Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

It got to almost 50 degrees yesterday..and it rained.  The snow is retreating fast.  The snow stick still has some icy snow around it but it may be gone any minute especially if it continues to rain.   

Here is an idiot fisherman and his transportation out on the lake. I hope that is not one of my relatives.  Perhaps he wants one of those Viking Funerals..you know the ones, they prop your dead body up in a boat..add sticks and straw and a little accelerant and then lob flaming arrows into the boat at sunset…then they all grab hands and sing “Kum by yah.”

An idiot on the millpond  

The ice on the lake is covered in water.  Far Guy walked out on the lake a bit.  Chance and I stayed ashore.

Chance being sweet

Chance is pulling his every spring thing.  He has tender feet and when the snow gets icy ridges he walks on three legs.  He holds one in the air…first it was the back right then the front right..Far Guy babies him.  “Oh, poor Chancey does your foot hurt?” The dog just soaks all that up and limps even worse, he is a smart dog.  He misses the activity of having doggie company so he is in a bit of a funk this week.

I absolutely hate the adjustment to Day Light Saving time. It is real dark in the morning again.  My body and clock rhythm end up all out of sync..I get a headache and I get cranky..irritable..well more irritable than normal.

Lately little things bother me, like the blonde gal at the grocery store that wants to put 50 pounds of groceries in one of my reusable bags.  I always tell her “I have lots of bags..keep them light please.”   Well if I cannot lift it from the counter into my cart with one hand then it may be too heavy doncha think?  If I have to use both hands then it is way too freaking heavy.  One day she double triple loaded all my bags, I could not lift them..so I stood there in line re-bagging the groceries.  I like Eric he never makes the bags too heavy and he never touches my bread.  My bread all gets loaded into the top part of the cart and never in a bag.   If I am going to pay $3.89 for a loaf of bread I do not want it squished.  Eric knows that…the other bleached blond broad should take a lesson.  So..I am not only scanning all the checkouts for the least germy person..I now have to watch out for the bleached blonde bagger.  Grocery shopping is getting more complicated all the time.  They moved the Pizza Dough Mix..it has been in the same spot for over two years.  They were moving it around one day when I wandered down that aisle..I told them to leave it where it was at.  I shared with them how miserable it is to look up and down an entire aisle searching for one item..change is not always a good thing.

I won’t even begin to complain about the wonderful postal workers that carry our mail in snow, sleet, rain and in the gloom of night.  Or the exceptional service that we don’t get 4 miles away.  I now drive 7 miles one direction or 14 miles the other direction to the post office to avoid the guy that is breathing good air.

Darn Day Light Saving time anyway:(

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  1. Having just come back from the land of sunshine and blue skies I feel slightly guilty at reading about your snow, ice and dark mornings. But I assure you that Spring is on the way - I have seen it, I know.

  2. I wonder about those people who don't seem to know how to bag groceries and it's supposed to be their job. I take a lady grocery shopping who can't drive any more, and I help to load her bags in and out of my car. I am amazed at some of the bags, how heavy they are, and she's just a little thing who couldn't possibly lift them!

    I wish they would just leave the time alone too, one way or the other. Makes no sense.

  3. We bag our own groceries as Papa is very picky as to how they get packed see he is what I call a master packer for trucks Shipping supervisor and has been for years and seems to bring that with him when it comes to packing anything lol ! The mornings will get lighter earlier soon then we will have lots of day light from early morn to later evenings ! Hey we are all aloud to be a cranky pants even I get like that its more fed up with things but then it gets sorted out and no more cranky pants for me ! We are having a early spring windows are open and all is good ! Have a good day !

  4. ...and if they are using paper bags, the bag tears because they have made it so heavy...darn they little hides!!

    Changed the clocks...bedtime rolled around so early and it'll take me forever to catch up with the lost sleep...

  5. Hilarious. I want to go to one of those Viking funerals (as an observer, of course).

  6. They want you to go up and down the aisle so you buy more things.
    I despise the change to DST, too. Have since they started it.
    Chance has things figured out. Good for him!

    Hope you all have a good day. ♥

  7. We're blessed to live in a town that refuses to change the time. The whole province of Saskatchewan doesn't change either. Both areas are largely agricultural, so I guess maybe the farmers put their foot down at some point.
    And hey- you're allowed to rant!

  8. Thank God I'm not the only one! I hate DST...and I don't hate a lot of things. I've even thought of moving to the few states where they don't use it or does that even exist anymore? Who's bright idea was it anyway? Supposedly it was for the farmers well....for crying out load...animals can't tell time! My girls still want to be fed at the same time and go out....they don't need a clock to tell them when it's time for "din-din" and either do I! It gets hot here in the summer and you need to get up early to beat the heat if you have work to do outside so what do they do? Make it an hour later! DUH! My internal clock is too old to change! LOL! And don't even get me started about the grocery store fiasco! They load them up and here they do carry them to your car which I don't want! Who's going to carry them to the house if I can't carry them to the car...it's very patronizing! I can lift stuff but not from the ground and my arms are strong but not the hands with the RA so I put the heavy stuff like salt and dogfood bags on the seat of the cart and don't you know they load it on the bottom of the cart where I can't lift it from. I think everyone should be born old and then get younger...it would make for more understanding all the way around! LOL!

  9. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that dislikes DST. I get up very early in the morning and go to bed early at night. I need the daylight in the morning not at night. As for the grocery baggers, I would rather bag m own than have those idiots bag for me.

  10. Take advantage of your mood and ask in a very loud voice for Eric to be your bagger.

    I have dreams of having a Viking funeral, for me, eventually not now, on our pond! I suppose that the county would have objections to that, maybe I'll make sure I die after the collapse of the government.

