Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wistful Tuesday: 1930

“To collect photographs is to collect the world”

Susan Sontag ..1997

This week we have a Wistful Tuesday, Daylight Saving Time has me all out of whack anyway..and tomorrow is a special day.

I collect old photographs I am sure most of you know that by now.  I am not sure what you call an old photograph nut..but what ever it is..that would be me. It is all about the “hunt.”  What will I find that knocks my old lady socks off?

Some of this “shopping” is not at all glamorous.  One place I frequent is in an old garage..and I mean old..dirt floor..cobwebs..oh it is terrible..I feel like I need a bath every time I emerge from that building. Far Guy often waits in the car.  I think I might have to go by there next week…just to see what the old guy has.  I would like to buy him out of old photos..but he would rather I just stop by every once in awhile and haggle with him.

I found these old snapshots there.

Snow drifts

 snowdrifts two

These snow drifts are over a mile long and in places as high as ten feet.

Model A bus two

Model A bus

this is the bus, between Ada and Crookston making two trips a day  ( I wrote…Model A Bus)

Who, What, Where, When and Why. I thank the lady who wrote on the back of the photos, she gave me the Where. My Dad gave me the What..he identified the Model A Bus..which was probably from 1930 or 1931 for the When and for your info there were not very many of them made.  Who we will never know..the Why..I suppose Shopping or Doctors were better in Crookston..or maybe enough people in Ada worked in Crookston to warrant a bus twice a day.

For those of you not familiar with the area Ada and Crookston are small towns in North Central Westernish Minnesota..they are 35 miles apart. I wonder whatever happened to that bus?  I wonder if the passengers ever had to get out and push?:)

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  1. The old guy obviously likes your company. I hope he leaves whatever you don't get now, to you in his will!

    I think you'd be call a historian, Far Side. :)

    I wonder what sort of plow they had back then. ;)

  2. I love to come and see your pictures of the old days. You are my favorite historian.

  3. Now, there's some impressive snow drifts. What great pictures you found and with writing on the back too! Woohoo!!!!

    God bless ya girl and have a terrific Tuesday!!!

    How's the snow comin'???

  4. I love old photos to, so many questions about them. I have lots of old photos from my family but I dont know half of who they are and there is nothing writen on the back and both my parents are gone so I cant get the info. The old guy just likes your company I bet ! Great photos by the way and info, we had snow like that years ago on our farm when I was a kid ! Have a great day !

  5. Great photos, and there is always a story behind them that we can imagine.

  6. I KNEW the snowdrifts used to be bigger and it wasn't just that I was smaller. I love finding old photos and imagining what the people were thinking and what they were like.

    I think that may be one of the saddest things for the people in Japan besides losing loved ones, is losing photos of loved ones.

  7. Wow - amazing shots of snowdrifts! What a great find.

  8. Amazing! And to have them preserved here in Far Side's blog is beyond wonderful. They will be available to the world, and who knows? Maybe somebody will recognize the bus and tell us what happened to it.

    Well, it could happen. :-)

  9. Wow, those are some snow drifts!
    That lady has really beautiful handwriting, and the pen she would have used doesn't hurt either.
    It's just seems to flow.

  10. The Tri-Valley Heartland Express Bus still runs the routes... :) I'd love to ride a Model A Bus.

  11. P.s., the Model A bus was often used as a school bus.

  12. That would have been a precarious trip...only for the adventurous...and anyone else who wanted to get from one place to another...dress warmly...

  13. I've heard stories of the travel between here and Touchet (which is only 17 miles) .. but Auntie Fern said there was a train!!


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