Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chance: My Turn

It is my turn! Finally!  I haven’t gotten a chance to blog in a long time. 

Far Guy has the flu..and he is the one that got the flu shot..Far Side doesn’t have the flu yet..she skipped that flu shot after it made her shoulder go all crazy last year. She got really good at throwing the ball left handed.  If they both get the flu I might have to blog full time. 


I can walk on top of the snow banks now without sinking.  That last thaw formed a wonderful crust on top of the now I can explore the woods again.  Far Side says “Stay in the yard.” I usually do..but once in a while I just have to chase a bunny or a squirrel. My tracks leaving the yard are self incriminating.


How could anyone stay mad at this handsome lookin’ face for long?

It snowed just a little this morning..enough for Far Side to contemplate hibernation.  She wouldn’t hibernate while Far Guy is sick..would she?


Somebody has to keep feeding the birds that are eating us out of house and home..especially with their voracious appetite for Niger Thistle Seed.  Far Side wonders if they row each bag over individually nestled in their own personal hammocks? 


Now it’s  time for me to sneak into the bedroom while Far Side isn’t I can snuggle with Far Guy and make him all better:)


  1. Tell Far Guy we are sorry he is sick.

  2. I hope Far Guy feels better, soon!
    I think vaccines make things worse. I don't get flu shots any more, if I can help it.

    I probably should though.

    Stay well!

  3. AWW a cute post ! Sorry to hear that Far Guy is sick hope he gets better soon ! Miggy says hi Chance and that she is on the mend so she can run and chase squirrels and bunny's again. I have never had a flu shot and very rarely get a cold guess my anti bodies must still work well lol. Have a great day to you all !

  4. Chance, you could hypnotize me with your magnificent eyes. No wonder they say Border Collies possess special herding abilities and the ability to control sheep with their powerful stare. You are so awesome. Now you be careful out there in the woods and don't wander too far. I hope Far Guy is on the mend soon - take good care of him.

  5. Tell them to get better. Spring is coming...sometime...I hope. Not to have you put on too many airs, but border collies are my favorite dog and you are especially handsome.

  6. Chance, you are just too handsome with those purty eyes! Hope Fall Guy is up and going soon so that you can get outside and romp like you really want to.

  7. Great post Chance, glad your taking care of things.

  8. Those are beautiful little birds. What kind are they?
    Lots of people down here got the flu, too and the doctors said they got a strain that was not included in the vaccine. They say that about every year. I am so glad you are taking good care of him because people over 50 need all the help they can get towards recovery. Share your water dish with him because he will need a lot of fluids - - - and napping with him is definitely the right idea, too!

  9. I am so sorry Far Guy is sick :( I hope he gets better soon. And I hope nobody else gets that flu!

    You are looking just as dashing as ever Chance. Did you spray paint the red color on those little birds so you could tell them apart?

    Emma Rose

  10. nothing better than a snuggling border collie. hope he feels better soon.

  11. Well, Chance, I hope they both don't get sick, but I have to say you do a great job blogging:)

  12. We call that Niger Thistle seed 'black gold' round these parts. I feed 50lbs of black oil seed a week durnin' the winter. You'd have a blast chasin' my birds!

    Tell that Far Guy to get to feelin' better and go chase some rabbits!!!

    Maybe Far Side will have a doggie treat for ya when ya come in...if ya don't track up the floor!!! :o)

  13. Chance,
    I don't know how you manage it, but you just keep getting cuter and cuter.

  14. Chance, you are the most handsome...Not quite as cute as our dog, but really handsome...

    Too bad about the flu...need to skip those flu shots...

    Nice looking you chase the birds?

  15. Chance, I love it when you blog! Zack and Zanna send their love and lickies, by the way.

    Get everybody well there, will ya?

  16. I am behind with blogs and I sure am sorry to learn that Far Guy is sick. Please tell him we hope he feels better soon. Chance, you are so handsome! Take good care of Far Side too!

  17. Oh that icky crud --- I keep my fingers crossed I don't get it... we missed seeing you today at the auction... stay warm and get well!

  18. Not only are you handsome, you're funny too! Roll on spring and hope Far Guy gets better soon.

  19. Hope that you feel better soon Far Guy.

    Chance, like always, a pleasure.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  20. Chance, you know exactly how to make Far Guy feel better! Snuggling with a pooch is the best remedy, so make sure you do it a lot. You're the bestest blogging buddy.

  21. Missed you at the auction. Did bid for you on the alum glasses/pitcher, but it went over 25.00, more toward the 45.00 and I quit at 25.00. Then the G Autry big coloring book went for 52.00 and the pistol in box over that too. There were other things I was interested in and got for good price. Other glassware went reasonable. Hope G is better this am.

  22. Hope he is feeling well soon. Now don't you go and get sick. Chance is a good blogger. Hopefully the snow will be gone soon. I'm wondering if the groundhog was just confused last month. Ya'll feel better.


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