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A number of years ago..probably about five, my cousins collected recipes to compile a family cookbook.  There is a yellow bulging folder full, they make for interesting reading. I like to read recipes.  I have a collection of cookbooks, just because I like to read them.

I bought a Cookbook program to load on my Laptop.  Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software.  Slowly..and I do mean slowly I am getting them entered into the software.  Proof reading as I is amazing the number of recipes that say “bake until done” ( For us non cooks..that could mean 10 minutes or 50..what is it..please tell me a ballpark number).  I have added a few notes here and there, and a few smart remarks..culling out the doubles..wading through the better cooks and their recipes wondering when in my life I will ever bundle herbs together and lay them on a piece of lamb..can you even buy Lamb in town?

I am trying to recall why I am in charge of this project. Then I recall I cannot sew..I had to contribute something to the group…I am a fairly good organizer..I am a piss poor typist..but I am a good reader..and I have not yet contributed a recipe to the cookbook effort.  I am waiting to see what is needed to round out the book.

Hopefully it will be ready to be printed sometime this summer.  Perhaps we can sell some of them at the annual picnic in August.

In the instructions it says you should be able to enter 200 recipes in about five hours..they must be typing maniacs. 

Here is the best recipe so far:

Justin’s Favorite Russian Cream

3/4 cup sugar

1 pint heavy whipping cream

1 envelope unflavored gelatin

1 pint sour cream

1 teaspoon Vanilla

1 package frozen raspberries

Cook sugar, cream and gelatin until gelatin is dissolved. Do not boil. Add vanilla and sour cream to the cream mixture.  Beat with mixer for 8 minutes.  Pour into dessert cups and refrigerate to set.  Top with raspberries before serving.

If this wasn’t already named..for a Grandson who loves his Grandma’s recipe it could be called heaven on a spoon.  So far this recipe has shown up twice..thanks to Cindy and Mary..if anyone of my cousins wants to stop by and type for a few are always welcome:)

Grandpa Y and Great Grands 1976

My Grandfather Y and some of his great grandchildren.  I believe this was taken during the summer of 1976.

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  1. Several year ago, my niece did this for our family reunion. She put a brief family history section in the front, and on the divider pages, she featured photos from the family (i.e. Appetizers & Beverages - two photos of my dad, Soup & Salad - two photos of my mother, etc.) It is a wonderful book, full of memories and favorite family foods. It is a real treasure

  2. I've actually been thinkin' of doin' this for my daughter and daughter~in~love. I have so many recipes that I've perfected but have never written them down. My bad!

    I thinks a family cookbook is just a treasured idea!

    God bless and have a Fabulous Friday sweetie!!!

  3. It's a great idea - lots of work though. I put together cookbooks to give to my family for Christmas a few years ago. They included family recipes and each person had a favorite recipe named after themselves. I typed then printed the recipes onto decorative paper and put them into individual plastic page protectors held inside a binder. They are still a big hit.

  4. What a wonderful thing to do, Connie. I am a non-cook also, but I remember my mother sitting on the sofa in the living room reading recipes like it was a novel. She also loved to read almost anything, but cookbooks, she could tell what it would taste like by reading it!

  5. What a fantastic recipe and well could be the answer to a cake I saw pictured that I wanted to make, the person who took the picture said the center was Austrian Cream and all I could come up with on the internet was cream cheese?

    I wish I could ship you some of our lamb. I wonder if I could... Perhaps I should figure that out. Omaha steaks manages to ship meat.

  6. New SOFTWARE......I love new software. I've been tempted to get the raft of recipes into some sort of order and even thought of making a cookbook on snapfish.....but then I'd have to learn what page each is on instead of going by the color of the crumpled paper.

  7. That does sound like heaven on a spoon. Very, very tempting! Funny how we get roped into "projects" like that, isn't it.

  8. That is a great dessert! I'm pretty sure there have been times that Justin and my brother Dennis ate a whole recipe by themselves. I've passed it on to everyone in my family, I'm suprised more people didn't submit it, everyone loves it. I couldn't recognize too many in that picture, I think I'm holding my sister Lynn. I do remember Grandpa Sam - he had pink or white candies in his snuff can.

  9. Connie, you have a big project ahead, but tastefully so - sorry, couldn't resist saying that. It could be fun trying out som of the recipes along the way - happy typing and tasting!

  10. Like you, I love to go through cookbooks and this sounds great so will print it and file it:)

  11. So I'm wondering....the recipes that say 'bake until done' you make them up and bake them and then time them so you have something 'official' to write down.
    That sounds great though, a book of family recipes.
    I participated in a number of school fundraiser cookbooks over the years like that. Still have them all I think.
    Recipes that I have cut out of the newspaper, I put them in one of the old style photo albums with the sticky plastic you peel back to put the photo underneath. That way they stick in place, and have plastic over so it doesn't matter if you spill something on them while you are baking.

  12. Several years ago, I decided to do the same thing as "Nancy", making a family recipe book with lots of photos, and memories. Well, after three monthly reminders for recipes, I abandoned the project. A few months later at a family gathering, several people asked me when I was going to be done with the family cookbook. I came prepared! I said it was done and here is your copy. I had the title page, one picture, and one recipe! The person asked me where the rest was and I said only one person sent me a recipe. I have been asked in the couple of years to try it again since our family has grown by leaps and bounds. I'm getting too old now for all that work but will check into Far Side's software that she mentioned.
    I also love reading cookbooks. I did pare my collection down to about half or more last summer. I love the old ones that I find a yard sales and the ones put out by churches, auxiliaries, etc.

  13. The cookbook idea is awesome, and to think that there's software to help you with it!

    But here's my vote for that wonderful group photo at the end of your post. What memories!!! Hopefully that will be in the cookbook too...

  14. Since I am definitely cooking challenged, do you put the mixture in a bowl before beating or or use the mixer in the pan?

    What a great family photo. :)

  15. What a great project! I hope you are going to include the soup recipe you posted about a month ago. (I just went back and found it and will add it to my collection, thanks!)

  16. Love that picture of all the kids and grandkids!

    I need very very detailed instructions when cooking as I'm so unskilled.

  17. You are an inspiration to me to 'think about' getting my recipes organized. I really want to - - but don't have time right now. It sounds like you are doing a great job. The gift of organization is needed for every group of people. Your family is fortunate you were born for this task!


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