Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Day Weekend

I could take my shoes off and sit a spell…and relax.

Take your shoes off an relax

Or perhaps I could take out the canoe.

Go for a canoe ride

What better use for an old canoe..fill it with Snow on the Mountain..or Bishop’s Goutweed.

Instead I will most likely clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, vacuum the furniture, scrub a few floors,  plan meals for “someone” to cook and then head for the grocery store.  I suppose I could dust a tad too.  This is really my non day…Monday doesn’t count because I have to be at the museum for a program.  I am also helping a friend learn something new on Monday..a class of sorts…and I need to get the materials all ready.  I am sure my one day off will be over before I know it.

25 days and counting:)

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  1. And we'll all count those days with you! Have a productive day.

  2. I especially love that canoe!

    Hope these 25 days go by quickly for you!

  3. Sometimes weekends are like ithat. And, it is amazing how much one can accomplish! We camped at a wonderful campground in Missoula. The owner and his wife had whimsical gardens everywhere. I should send them your canoe picture! They don't have one like that!

  4. Working gals pulling double duty. Thank heavens its not year round. Soon you will be able to catch up. Love the canoe photo.

  5. And learning about your new camera! I love those pictures, especially the cool canoe. I am counting the days along with you, but I so enjoy hearing about your trials and tribulations. You really ought to spend a little time in one of those deck chairs. :-)

  6. I remember my working days. Try to enjoy your day off, at least part of it.

  7. One day off but what a day! Days when you pile a lot in are the best.

  8. The deck chair looks more inviting than the housework, but the endlessness of the tasks never lets us be, does it? (She says as she hears the dryer buzz.)
    The canoe made me laugh! Three weeks and change... ;)

  9. Weekends - - - no matter how many days long - - - really do go faster than weekdays at work it seems. And your summer at the museum has gone by quicker this year than last for me - - - how about for you?

  10. Enjoy your day and try to relax at least a little!

    Your flowers look lovely. It's blowing a storm over here - autumn is on its way!


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