Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspiration and Dreaming

I am giving part of a presentation later in the month.  I have been getting ready for it. I think I know what I want to I just have to re write it until it flows and inspires.

I hate meetings..but I had one yesterday and scheduled another one next week..a committee meeting.  Four of us are working on a huge presentation.  I have to take photos of a whole bunch of “now” scenes around town and match them with old photos and make a slide show presentation.

It will all be fine..I am to be inspiring about the future of the museum..whilst others concentrate on the history and the inner workings of the museum.

This is part of what I will say.

I have always been a dreamer.   I dream of the Hubbard County Historical Museum  being handicap accessible.  A place where young and old could gather year round.  A building with heat and air conditioning.  A busy vibrant place where "oldsters" could gather for a game of checkers..a place where old stories and "life how it used to be" could be shared on a daily basis.   It could be the heart and soul of the community and a fun place to visit with many different activities and traveling exhibits.  A place where silent movies are shown, a place where you might go for an old fashioned pie social, or a box lunch auction..or a taffy pull..or to churn butter or to make homemade ice cream.  A place where you could bring your grandkids for the afternoon for a game of hopscotch or marbles.

Is that inspiring?  Do you suppose I might inspire someone to volunteer, become a member, donate or buy a ticket for our upcoming Chuck Wagon Dinner?

I completed two huge projects in February..both fundraisers.  The results from one are starting to trickle in with the pre sale of tickets for the Chuck Wagon Dinner…only one person wrote a nasty note that said “Don’t send me anymore tickets in the mail. We might be gone and we don’t mind spending more for our tickets at the door.”  The other project starts at the township level next Tuesday night at the annual township meetings. I am hoping for donations.  We will see what happens next…I am hopeful.

Yesterday I laid the groundwork with the Board to redo this room.  Brace yourself!

Parts of a jail cell

It doesn’t have a name yet.  I call it the Jail Cell Room..because that is part of an old jail cell from the old jail that used to be next door to the courthouse.  Gus the Ghost might be a bit upset when his room is disturbed. He is dumfounding men this winter..he isn’t allowing a light to come on..many men have checked the bulb, the switch and the circuit breaker box..multiple times..I know it is Gus..just pulling a trick on them all..and I smile.

Jail cell door

This is a Jail Cell door.


Every jail cell needs a toilet and a sink..both are waiting to go on display.

If all goes well with donations and fundraisers we will be able to complete the needed work in this room…along with some other work that needs to be done in other rooms. Keep your finger and toes crossed for me:)

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  1. You bet I will, Connie. Your inspiring piece will indeed work on me, at least. Of course I'm easy and know how much you can accomplish. That room? Thank you for telling me to brace myself... :-)

  2. It is definitely an inspiring speech, just as it is!
    Good luck with all the plans and the speech. :)

  3. I will be keeping everything crossed for you. Love the plans. Sounds like a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Hope your dreams for it come true!

  4. Oh sweetie, your presentation is very inspiring for sure!!! What a neat thing to show the old with the new.

    Now, I know you didn't ask for any critiques but know I'm sayin' this with love. The sentence that begins with "A place where silent movies are shown" you might want to take out all the 'ors', especially if your speakin' into a mike. In presentation they kinda sound like (remember the love here) a seal's matin' call, especially when amplified.

    I know that's the sentence that really drives your ideas home so ya don't want to have any distractions that might pull the audience away from your 'dreams' for the Museum. 'Nuff said!

    Sorry, daddy would say I've got diarrhea of the mouth.

    God Bless and I know that you'll bowl 'em over sweetie! :o)

  5. Your presentation paints a great picture of a welcoming place where there is action. I think that is what I like the most. When I think 'museum' I think of static displays. It sounds like you have a much more active vision! Hooray!

