Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday March 07, 2011

Far Guy is better today, he is upright and ate some breakfast.  His fever is gone.  He slept all night long and most of yesterday.  Chance was very worried about him.  I was worried too.   As most of you know, Far Guy has Trigeminal Neuralgia and has pain everyday.   When he is ill and has a temperature the Trigeminal Neuralgia is always worse.  Thankfully he was able to keep his medication down, it was touch and go there for awhile..I think the worst has passed.  Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

He gets a flu shot to avoid the flu..apparently it is NOT working.


“The lonely blue hockey ball”

It snowed off and on all day yesterday.   Chance and I went out and played ball many times.   Far Guy usually goes in and out all day long..playing ball, and hockey and chase me. They go for walks together and do guy stuff. They fill the bird feeders and sweep the walk.  They do exciting“stuff” out in the workshop/greenhouse. I play ball and then I do boring “stuff” like watching the birds..and taking photographs.


This is a Common Redpoll, the ones with the rose breasts are males.  The plainer ones are either females or juveniles.   A group of Redpolls is called a “gallup” I didn’t know that..I learn something new everyday!


Redpolls love Niger thistle seed..we have two feeders that we try to keep full of thistle seed and many of the birds end up on the ground eating below the feeders.

Someone asked if Chance chases the he watches them..and they watch him..they will fly if he runs through the bird feeding area.  Yesterday he chased a big fat grey squirrel out of the feeder area and up a tree.  Somehow I think the birds know that Chance is their friend:)

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  1. That is so good that Far Guy is on the mend; I can tell that Chance misses all the activities with him.

  2. Lovely shots! So glad to hear that Far Guy is on the mend.

  3. Glad FarGuy is feeling better. Those little birds are so cute! Chance really is their friend if he chases away the squirrels and doesn't bother them. :)

  4. Had to say that quick like and get it out of the way.

    I love winter birds but I hate the flu! We have managed to miss the flu here this year without the shots. Though often I contemplate getting one, helpful because of the asthma I suppose, but I seem to contemplate clear up to the end of flu season. Going all the way in to town is not my idea of a fun thing to do. But I know, getting the flu would be even less fun. Gambles, gambles all around. I sure hope you miss out on the flu.

  5. Sorry to hear Far Guy was down and out. I really need to look into the flu shot thing. I keep thinking they are for old people and now I am one, but I forget I am. :)

    I took down the bird feeder about a month ago and now I have sunflowers 2 inches tall covering a 2 ft. area (I'm in NC) so now I have to pull them all out. Love the spring. It will reach you eventually.

  6. Glad Far Guy is feeling much better. I swore I left a comment yesterday wishing him well....:)
    Those are cute little birds, we don't have those here.
    I always get a kick out of a flock of crows being called a 'murder':)

  7. Glad Far Guy is doing a bit better. And I love the fact that Chance chases the squirrels from the bird feeders.

  8. On the mend is good. No guy stuff. Not so good. It's been three long years since I've had a gallup at my niger feeder. And I though they were supposed to come south during especially hard winter. No pine siskins either. Now what that called?

  9. I am glad that Far Guy is better. My niger feeder are overrun by goldfinch, with the occasional pine siskin.

  10. Really good news about Far Guy. Glad to hear it.
    It's good the birds clean up the spilled seed. :)
    Have a better tomorrow. ♥

  11. Lots of that nasty flu going around now. It's good to hear Far Guy is getting better. Sometimes I wonder if that flu shot is all it is hyped up to be. Too many people get the flu in spite of getting the shot.
    The birds are fun to watch. Not so fun to clean up after though. I've never seen a Red Poll - kind of looks like its cousin the purple finch.

  12. Good to hear that Far Guy is on the mend.
    Miggy does the same thing , watches the birds and chases the squirrels away, well she did before her surgey she is still recovering it will take till the summer before she can be fre and run again. We also have two Niger feeders with the same seed , we have them all year round ! Hope you have a good day ! Miggy says hi to Chance!

  13. Thank you for posting this... We have those birds at out feeder and I was not sure what they were.

  14. Praise God for the good report on your husband. I know Chance did his best job of nursing but was happy to have you assist! That is a pretty bird. Thanks for telling us about it.

  15. I am thankful that Far Guy is much better. I know it has been especially hard on him with the TN.
    Jay has had many setbacks and will be in NY for quite some time. He has pneumonia, a feeding tube, and a respirator. He has been hallucinating. At one point, he did recognize his parents and cried.
    I hope you will not get sick Connie. Take good care and tell Chance to keep those squirrels on their toes!

  16. So glad to hear Far Guy is on the mend and that you have been able to fend off the flu. Good for you. My hubby pulled a table next to the window in the living room so I could watch the birds eat the sunflowers and corn he put on the table.

  17. I'm glad to hear the Far Guy is feeling better. I didn't know about a "Gallup" of Red Polls either.

  18. I'm so glad Far Guy is feeling better. I can NOT imagine what it would be like to live with constant pain.


  19. Hope Far Guy's flu is gone soon. Those little red-breasted birds are lovely. The only similar type of bird we have here are Robins (quite common) or Bullfinches, which are quite rare. We have a lot of grey squirrels which, while cute, are considered to be vermin. The red squirrels are rarely seen, but are a real treat when you do see them :-) Jo


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