Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chance : Winners!

Hiya! It is me Chance the blogging Border Collie.  My foot is much better, thank you to everyone who was concerned.  I was a little limpy.  Then Far Side got out the scissors and made a huge mess and clipped my hairy feet. I did not limp at all yesterday..they are not sure if that helped or if I had a acorn bruise from all the acorns in the yard..or if I tangled with a sharp one could see anything visibly wrong with my foot.

Oh and Far Side cleaned my teeth too..they are now clean as a whistle. I don’t particularly like it..but if it makes her happy then I sit still whilst she scrapes on my teeth with that dental instrument.

The snow in our yard is almost disappeared from the snow stick at 3:32 on March 13.

Snow Stick 3 32PM March 13

Judy from Judy’s Photos is the blogspot winner! Judy guessed March 14.  Jan from Alex is the Area Voices winner!  Jan guessed March 21.  Those were the closest guesses to March 13.  Far Side sent them both congratulatory messages! 

Here are the carvings that Far Side completed. She will package them up and send them off in the mail very soon. The carvings are from Cottonwood bark and they have been sealed with Bees Wax. They are about 2 inches by 2 inches.IMG_0182

I have a reminder for you.

Chance at the Fire Hall

We sprang forward with Day Light Saving Time.  NOW is the time to change your batteries in your smoke detectors.  I know it may seem like you just did it..or that your batteries are still good..but change them anyway.  Far Side always makes Far Guy change them..she keeps after him till he finally does it so she shuts up.  Another tip: Never leave home with your clothes dryer on.  I don’t care if it is a brand new dryer or an old dryer..shut it off when you leave the house:)


Gail said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner and to you for the absense of snow.

Great safety tips.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chance, Happy to hear your foot is better. Congrats to the winners and I'm glad your snow has melted. Thanks for the safety tips also.

Country Gal said...

Congrats to the winner . Such a fine prize.
Hey Chance good post and photos ! Glad to see all the snow gone for you now ! Good safty tips ! have a good day !

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Hey, You should ask Far Side to shop for some like of biscuit that will clean your teeth. I see it advertise here in New Zealand, or do you want me to see some to you. Better than getting some metal brush. hehheh,

From Dog, the most famous dog in New Zealand who was separated from birth from you. And I swear, honesty to God, my mum is your mum, because we look exactly alike.

DJan said...

Hi Chance, you are full of safety tips today! Glad your foot is better and you got your teeth cleaned. We all feel the same about getting our teeth cleaned, but we do it anyway. And you had Far Side who loves you way more than my dental assistant loves me! :-)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Hey Chance,

Just to show you that I am real and not bragging, here's my CV. May be if you decide to come here, I might get my producers to write a minor role for you, as my long lost visiting brother from the big country. LOl.

Dog signed with paws.

"The Dog"
The main character of the book, a Border Collie, thinks of himself as intelligent and tough, but is really quite soft and often cowardly. He has a real name, given to him by Aunt Dolly, but despises it and has never allowed anyone to reveal it. Aunt Dolly says it is a "such a refined, arisocratic name", which gives some clue as to why Dog despises it. Wal always calls him "Dog", gaining loyal devotion.

Footrot Flats was a comic strip written by New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball. It ran from 1975 until 1994 in newspapers around the world, though the unpublished strips continued to be released in book form until 2000. Altogether there are 27 numbered books . There was even a movie.

LindaG said...

I agree. Really glad to hear your foot is better, Chance. :^)

And congratulations to the winners!

Hope you all have a great day!

Tami Weingartner said...

Oh Chance....I love it when you blog. And your sitting so nice beside that measuring stick....the Jack Russells would be very naughty.

RURAL said...

Ah Chance, glad to hear that your foot is better. What great tips, we don't leave anything on when we go out. Not going to take a Chance, no pun intended.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Dreaming said...

