Thursday, August 2, 2012


The harvest began on Monday this week.  A late July harvest.  The grain ripened fast this year.  They harvested the field across from us yesterday and there was wheat chaff sparkling in the air.

Corporate Crew

The corporate big farmer crew.

Not so corporate crew

The small farmer.

Steves Corn

Steve’s cornfield is looking good.

We went for a ride after supper last night to see all the harvest progress.

One of the neighbors lost two horses to a lightening strike the other night when it spit rain and rumbled half the night.  Poor things probably never knew what hit them:(

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  1. August seems early for a harvest to me, but what do I know? The corn does look good, and the chance to see wheat chaff sparkling in the sun... I'd like that. :-)

  2. I would love to see wheat chaff sparkling in the air. It is sooooo dry here that nothing is growing. The little bit of rain we had only made the weeds grow. Beautiful pictures of the harvesting .

  3. I am glad that you have been getting rain and the crops are good. The crops here are decimated because of the heat and drought.

  4. I feel so badly for those poor horses!!! I'm glad they didn't know what hit them, though. So sad.

    But glad to hear the crops are doing okay over your way. Doesn't surprise me they're harvesting already with the very early warm spring we had.

    I really do love that new header. Makes me smile every time I see it. :)

  5. That's sad about the horses. It has been the strangest summer/weather.

  6. It has been fun driving around the country and seeing crop progress in different areas. The lower part of Idaho has so much irrigation. Things are lush and green and the corn truly is as high as an elephant's eye. We noticed a family loading bales of hay from the field yesterday. We've been there and done that enough, ourselves. I was feeling the itchiness from the hay, just in seeing them hoisting bales.
    The harvest is reminding me that fall is coming - another favorite time of year.

  7. I've been away from the farm too long. When I read, "wheat chaff sparkling in the air," memories came flooding back to me or the barley and oat harvest. Cleaning out the grain bins was a hot, dusty, and itchy job, but the smells were divine when the new crop was augered into the clean bins.

  8. Oh my gosh those poor animals, didn't they bring them in? We had what they are calling the storm of the century the other day, and it was one nasty thing.

    I hate the pop up too, sorry about that, will let Blog her know. It only comes up if you mouse over or near it, [they say] and then they say that it's industry norm....I will let them know that I hate it also.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Lots of crops here were destroyed by the drought we had last month ! It is a shame for the farmers here it's their lively hood ! Lovely photos . That's sad about the horses .

  10. I love your cover photo with the dogs. They are so beautiful.

  11. Some of our crops are just starting to ripen. Harvest will be a while yet. You've had some rough weather this year.

  12. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Lovely colours in these shots!

  14. Summer wheat? I used to love the harvest but it was later as it was soybeans and corn but at least you have one. So many had no harvest this year because of the dry conditions. Corn there looks great...Illinois...not so much. It looks wonderfully green there! That's so sad about the horses.


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