for the disposal to be a part of the ceremony.

  7. Thought-filled day, indeed. Thank you for sharing all those photos with us. In a little way, we were all there with you.

  8. No words, heart filled with greatfullness, tear for the ones whos lives cut short and loveones with empty pain. gw

  9. Now what's with the burning of the flags?
    We have our remembrance in Nov. Sometimes it's pretty nasty weather.

  10. God bless and thanks for sharing. ♥

  11. Yes, a very emotional day for me too! Gene did a good job. Ray on his trumpet was especially good this year.. and Kaylynns poem too! Trudy and her history of Lincoln was very good too. You almost had your whole family there. Just missing Trish and fam. Hope your week is going good.

  12. There is a feeling of such respect in your ceremonies...we have them here in Canada, but we don't have the same sense in the younger generation of respect and reality. Most of the younger people have not been touched by anything like war, and for them it's dry history in a book.

    My Mom lived through it, many of the older people I know lived through's very real to me.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. Looks like a beautiful ceremony. What was the bunker used for and how old is it? Is that close to you? I always thought Bunker Hill was out East somewhere...."The Battle of Bunker Hill"? Or is this another one? I love history, I'm just not very good at it.


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