Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Gifts

A long, long time ago in the early 1900’s a gift was given to a young was just a little gift from her Mother on Christmas Day 1903. IMG_8096

A little book. A book full of blank pages, that a young gal of fourteen would take to school so her friends could write her poems and sign their names.  A book that was small enough that she could tuck it into the pocket of her skirt.

A young gal of fourteen that would give her brother a chance to write in her book.

December 25 1903

Linnell, Minnesota  12/25/03

Dear Sister

As you stand before the tub

Think of me before you rub

And if the water is too hot

Drop in a sweet forget- me-not

From your brother Curtis Abbott

December 17 1904

On the back cover..the last page in the book.

Linnell, Minn  12/17/04

Dear Sister

I is the last but I trust not the least

Curtis Abbott

This was Aunt Mae’s book…it now belongs to cousin Connie.  Far Guy’s maternal grandfather is Curtis Abbott. It was a real treat for us to see this little book.

Curtis was born in Canada on January 26, 1888.  They moved to Minnesota and Mae was born on November 09, 1889 in Lake Eunice Township, Minnesota.

So we have a 15 year old boy writing to his 14 year old sister…and he wrote something nice. Something nice that made his grandchildren smile.

Written, letters and notes..and poems in a tiny  book..take the time to write something to someone today:)

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  1. What a beautiful little book ! Love the poems in it! Curtis was born here in Canada WOW thats great ! Have a good day eh!

  2. I have a little autograph book just like that, complete with silly sayings! I'll have to check and see if my sister wrote anything nice about me:)

  3. What a wonderful keepsake for your family to have! I love things like that. It's true. I miss handwritten notes and cards. Do you think people will download and pass on our e-mail files?

  4. This is a very special book, what nice poems he wrote her, hugs my friend, Barbara

  5. What beautiful memories and family treasures you hold in your hand Miss Connie.

    I thank you for sharin' those with us...I always enjoy! :o)

    Have a great day girl!

  6. Isn't that a great keepsake! Wonder what we'll leave our kids. Certainly nothing as wonderful as that. Computer letters, and notes - blah!

  7. Now that something to hang on to. Today, in our electronic digital world... Gone With The Wind.

  8. How wonderful! You have lots of beautiful memorabilia and I've been blessed to learn about so many of them!

  9. That is really neat that book is still around. I had an autograph book in 4th grade. I remember my dad wrote, "Apple pie w/o cheese is like a kiss w/o a squeeze." I remember asking him what 'w/o' meant and he said "without". And someone else wrote on the last page, "By hook or by crook, I'll be the last to write in your book."
    Do you remember the autograph dogs? They were shaped like a dachshund? I never had one of those. I thought they looked kind of ugly once they had writing all over them.

  10. People who saved this kind of writing have a great treasure. We have a letter my Dad wrote to my Mom before they were married. It was rescued by my brother who found it in a cook stove after my Dad moved out. Dad never knew we had his letter.

  11. What a sweet keepsake. I was an idiot and threw away the little friendship autograph book that belonged to my mother. It was similar to yours.

  12. What a sweet little book, and so touching for a brother to take the time to write a few words for his sister. This is a wonderful keepsake for you to have.

  13. Oh, that is truly a delightful treasure! Fantastic!

  14. So few people seem to reallyv write anymore because email and on-line seems so much easier and quicker. Thank goodness folks years ago wrote messages for folks like yourself to treasure. Hope more people get the message to write a note to those they care about.

  15. "I write on white, to be polite,
    and save the yellow, for a special fellow"

    I remember those little books --

  16. What a pretty little book it is - I don't think my brother would have written something so nice about me at 15 :-) Jo

  17. Connie, Thanks for sharing this. It brought a smile to my face. What a priceless treasure and reminds me of my older brother's school yearbook where friends would write things to him!

  18. The cover of the book is beautiful. It is neat you got to photograph it.


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