Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Derby

The Fishing Derby was held last Sunday on the Mill Pond. The Mill Pond is connected by a boating channel called “the narrows” to the Dead Sea called Straight Lake.   Originally I was going to fish, but the wind was brutal, it was way below zero with the wind chill.

The Derby Feb 27 2011

It is a Pan Fishing Derby.  If you cover up your fishing hole you can see fish swimming around under the ice.

Fishing Derby Looking for fish

Is there anything down there?

The Fishermen/women use wax worms for bait. You can keep them in your mouth to keep them toasty warm if you like. The Derby one is caught

Caught One!

We drove around the Mill Pond twice, Far Guy rolled down Chances window and he hung his head out and watched people.

Fishing Derby all bundeled up

Some were so bundled up they could hardly walk.

Having fun at the derby

Some were just as cute as they could be. This little gal is multi- talented she is smiling at Chance while standing in a sled all bundled up and holding a juice box. 

I bought Far Guy a gourmet lunch, he had a turkey sandwich and I had a hot dog.. and we split a candy bar for desert. We visited with a few people, but it was way too cold out there on the lake to stay too long.

The local Sportsman’s Club sponsors this Fishing Derby every year the last Sunday in February.  We try to go every year, if not to fish then to have lunch and take a few photos:) 

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  1. yes, it is usually a great fun day there on the lake, but I agree - way too chilly this year.How big was the winning fish?

  2. It so amazes me that ya'll can get out and drive on the lakes!!! I guess that what happens when it's so dang stinkin' cold!!!

    That little bundled up darlin' is just precious!

    God bless you sweetie and enjoy your day! :o)

    Giveaway...my place!

  3. Gotta love Minnesota fashion and how we make the best of a frozen lake.

  4. The kids are cute all bundled up. Doesn't look like that thaw is going to happen anytime soon with all those cold temps you are still having. Hot dog and turkey sandwich..wow..you really splurged on that big gourmet meal:)

  5. Ice fishing is something I have never tried, though lots of people did it in Michigan in the winter.

    I think you and Far Guy were smart to watch from the vehicle. ;-)

  6. Wonderful photos looks like fun.
    Around our towns they have fishing derby's in the summer for the kids with games and a BBQ , its great for all no matter what the season ! PS thanks for your info on the collage ! Have a great day !

  7. Looks like a good time was had by all...

  8. When I first read the story, I missed that fact that you used wax worms... and I thought that you kept REAL worms toasty warm in your mouth... Yuck! :-)

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  9. The wax worms and oak leaf worms we fish with are real.
    Even with all the cold and snow and wind you do have joy in your heart???

  10. Thanks for the pictures! Brings back memories!!


  11. It's great to support the local events!
    The blue sky looks lovely, but you can have the cold:(

  12. Great post! I love fishing but I hate the cold so I have never went ice fishing. The hubby and son love to go, even though this year they did not. Looks like a beautiful day to go fishing.

  13. Wax Worms are real worms they wiggle and everything:)

  14. Oh that looks so cold and not fun to me but gotta love people's spirit. The girl in pink in darling..

  15. Brrrr! Some people get awfully creative in their quest to have fun during the winters in the Cold Country!! You did the right thing, staying in the car and snapping pictures for us. I'm still enjoying Florida's sunshine, but today it's really cool out there, below 60 degrees. :-)

  16. Sounds like fun.....Sounds like something I'd enjoy!

  17. We have spring here - - - trees and flowers are either budding or blooming! I can even begin to think about it being that cold anywhere. What good would it do to keep a worm warm because as soon as it hits the water, it freezes!!! Your pictures are great and show some very happy people.

  18. I have marked my calendar for the next five years, the last Sunday in February. One of those Sundays I'm gonna be in your neighborhood and you, Far Guy and Chance are gonna take me around to the fishing derby and introduce me to all these wonderful people that I wish I could be.

  19. Brrr! I love being out on the ice, but not when the wind is blowing...

    Loved all your winter shots - especially the one of the person with his/her head in the hole! Made me laugh.


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