Great post, Chance. I'm so sorry my guess wasn't closer... those carvings are really cute! Such talent!
Thanks for the tips about fire safety. There was a wild fire near us. Luckily they got it contained before it reached any houses. Pretty scary to have a fire at this time of year. We're dry already!

LadyFi said...

Glad your foot is better. We still have ice in the garden and on the lake.

Judy said...

Greetings Chance...YYYEEEAAAHHHAAA...I'm a winner...what a beautiful prize...oh and by the way, glad you foot is better...did you decide what you had done to it to make it hurt in the first place...sometimes those big globs of stuff in the foot fur will do it, eh?

Nancy said...

Glad that you have bare ground again!

Thanks for the reminder about changing batteries in the smoke detectors. I have the batteries, I just haven't done it yet. Today, I will.

Karen said...

Those are some lucky winners, but I can't complain because I didn't get an entry in:(
Lovely carvings!
I'm never comfortable leaving anything going while I'm not home. When we bought our first dryer, the appliance guy told us three things. Clean the lint screen every time you use the dryer. Never use one of those plastic accordian type hoses, it should be metal. The flap on the exterior of the house should not be a one piece one, it should be one with a few narrow horizontal flaps, as those weigh less than one big one, so easier for them to open so the lint that doesn't get caught in the trap can be blown out.

Marti said...

Glad you are walking better, Chance. And your folks are so smart to pay attention to their smoke detector batteries. I hear of fires all the time that become tragic because the smoke detector did not work. Have a good day.

Muffy's Marks said...

Boy Chance, Far Side really gave you a run for your money. Glad your foot is better.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Love your cottages. Both of you are such talented carvers. Glad your foots better. I can just see you in puppy Crocs.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Woohoo!!! Here's sendin' a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Judy...seems she outwitted us!!! She's gonna treasure those little cuties for sure.

Chance, I'm so happy ya have bare ground to walk on and some nice soft surface to play on. 'Sure helps a sore foot doesn't it??? I'm so glad yours is better.

Your such a good dog. Pepper Nipper would of pulled that stick up and eaten' it in two seconds flat. I fear for my gardens this year! Could ya come and give her some doggie etiquette lessons??? I warn ya she's spastic as all get out!

Have a fun day Chance enjoyin' that sunshine and maybe and dog treat or two.

Hey...did ya find your balls when the snow melted? Heeehehehehe!!! :o)

Maybe Pepper isn't the only one who needs work!

Rita said...

Very pretty prizes! Congrats to the winners. :)

Glad Chance's foot is better.
And good advice about the smoke alarms and the dryers.

Linda said...

Congrats to the lucky winners....I ALWAYS turn my dryer off....I melted a plastic pail on the top of it once when the belt broke.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Glad his paw is better- and congrats to the winners. Good advice about the dryer- I forget that sometimes.

Becca's Dirt said...

Thanks for the battery reminder. I checked just last night and it was dead. I forgot till I just read this and went into the other office to get one to take home. The dryer repair man told me that and showed me the back of the dryer when it's on and when I saw what looked like fire I knew then to never do that. I turn it off before bed too. Glad Chance is feeling better. Hate when the dog doesn't feel good and yes Buddy can be whiney too. Have a great evening. Wow Far Guy does some fine work there. Does he sell carvings?

Lynda said...

Excellent tips, Chance! So happy your feet are better. It's nice not to have to walk on ice anymore, too, isn't it?
LOVE the carvings - - very nice gifts for winning the guesses!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I Becca those are Far Side originals..:)

Sam I Am...... said...

Sorry about your foot Chance. I am darn sure it is those acorns...our feet get sore from them too and you sure can't lay down on them! Congrats to the winners! Those carvings are beautiful! How did Far Side learn how to do that? Amazing! She is one talented lady! And you're lucky she does your teeth as our mistress doesn't but she does get us those dental bones. But they don't have much flavor so we really don't chew on them much. We just fake it so she thinks our teeth are getting clean! LOL!

signed.......Nitty and Annie (paw prints)