Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Time Signs?

Is it Spring yet?  Is the snow gone?  Nope, not just yet.

IMG_1681 A couple of week ago, I started the snow stick contest and I will be updating you from time to time..a full list of the guesses can be found here.  Today I have to say I am sorry rockygrace and is not looking good for either of you to win today. The person that guesses the day that the pretty green ruler next to the stick is free of snow will win a carved something.  

I trudged out there just for this photo..I was tempted to just go out in my nightgown..but since Far Guy is gone I figured if I fell into the snow bank I might freeze to death before he I threw on some pants and a parka. 

Chance was bawling anyway..Far Guy left him..and what is even of his best friends in the whole world came to get Far Guy.  Hunter and Far Guy took a Fire truck in for repair…apparently dogs are not allowed today.


Chance will be fine..he stopped bawling after I threw the ball a few times.  He even half way posed for a photo. He is not real happy.

A couple of spring time signs:

Far Guy heard a Phoebe..a little bird that goes phee-bee. There must be enough berries out there for him/her to there are not many bugs.

The days are longer now..soon Chance and I can resume our after supper adventures.  I think he misses them as much as I do. 

The Dairy Queen in town opened and I had my first Cherry Sunday yesterday!

The paperwork for the income taxes has been gathered and is now at the accountants. That is always a job I dread..I am thankful to have it behind me finally! The DQ was the reward!

I am thinking about doing some spring far just thinking…what room do I begin with?

It is warm enough on sunny afternoons to go out to the workshop/greenhouse..I have been out there a couple of times doing some messy carving.  The sun feels so good on my old bones. Far Guy even started to straighten up out there..a sure sign that spring is coming.

What are some of your spring time signs?:)  

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  1. Poor Chance. He really gets upset when his best friend leaves him behind. Good new about Far Guy. He must be feeling much better. I'm sad - I was hoping I'd get that date right...for you to get rid of your snow piles and for me to get one of your carvings. Such is my luck...I don't have any.

  2. Wow, you still have a bunch of snow to melt...are those mounds that Chance is lying on as deep as they look...Run Chance Run...get the ball...he'll be home soon...

  3. I heared a chickadee singing in my woods today. Other than that....not much. :)

  4. The birds are singing in whole choirs right now... even though we've had new snow!

  5. Oops is that a bottom lip pout I see on Chance's face???

    My daylilies keep poppin' up and then they freeze back again but the buds on the trees seem to be gettin' quite plump!

    I'm ready!!!

    God bless and enjoy your day sweetie1!!

  6. Chicks for sale signs everywhere are a good sign of spring. I haven't received any seed catalogues though. Maybe they haven't figured out where I live. We're supposed to have mid-40s the next couple days...

  7. Great post Connie. The DQ is a good reward for anything. I'm sure you must be working up a another good sundae. I hate tax time. I am accountant but I hate them so much I sent them to my friend to do for me. Spring cleaning is a good sign of spring. have a good day.

  8. 'Round here we call that radiation therapy, we don't get it all that often, any time of the year, but when we do we bask in it and even get out a chair for a few minutes.

    Ahh "spring cleaning", just another reason a certain season is my least favorite, none of the other seasons demand that you clean for them!

    May the warm breath of spring be upon your green stick. For I do hope, for you my good friend, that the green stick sees brown ground soon! And that the Phoebe continues her song (or his song as the case may be, but Phoebe is rather girly).

    All this points to is - no not spring (well yes but) dear summer! Yes! Haying and sweltering heat, the mud will only be toe deep and only if I make it and no one will demand I clean!

    Have a lovely day and toss the ball a few more times for Chance, for me.

  9. Don't worry about spring cleaning till the snow has gone and little green shoots are coming up. We have the green shoots, but we had a little snow yesterday - nothing like your tho, thankfully :-) Stay warm, Jo

  10. We always know spring is near when our DQ opens up. They open up on Feb. 1, which means we still have a lot of winter to get through, but, it makes spring seem just a little closer!

  11. Our DQ is having renovations.
    I hate doing taxes. :|

    I think the flowers we had at the farm in February were spring on the way! :)

  12. Your blessed....all we have is magpies and sparrow.....oh and then there's the pidgeons that are crapping everywhere. Wanted....DEAD......Jack Frost!

  13. You know when the Dairy Queen opens Spring is on its way. I like the peanut chocolate sunday.Wish I had one now.

  14. Sounds like spring is moving closer by the minute.

  15. Nice post and photos ! Yup it is spring here thank goodness, we have had heavey rain for two days warmer temps and the Robins are back in full force, spring nature is alive again WHOOHOO !!!
    Miggy says hi to Chance. We have our accountant doing our taxes now to blaa hate tax time ! Have a great day !

  16. Ho as fro spring cleaning , I wont be doing any till Miggy is all better !

  17. Hi Connie, We have Bradford pear trees blooming (white) and the yellow forsythia currently.

    I haven't had a DQ sundae in forever. Sure makes me want one BAD!!!

    Give Chance a hug and hope you all have a good weekend.

  18. I actually saw a couple of red winged black birds at our feeders and that is a sure sign of spring on its way, even though you couldn't tell it now if you looked out our front door!

  19. When the dogs drag the afterbirth from a calving cow, up onto the step!

  20. Getting new hens.
    Our Dairy Queens are open year round.
    Not looking too promising on my guess of March 16. Hoping you get a sudden thaw, more for your sake than mine.

  21. We send our Taxes off Saturday! YAY! I HATE this time of year.

    Sending you spring....I wish!


  22. Our signs of spring are temps in the lower sixties - - blooming crocus, jonquils, forsythia, and hyacinths! Or should I hush now?!!!

  23. a local birder mentioned that she heard a phoebe singing here. we don't see many - but often see them during migration.


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