    My life isn't really run by the clock, I am nether the worker that waste time the next Monday or the boss that wants to fire them, I am just the really annoyed person that once again wishes that she could be in charge of the world. There would be no time change and your groceries would be bagged correctly - firing squad would come for the blondeshell. For me my bagger issues are Costco related: them - "would you like boxes?" me - "yes, please" Result: one box with three large light items in it and the rest of the fifty gajillion items just randomly placed in the cart around said box. Unlike the rest of the world, I do not park inside my pantry.

    Hey, glad to see that you are coming to the end of your snow so soon! We just received another unexpected frosting, we are pretty excited this morning - the grandboys are out to visit/work for two days, makes the snow even groovier! Easy to like around here, it will be gone by tomorrow and we will be back to our usual rain and mud.

  11. Wow, entertaining post, and interesting comments.
    Sure, DST takes a bit to adjust to, but I certainly like the lighter evenings. I try to go to bed an hour earlier that Saturday night, change all the clocks, and then just get on with my day the next morning, and try not to think about the time change.
    I certainly liked doing most of our running clinic last night in the light compared to running it all in the dark for the previous 7 weeks.
    The light affects my waking time in the morning, so I am glad for a bit more darkness in the morning right now, so I don't wake so early. Don't mind getting up really early when the weather is nice, but we aren't at that point yet.
    Depending which grocery store I go to, I might have to bag my own. I find they will put more groceries in a reusable bag than a plastic bag. Sometimes they put a ridiculously small amount of groceries in one plastic bag, and I hate that, because I try to take as few plastic bags as possible. (Generally I have my own bags, but sometimes a person forgets)

  12. I hate change too......especially in my grocery store. They revamped the whole store a couple of years ago and a couple of us cornered the poor manager and told him that if if ever happened again we were changing stores. He said we weren't the first ones that promised that.

  13. I've been all off kilter, too, since they changed the time. I have never understood why they do this, to be honest. How arrogant of us to think we can move time around. We don't like it being 7am so let's make it 8am--tada! Poof! Grrr!

    And I will never understand why they apparently don't train baggers anymore. Or if they do train them, why they don't fire them when they won't do their jobs. Aren't there tons of people out of work? Shouldn't that mean we get better service because people want to hold onto their jobs? Nothing makes any sense anymore. Grrr! ;)

  14. Hi Connie, We just came home from the grocery store. Amazing that you can go in with a good attitude and how quickly one bad cashier/bagger can change that! Big hugs to Chance!

  15. I'm just the opposite. I too, have my reusable bags that I take to get groceries. I would rather they be heavy and less of them than light and take more trips carrying them in. It takes me a month, at least, to get used to the time change. I do like the later daylight hours though. They could just leave that as it is.

  16. They do that here on the lakes too! I think they don't care how they lose money, is what I think! At our store, they always want to put like three things only in the bag and I would rather have them a little heavy rather than have a ton of bags. They either have the bags too heavy or they have to go to the extreme in the other direction! There is never a happy medium with grocers!

  17. You crack me up Miss Connie when ya were hopin' the idiot fisherman wasn't kinfolk! Heeeheheh! It really doesn't look safe out there.

    Poor Chance, he needs his own doggie goulashes! 'Think there's a market for 'em?

    I hear ya loud and clear on the baggers girl. I know they hate to see me comin'. If ya don't intervene they'll put every blasted heavy item in the same bag. What's with that???

    God bless and enjoy your beautiful day...hit 80 here today.

  18. Try this for the US Postal Service. The last two packages I've mailed to my daughter in Texas, have been taken DIRECTLY to the post office, weighed on THEIR machine and stamped as per the machine. I've gotten BOTH of them back requiring more postage. How dumb is that?

  19. I feel exactly the same way about daylight savings time. I used to work for the post office -- it ain't what it used to be, that's for sure. All of the letter carriers I worked with were great people stuck with lousy management and bad decisions from higher up the ladder. Now in their infinite wisdom, they will be closing the nearest mail sorting center, so to mail a letter across town, it will have to travel all the way to Kansas City (6 hours one way) and then come all the way back. Dumb dumb dumb. I wish they would leave the time alone. It was almost 80 degrees here in southern Missouri today.

  20. There are idiots all over the place who drive onto rotting ice. You'd think the idiot gene would start to become rare!

  21. I'm with you - from start to finish.

  22. DLS does mess with our minds and bodies. We have people that go out on ice when it hasn't been frozen for two days. They just fall through and are gone. We don't drive cars onto ice down here and we aren't that frigid. Next week you will feel better but the whole week this week will be questionable.

  23. I am in total agreement with you about the time change. I feel like I am having to haul out of the bed in the middle of the night. It's enough to make me consider retirement even more so I can be awake when I want to - - - not when I have to.
    I guess people know how thick that ice is on the lake before they go out on it? It almost makes me nervous to see the pic of the truck on it. My thought is if there is some melting, caution is definitely needed.
    Poor sweet Chance - - - no friend around, cold sore feet - - - life can be difficult.
    At the grocery store, one time, I told the cashier and bag person that the bananas were not cheap but they were fragile and they needed to handle them gently rather than toss them down the belt. They looked at me like I was an old person who likes to complain. At another store, I mentioned to the manager that the young produce guy working the night shift needed to be more gentle with their bananas. He told me he would pass the word on - - - didn't do any good - - - the kid was still doing his heavy-handed thing next time I was there. Oh well - - - my produce shopping is done elsewhere now!


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