  6. Well, you got me dreaming, too! That sounds just awesome! A place for everybody with things to do and stories to tell--wow!
    And the jail cell--creepy but fascinating! I wish you the very best! Let that dream soar! :)

  7. I am totally inspired! So very living history museumish. Bet loves that sort of stuff, where you can be a part of the display instead of just walking by it and reading about it. I'm right there along with her. If I were part of your town, I would very definitely be donating, time, money and effort! What a treat it would be to be on the ground floor of some very wonderful ideas and posibilities!

  8. You have wonderful ideas for the museum. I hope you inspire others to catch your dream. Gus is a hoot, keep on good terms with him.

  9. Inspired me. Where can I get a Chuck Wagon dinner tix?

  10. You have some wonderful ideas for that museum, and your speech would get me jumping on the bandwagon, or is that the chuckwagon? Good luck with it all, and I hope Gus approves!

  11. Great speech -- it has just enough to hit the points you're trying to make. I'd really like to visit that place!

  12. You have some wonderful ideas and aspirations. I am sure you will make a great impression during your meeting. With your positive influence, you are going to achieve many goals! The first thing I noticed when I saw the museum's photo was its lack of handicap access. I know from my own experience it will be greatly appreciated.

  13. Some great ideas and aspirations ! I would just tell them the truth that the museum needs TLC a face lift a place for the young and old to grow and enjoy and that how important it is to keep the History alive and why ! Good luck cant wait to find out how ya did ! To me with out History there is no future ! Have a great day !

  14. What wonderful dreams! I had never thought of a county museum in terms of people coming there to hang out and play checkers or as a social gathering place. There are so few gathering places in communities any more that I think that would be excellent. Kind of like coffee shops opening at bookstores, only on a different level.

    Since you mentioned the jail restoration, I'd like to encourage you (if you haven't, already) to consider collaborating with any local law enforcement officers' groups that include either an official or unofficial group historian. When we went back to Fort Wayne to research my husband's great-grandfather's information (he was a Ft Wayne city cop at the turn of the last century), we had a lot of help from the local Fraternal Organization of Police group--and they also have a city jail restoration as part of their county museum, which was so neat to tour. Here where we live now, jail history would come under the auspices of the sheriff's department, and we also have some unofficial history buffs who collect and document the department's history. Such people and groups might provide you both the muscle and the wonderful back-stories for the place--to add, of course, to your friend "Gus" and his awesome reputation. =)

  15. All of the ideas sound like realistic ideas. A place for people to meet on a daily bases brings a town together and give it a more connected community. Dreams are what you have to have to get ideas moving in the right direction. Good luck. Get those ideas out there.

  16. Sounds like some exciting plans- I wish you huge success!

  17. That's a great vision for your museum, and I think it will motivate people. Will you be available to speak for different organizations around the area? Not sure how many or what kinds of groups exist, but you could give them a fun program and recruit them at the same time. :-)

  18. I want to join! I want to see a jail cell and meet Gus. And I really want to eat at the chuckwagon. Do they allow Bossie's? I could wear a disguise and try to walk upright. Eating with a fork could be a problem, though. Chance could be my date! Oh boy, you've got me dreaming!!!! The Duchess says we live too far away to be able to share in your dream :( But you really got us all excited! I hope it all comes true for you Far Side.

    Kisses for Chance,
    Emma Rose

  19. I like your dreams. Also dream for climate control in your building so exhibits will be preserved. Here we have to have climate control before we get in on traveling exhibits.
    Good luck on your presentation.

  20. Sounds good. Have you considered an oral history project? We received grant money from our state to accomplish such a project and the stories are terrific.

    1. Hi Anonymous, Yes we have shoe boxes full of tapes that need to be transcribed. Luckily a volunteer just retired from being a medical hopefully we will go onward and forward with the oral History project:)

  21. Yes - you are VERY inspring!

  22. That's it! I'm packing my stuff and moving there! It sounds like a great community and your museum ideas sound so nostalgic, I know I would spend lots of time there! Those are just wonderful ideas and I can tell it must be a great community to live in. You go girl! Chuck Wagon dinner...yummy!


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