Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Fifty eight years ago my life as an spoiled rotten brat only child ended with the birth of my brother.  Oh I am sure it was a winter storm to end all storms and 50 below zero the day he was born.  I was too little to remember.  I was 2 1/2 years old. 

We lived at the farm, we had been there about 1 1/2 years.  Our parents were trying their hand at farming, we were poor.   My brother was a sickly colicky baby..always crying..our parents took turns walking the floor with him.  I had nothing to do with it.  He got ear infections really easy so he was supposed to wear a head covering all the time.

Carey and Connie 1954

He lives far far away in Oregon now.  H.O.W.E.V.E.R. he still gives me a bad time.   He reads the local blog and sometimes leaves me detailed comments.

Recently I wrote a blog about life on the farm ( Wistful Wednesday 1953) and he left me a long comment.

“Nice memories, I remember you being in the house and ME having to go do chores, you had the advantage of being the “girl”. I also remember ME still having to do dishes after supper, I never did think THAT was fair.

You should have told the part where when you were two of petting the bull’s back legs while standing right behind it. Dad thought you were going to get kicked across the barn, and ran by and grabbed you before the bull kicked. Twas a very mean bull, you were lucky, I think that is why you had your own special pen made, just for you.

I remember, going down into the basement changing into “chore” clothes and then going out the barn, doing the chores and after making sure the boots were clean in the snow, going back to the basement after 2 hours of chores changing out of the “chore” clothes again in the basement.

Mom and Dad would on occasion let me off early if a special TV show was on like Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. Hard work, it didn’t harm me, but you always had the sweeter deal. I’ve often wondered how much easier life would have been for me if you had been a boy.”

A boy??   A BOY???  Turn out all these years he wanted an older brother to help him do chores instead of a bossy older sister.

Scan0017 (2)

Mom, Carey and Me  Summer of 1955

I wonder who he would have borrowed that scarf and that skirt from..??

I replied to him:

Possibly when you were a baby we both went to the barn..of course me being older and a GIRL and more responsible I would have taken very good care of you:)

I do not remember life without my brother and I know that he cannot remember life without me.  Now I know what I always suspected..he tried to turn me into a Tom Boy!  Happy Birthday Baby Brother:)

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  1. Having three brothers of my own, I found your tribute to your brothers birthday - PRICELESS.
    I must agree, he was cute as a button in that scarf and skirt :)

  2. Ah, the problems brothers can bring into our lives! But we wouldn't have it any other way, would we? Enjoyed the post. thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great way to give your brother his birthday comeuppance, I think! Fortunately you two love each other, and that shines through all your correspondence with each other. I really enjoyed it! :-)

  4. Oh boy....Happy Birthday to your little brother! I have FOUR of them!! One 4 years four years older and one 8 years older. I asked my mother when I got to be an adult why we were all four years apart? She had a good sense of humor as did my father and she replied "It was the only time your father got in the mood!" Of course if you asked him he replied the same way about her! I am glad you ended up having a brother and not being a spoiled only child! I got special treatment because I was the only girl for sure! Loved every minute of it too!!

  5. Ahhh baby brothers. They are a difficult lot aren't they? :)

  6. Woohoo girl, here's sendin' a very happy birthday wish to that great baby brother of yours. They've just gotta give ya some's their God given duty as a brother.

    I was and only child for almost nine years. I got the job of the farm chores and the housework. Booger, I always thought I got the 'raw' end of that deal too!

    God bless ya and have a glorious week sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Happy Birthday to your brother. What a fun post and photos. I also love your new header.

  8. My brother seems to have the same warped memories. HA :)


  9. Happy Birthday to your brother!
    I was the baby - I'm thinking my brother and older sister probably had similar feelings about doing all of the work!

    Thanks for sharing! What fun!

  10. Happy Birthday to your baby brother. I had one too!

  11. You are so funny. I didn't think the girls got off so easy and neither did you!! The boys were suppose to work - right. Times sure have changed.

    Happy Birthday to your brother.

  12. To funny ! Happy Birthday to your brother a day after mine hehe ! I am the baby in my family I have an older brother and sister . Lovely photos and post . Have a good day !

  13. Love the pictures. You are a sweetie in your overalls with all the blond curls. My brother is 6 years younger then me and called me "The queen" until I stopped growing at 5'3" and by the time he was 12, he was taller than me and I lost my power. Looks like your Mom has pin curls. I remember my mother doing that too. great memories from both of you.

  14. I only had one brother and two and I being in the middle..had to stick together! Seems as WE were the ones who did ALL of the chores! The older and younger seemed to be "spoiled" in my brother's and my opinion! ;) Love your pix!

  15. A healthy difference of opinion is always good in a brother-sister relationship. My older brothers who refused to get good grades in school and then didn't get into college always were tiffed that the youngest got to go to college. They always thought that my parents paid the whole way, which in fact, my working at the library and the State of Iowa paid it because my parents were very poor. Being the last child did mean that I didn't have help to make hay as the other three were then gone. They never worked by themselves each summer. My dad didn't have that many chores and he didn't have boys home to help as they were out for sports.

  16. How adorable - the photo and the stories. I got here just in time to wish your baby brother Happy Birthday! :)

  17. Awwhhhh - - - - I can tell you two love each other a lot from the way you tease each other. Hope that 'young' man has a happy day!

  18. Great memories for both of you. It's enlightening to know what people were actually thinking so long ago.

  19. LOL - you and your brother are hilarious!

    Wishing him a wonderful b-day today.

  20. Brothers are good. We, only girls, had to do the chores outside and in.

  21. The exchange between you and your brother makes me smile.


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