Thursday, March 22, 2012

What’s Up?

Daylilies are coming up through the cover of leaves.


Every fall I rake a bunch of leaves over the daylilies to protect them from frost heaves.  The leaves help to keep in the moisture too..I will clean up around the edges of the bed one of these days.

The temperature was up too.  Record high temperatures for March!IMG_0300

I bought a new is too dark.  I cannot see it from the house..I should have opted for the plain white background..but the Cardinals won me over.  Oh well after Chance’s ball accidently hits it a few times it won’t give the correct temperature anyway.  In the meantime I will enjoy the Cardinals.  In a small town farm supply store choices are limited.

The presentation went well the other day.  About sixty people attended, they had several questions and everyone seemed to enjoy the program.  So there..done with that ..check it off the list!  I came home had lunch and crashed on the couch for about three hours.  Boy did I sleep good!

I met way too many people and I will never remember all their names.  I received two complaints  from would be volunteers who are not volunteering because of prior conflicts with board members.  It is all water under the bridge stuff that people just cannot let go of.  I do not know how to overcome it. It is frustrating for me.  Small towns..ya know. Not everyone gets along with everyone all the time.  I am trying very hard to change some old attitudes about the Historical Society people being pushy outspoken unfriendly snobs.  Heck I am friendly and I smile even if I am cranky.

I might not be the right person to get this all turned around.  I was asked point blank why they cannot seem to keep a director for more than a couple years?   I had to answer truthfully..too many bosses and everyone wants to be queen or king bee when they all need to be worker bees. In a few years I am sure I will give up also, unless I see some improvement. 

I am still a little tired from the transition to Daylight Saving Time. Stress of any kind just wipes me out.  Forget pacing the floor wringing my hands..or the obsessive cleaning I did when I was younger..I just begin to yawn and must have a good long nap:)

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  1. Something to be said for the power of naps.

    I love your thermometer...maybe it will not be bounces on too much this year.

    We have broken all kinds of records for the temperature of our spring...doesn't bode well for summer.

  2. Glad spring has arrived for you now ! Love your temp gage ! I have one thats white background with Cardnials on but it is so weathered I cant see anything on it any more ! Will have to replace it ! We to have broken all kinds of recored with the temp it has been more like summer then spring here ! Have a good day !

  3. Congratulations on the presentation!
    I need to learn to nap.

    And I love your thermometer. I would have picked that one, too. :o)

  4. I am continually amazed by the blogs about the weather being so warm. I wonder what it means for the summer months. Hope it's not going to be a scorcher for you all... I love your temperature gauge, I think it's pretty. And congratulations on having done such a great job with the presentation.

  5. Yup on DST - - - I know I already mentioned that I do dislike it being dark in the morning when I have to wake up - - - seems like a body is meant to sleep in as long as the sun is not up yet either.
    Hooray for the presentation being over. Sounds like a good crowd and good for you with the honesty. I admire you working for a cause that is your passion and hope all the chiefs don't discourage you too soon because I can tell you are enjoying promoting and updating the museum.

  6. I was interested to know you use leaves as a winter protection, too. We are several weeks ahead of this time last year in terms of what's blooming. The peach tree is in full bloom which means we probably won't get peaches. When the tree blooms this early the late cold spells zaps it.

  7. I am curious whether BOD members turn into pushy, demanding people because of their position, or whether they seek that type of position because they are already pushy, demanding people! A 'which comes first' puzzle!

    I bet you slept after the presentation was over. All of that tension finally gone!

    Love your thermometer - I miss having cardinals around... so maybe a thermometer with them would suffice!

    Enjoy your spring day!

  8. I hate to sound pessimistic, but I doubt you will be able to change the basic need for some people to hold a gudge (the more ridiculous, the longer they last, it seems).

    A local church near me has only 6 members after spending nearly 8 years looking for a minister that they all could agree on. Who wants to be a minister of a church with 6 people attending it (and three from one family!)???

    So the church will die... its nearly dead now.

    1. Good point. What is it they say ...none so blind as ...

  9. I have a button some were that says
    "Why can't we all just get along?" Maybe you need to put up a sign.
    Waiting to hear how your township funds turn out. I know we vote to give but thats for Becker County.

    Have a great day. Ann

  10. I'm glad your presentation went well.

    It's crazy that you have such high temps - and now we have the cold and snow.

  11. Feels great when you see perennials start to emerge. Organizations seem to have a culture of their own. the one I work on has board meetings that last about an hour longer than needed. They like to natter on for hours. Chairmen don't rein them in.

  12. Glad the presentation is over with and that you got a good, sound rest.
    I saw where you were having very mild weather this week. The bridge/groom left yesterday for Seattle - hope they have nice weather this weekend.

  13. I like the range of potential temperatures you are given : from -40 to 100. Enjoy your nap.

  14. Glad the presentation went well and is over with--and that you got to collapse afterwards. ;)

    Hey! Honesty is the best policy. Tell the truth. Whether you stay or leave, let it be said you spoke the truth, right?! I can see where they might wear you down. I have never understood the petty grudge holders, myself, either. All you can do is keep trying to steer their focus to the bigger picture and the community benefits and keep smiling when you're cranky--LOL! :):)

  15. Woohoo, I knew you'd do a bang~up job on the presentation!!! Sixty!

    Nothin' with a well deserved power nap every now and again sweetie!

    I love your new thermometer, I'd paint the needle a nice bright white!

    God bless ya and have an awesome day my friend!!! :o)

  16. Hooray for day lilies! And see--you survived your presentation! No wonder you had such a nice nap ;)

  17. Congrats on the presentation! And if people are talking openly (both you and the people who had previous bad experiences) there's at least a chance of making things better. (Even if the best message is "Let bygones be bygones.") I can't get used to the time change, either.

  18. Urk - small towns!

    Enjoy your cardinals and have a lovely nap...

  19. Yep, small towns. Right there with you. Sigh. You are a better person than I. Well, I'll still show up and lift heavy stuff, but don't expect me to sit through any more meetings or join a committee.

  20. Glad to hear your presentation went well. You are right some people are never happy. You do your best and forget the rest. You have the tenacity to be the one director that stays longer. Hopefully the old fuddy duddies will be the ones to move on this time.

  21. I like naps. I take one everyday, now that I'm retired. From 1-1;30 every day. Love it!


  22. Very pretty thermometer. I'm glad to hear your talk went well. I knew it would. Just reading your blogs shows that your are an extremely capable person in many areas. I agree though....stress makes me tired too and I have little energy to squander on it.

  23. I knew it would go well for you. Nice weather you are having (had) I shall not be jealous.


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