Friday, March 2, 2012

Busy, Busy

Well March came in like a lamb..36F or 2 C.  Dreary with no wind. It was a catch up day.

A huge mailing went out for the Historical Museum.  Four tickets for The Chuck Wagon Dinner next month were mailed to each member of the Historical Society to be pre of my fantabulous ideas..we will see if it works..or if I have just managed to irritate the entire membership.  The Board approved my suggestion.  I really need a fund raising committee. This was no small project, I designed and printed the tickets and wrote the letter and then stuffed envelopes for hours.  The tickets had to be numbered and a master tracking list compiled.

Nine weeks and I will be back at work.  It is not nearly enough time for me to finish all of my projects here at home.  Of course it didn’t help that I was sick for a whole week. I made a new list and had to carry over a few projects from last month.

Far Guy and I rushed into town to help measure some rooms in the museum.  Measurements were needed so that the President can write a grant for paint. It was colder in the building than it was outside.  Far Guy said he nearly “Froze to death.”

Our personal taxes are finally compiled and are ready for the accountant. Yay!

I backed up my photo files for January and February.

I finished scanning all of my old photos from my childhood albums and made copies.  I also arranged all the photos in the albums..and marked each and every photo on the back..who and when and sometimes where and why.

I mailed off a CD copy of family photos to one of Far Guys third or forth cousins..he found my blog one day and recognized his Grandmothers sisters.  Funny how those things happen..I think it is a “God thing” it turns out he writes a blog about his family history too.  We can learn much from others.

Far Guys biopsy reports came back just fine, he had tubular adenomas, they were benign.  They want him to repeat the colonoscopy in two years.

I ordered my favorite bath soap.  Shipping was free as long as you ordered 50 dollars worth of product from Target. So I ordered 24 bottles..that should last me about two years.

Far Side Soap

It was delivered and I squirreled them away in the bathroom closet. St Ives Apricot Exfoliating Bath Soap is only available online in our area.  I am not sure why..but I have tried to special order it through our local grocery remains unavailable to them.

I am not quite sure what projects I will tackle tomorrow.  Perhaps I will scan some misc. photos that have been hanging around in a basket on my desk for about a year:)

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  1. I wish I could accomplish that much!!!! I seem to get a little done here, a little there then off to work again.

    You have some wonderful ideas that very likely will improve the museum and it's funding greatly. They picked the right person for this job.

    Stay warm.

  2. Best wishes with the Chuck Wagon dinner. Hard to believe it's almost time for you to return to work at the museum. Glad to hear Far Guy's reports are ok and I hope you guys will enjoy the weekend.

    1. WOW ! busy is an understatment ! I hope all goes well with the museum ! Thats weird about the St Ives bath scub we can get in stores here ! Mybe they have a bad rep in your local store ! Have a great day !

  3. Well, this post was filled with activity and good news. Glad to hear Far Guy is okay and I do hope all that effort for the dinner pans out. I hope the Museum board realizes your value.

  4. You sure have been busy. Where do you get all that energy? Glad Far Guy is okay.

  5. So, nine weeks before you go back to work....just what the heck was designing and numbering tickets, writing a letter, stuffing

  6. You have been one busy lady! It will be nice to have a little time for yourself. Hope the fund raiser is a success.

  7. Hurray for God things, that is so very cool. Nine weeks! that doesn't seem like very much time. But I know you will get all your lists done. I love your stocking up on your favorite soap, I so understand having a favorite! I used to love Garden Botanika's mango body wash.

  8. When you've got your list done, can you come over here?:)
    Good news on Far Guy!

  9. Nice to hear all the good news. Hope you're all doing well. Have a wonderful Blessed weekend!

  10. You are a whirlwind of activity. I am in awe of all your projects. Simply amazing. I like St. Ives brand too. Never tried that bath soap though. I'm going to have to check and see if we have it around here.

  11. Wow, you have been busy. Geting all of your photos organized is a huge undertaking. I sooo need to do that. Now I have to look for that bath soap. I'm thinking it smells wonderful and it's an exfoliator too. I need that on this winter dry skin. When do you go back into the museum to work?

  12. I know it cost money, a lot of money, but you would think that they would have to keep some minimal heat in it to keep the structure from being damaged.

  13. Whew, how time flies when you havin' fun, Huh??? It doesn't seem possible that your headed back to the Museum that soon.

    Hope ya got that Far Guy thawed out! Heehehehe!

    Have a successful Chuck Wagon Dinner girl, 'sounds like a terrific idea to me.

    God bless and have a fabulous weekend my friend.

  14. Oh my, you are one very active woman. Congratulations on getting so much accomplished.

  15. You DO sound busy. I admire you for making me feel guilty about not even starting my scanning of old photos:(

  16. You get SO much done and here I was just starting to feel I was making progress around here! LOL! St. Ives products are supposed to be good and I can't fins many here either. I love apricot so I may have to order some but not 24 bottles! LOL! I wait until I need my printer ink and then I order from Amazon and it puts me into free shipping every time! Sad but true.
    You DO need a fund raising committee! Tell them I said so. I did one for our quilt guild and I just sold tickets that were pre-printed but it was a job. I had to stamp them all, put in envelopes, ensure everyone sold theirs or gave me the money at least. You get yourself some help! I had a whole guild helping me and it was still a lot of work. DO you work full-time in the summer then?

  17. Wow! You've been busy...and freezing...just to get things done for the museum! I hope you get more people to help you this coming year.

    Buying up 24 bottles of something precious and hard to come by sounds like something I would do. Kudos!

  18. You are doing a great job of "knocking out" projects right and left. Love the ideas for the museum. Hopefully your board is impressed cuz your blogger friends sure are. Hooray for you being able to find your favorite soap and then stockpiling it. We deserve those little luxuries.

  19. While my brother and I were doing genealogy some 8 plus years ago... we came into contact with some very distant relatives. And now I have lost contact with them again.

  20. Nine more weeks, you are in for the count down.



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