Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Urho’s Day Parade

The parade was wonderful all five minutes of was about 60 degrees and overcast.

The Finnish Flag Bearer

St Urhos Day Parade Flag bearer

You can see the grasshopper dragging some of the grapes on the way out of town.

The cutest grasshopper

The cutest grasshopper

There were two of these little grasshoppers, just as cute as they could be.

There were even some of our relatives..imagine that.

Relatives driving the Wolf Lake Royalty

Helen and Archie driving the Wolf Lake Royalty.

The Knights of St. Urho

Knights of St Urho

Resplendent in their underwear over their long underwear.

Even some weekend wannabees!


Chance could even read this sign ROOWF..ROOWF!

It was a fun parade, I will look forward to it again next year!

We took Chance down to the St. Urho statue for a photo!Chance and St Urho

If you are ever in Menahga Minnesota  around March 16th you might want to put the St. Urho’s Day parade on your schedule:)

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  1. Never had heard of this before, but love to learn about local culture.

  2. Ya sure. Lets have a beer and go sauna. Would you believe I've done both in Menhaga some years ago. And would you believe, I think it was there an uncle of an aquaintence of mine that did both and cooked to death there maybe thirty plus years ago.... Seriously. It always come to mind when we drive through on our way to Mantrap.

  3. Five minutes long? Now that's a parade I could appreciate. I love your new header, too, especially that cute nuthatch in the middle. And of course Chance.

  4. Marking it on my calendar now for next year:)!

  5. Looks like a great parade!
    I agree about the cutest grasshopper, too!
    Have a great day!

  6. I may never get there for the Parade, but when my husband (and favorite driver) was living we went there a couple summers ago, and shopped at the wonderful bakery, and I have a photo of me taken with the famous St. Urho statue. Good Memories!! I will miss all those spontaneous drives to interesting places. Appreciate those special people in your lives while they are still with you!


  7. Ah, dem crazy finlanders! ;)
    This Swede has been to the statue...escorted by a Finn, of course. Then we ate pasty. :):)

  8. Awwwww, I wanna bring that little grasshopper home...hug him...squeeze him and call him George! (remember that cartoon?) How precious is he!!!

    Looked like it was the perfect day for a fun parade!!!

    God bless and have a great week my friend!!!

  9. Adorable grasshopper. About St. Urho - you learn something new everyday.

  10. I'm glad Chance's feet are better. Acorns in the yard to that degree must be amazing. I've never seen that many ever!


  11. Fun pictures and I like Chance's photo!

  12. What fun! We couldn't find any parades in our small town.
    Popped over from Red's blog. I like your fog photos.
    We used to live beside a lake and I miss seeing it every day.

    Greetings from Cottage Country!


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