Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall is in the air

It has turned cold here.  Especially at night, by morning I am awakened by a chill in the house and have to get up to close the windows.

The Oaks in our yard have dropped their first few leaves..the early giver uppers..the leaves towards the end of the branches that had a tenuous hold all summer have given up the fight. They litter the yard..the first of a million or two leaves that will fall in our yard.

The bean fields have turned color.

irrigator in the bean field 

The grain harvest is almost over.

Grain Field

Large hay bales wait in the fields.

Hay Bales

Mothers are off school shopping with their children.  The out of state tourists with children have returned to their homes where school will begin soon.  Minnesota children do not go back to school until after Labor Day.  Years ago the State Legislature passed a law that prohibited public schools from starting before Labor Day because they felt it hurt the tourist industry.  Besides that many summer business's rely on high school and college students for their summer workforce. 

Summer is almost over..and Fall is coming on strong:(

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  1. We had a late start to our summer, and now we are experiencing really hot weather (well, hot to us anyway). Yesterday it got to 84 degrees here, which felt plenty hot. All the snow is not gone from the High Country yet! But it's well towards the first day of fall, and summer is beginning to wind down all across the country. I always like the change of seasons, and fall is my favorite one.

  2. Pretty photos, Connie. We are just beginning to see signs of fall and my cold-natured kitty has started snuggling early in the a.m. from the cooler temps!

  3. The nights are cooler here also. Hubby and I sleep so much better in the cooler weather. No real signs of Fall yet, except all the back-to-school sales. School starts the week before Labor Day here. So stupid if you ask me cuz they are in school for two or three days and then get a day off . They never do anything in school except goof off those first couple of days anyways. Looking forward to Fall.

  4. Our nights have been a bit cooler, too - - - but the days are still quite warm. It has dropped to the mid and high eighties. A few days the humidity has dropped to a tolerable level.
    School here has been going at least a week now. The college freshmen are moving in today with their classes beginning about next Wednesday. But I remember the days of school starting after Labor Day in upstate NY when I was a kid. It was as traditional as Christmas being on December 25.

  5. School here starts the Tuesday after Labour Day, other than one private school that I can think of. Silly me assumed that it would be the same everywhere:)
    We are not too far from DJan, and have had the same weather. I feel that we are actually in the middle of summer right now with our hot dry weather that was late coming, but can see signs of Fall arriving as well.

  6. Our Kansas schools started yesterday. We used to start after Labor Day too. Seemed simpler then.

  7. I love the golden fields.

    School, work - the stress of every day life - starts again Wednesday next week.

  8. When we were vacationing north of Nisswa we could see signs of leaves turning, etc. Now our temps are much cooler, as well. You definitely captured the signs of fall!

  9. Looks great there. Some early crops are ripening here. We've had a lot of rain so things are still very active. Our grass is still growing as if it's spring.

  10. So it seems our weather turned at the same time, well last night for us at least. It's 9 pm here and still 30C don't think Autumn is coming to visit tonight.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. Oh I am love-love-loving this weather!! I wish it could stay like this till November!! I've been in seventh heaven. :):) Don't hate me but I am really hoping to see some snow this winter. Last winter was downright spooky weird. ;) Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  12. School starts here on the 22nd. We have corn that will be harvested a month early this year. It will be half the crop. Great photos.

  13. We, here in California, start school August 22nd. Actually, the children come Thursday that week. We're still on vacation, but are driving home to the desert today...ugh. After enjoying days of 68 degrees, it will be hard to return to 110 degrees in the desert! :-( I am so NOT READY for school!!!

  14. school starts this year after labor day -- first time that I can recall in AGES.
    it has cooled a bit at night here, but not enough to close windows.

  15. Love to hear it and wish I could say the same here or be there! It's awful hot and humid here... heat warnings of 106 - 110.....did Mother Nature forget about Fall in the South???? There's some rain coming Friday or Saturday and after that it's supposed to go down to the 80's...I'm wanting 60's truth be told. Enjoy and thanks for the pictures of what Fall looks like to me!


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