Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chance : Happy Trails

Hey!  It is I, the wonder blogging Border Collie.  I have several trails throughout the yard.  Ball trails.  I like to play ball!  It is one of my jobs.
 I follow one of my trails, going way out and around.
Hiding..ready to leap out and capture my ball.

I flunked "The Test" the other day.  I passed for quite a long time..but then I failed miserably. 

Far Side and Far Guy were going to the neighbors for a birthday party. ( A Great- Nephew and ball player was five! )  They took off walking.  They told me to "Stay" so I did, I even stayed when more relatives walked by..I stayed for about an hour.   Then I couldn't stand it anymore..there were kids playing outside..I was so lonely.  I went through the woods..just to peek. No highways were crossed..only a two track road.   I tracked them..yup I am a tracker..a fearless tracker, I figured out where they went and I followed them there.
I got there just in time to see the attack on Sponge Bob Square Pants..Far Guy said "Well here comes my dog."  Now what kind of welcome is that for a fearless tracker?  I just came to show them the way home ..just in case they forgot the way.
 Big boys having the last whack at Sponge Bob, candy was everywhere..and it was time for me to go home:)


  1. Oh, Chance! You are such a good dog! And being a tracker comes in really handy. I know. I've had to track Mom down to Misty a couple of times.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Wat a cutie looking around the tree. Chance is a super dog.

  3. What? No kisses and hugs and a fluffing of the collar fur and ears for a good tracking Border Pup? Sheesh.

  4. Chance, you are one smart dog. You figured they just plumb forgot about you being there, and you just had to help them out. Yep, you are definitely a tracker!

  5. Not invited to a Birthday Party is not fair! You're always good in a crowd.

  6. Handsome and smart - you are a great dog Chance. You aren't about to let your family get away from you. You deserved to be part of the action.

  7. A looker and brains, ya got it all goin' on Chance! A guy can only 'stay' for so long and then he's just gotta bust out trackin'! Chance, your the bomb!

    Tell your Master Connie to have a terrific day!!!

  8. Poor chance, they didn't even commend you for your abundant love for them - - so much love, you couldn't bear to be out of their presence. You just keep talking to your blogger friends. We will affirm whatever you do!!!!

  9. An hour? Holy cow, that is terrible! I cannot sit still for more than, oh, say ONE MINUTE! You are going to give all of us a bad name if you keep doing stuff like that Chance. Knock it off! Remember - when they say "stay" NEVER do it for more than a MINUTE!!!

    Emma Rose

  10. Oh Chance.. you stayed put for a whole hour? You deserve a medal!

  11. Love your header photo, Connie! And this story was great. Chance did so well -- better than me at staying in one spot for an hour. Good for him!


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