Friday, September 18, 2009

Thirty four years ago!

Thirty four years ago, I gave birth to our second and last child, Far Guy's dream of two little blond haired girls was fulfilled.

It was a very difficult pregnancy, early on the pregnancy was not very stable, my Doctor said "Put your feet up, and rest, and let Mother Nature take it's course. " Easy for him to say..I had to keep up with a three year old. Trica and I spent the summer at the lake, managing the resort that my parents had just purchased. I was due September 1st, and went back home sometime about then. We had moved in the spring, out of an apartment and into a trailer house, a new 14 X 72 Trailer with avocado green appliances, and a washer and dryer in the bathroom..thought I had died and gone to heaven! No more laundromat! We were located at the end of a culdesac that had a was a perfect place to raise children.

I must have suffered from some strange chemical imbalance when I was pregnant with Jen, I was not in a good mood, I did not smile or laugh..well I did laugh out loud twice during the pregnancy. One time when something that Far Guy was struggling to build..fell apart. And when he hit his knee with a hammer..I nearly rolled on the floor with laughter that time..he said the pain was worth it.

It retrospect I must have been suffering from postpartum depression..before the postpartum part. Leave it to me to do things backwards. Anyway she was born, she was just a peanut five pounds and five ounces..and way overdue. She had been fat, her skin hung from her body..she was pretty ugly..but beautiful. My Doctor took one look at her and said "I have been so worried about this baby, thank God she is here alive." "You should never have anymore children." Sounded good to me, I was happy with two!

I took this last mothering to a new level, I did not leave her with anyone until she was about three years old. I rarely left her with her one could take care of her as good as I could. When she had to go to kindergarten, she had to be weened from time with me. It was very difficult for both of us.

Now she is thirty four years old. I should feel old.I do..but old enough for my baby to be thirty four..not quite:)
Last year when she was only thirty-three.


  1. We lived in a trailer when we were first married, and we had avocado everything, but no washer and dryer. SIGH!!!

    Love your story. I have four, most of the time I was greeted with "Don't you know what causes that? Finally I got to point I said: "Yes, and it was fun getting these."


  2. Happy Birthday to your baby! I lived in a trailer too back then too and of course wouldn't ya know it had the green appliances too. And green shag carpet and I know you remember the orange shag too. And to think we thought nothing was prettier than that shag carpet and those green matching appliances. My children were both born in the seventies.

    Connie I hope you all have a great weekend celebrating.

  3. Oh girl, please don't feel old. Just 'cause our children are getting older doesn't mean we gotta. My son is 35 and my daughter is 31. They have blessed me with 8 grandchildren who keep me very young. Embrace and enjoy it.

    When we married everything was avocado green in our house. Toilet to shag carpet. What was I thinking??? I've grown up since then.

    Wishing you blessings and a great weekend!!!

  4. We lived in a trailer when I was first married and no washer or dryer and the darn furnace wasn't big enough to heat the place so we spent most of our first winter with our winter coats on indoors. Memories are made of things like this. If our children today lived like that I'm sure they would have a hard time surviving. lilly

  5. You have a beautiful daughter and family! Happy Birthday to her and to you, since you did all the work. Your nostalgic stories are so nice to read. I really enjoy them. Since we are the same age I can relate to a lot of them. Glad you shared your mothering memories.

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope you all are feeling great and enjoy a fun weekend.

  7. Didn't everyone live in a trailer with green appliances and gold shag carpet? What's so wrong with that? Now, I hear people call people who live like that trailer trash. I call it living where you can afford.

    P.S. Happy Birthday, daughter #2!

  8. Yep, avocado green everything. I still have some of that around. I am throwing it away at my mom and dad's place.
    I appreciate your story of your daughters birth. My youngest son was born with two doctors in the room. They didn't say why but I am assuming they thought they may have problems with him as well as my wife. He had two batches of chemo along with his mom. He is the one that just got married at the age of 30 in Maine. He has lived a very good life and enjoys everyday.
    Your daughter was a blessing and she has blessed you with two wonderful beautiful grandchildren. It is a nice story with a great ending.

  9. Happy Birthday to Jen!
    The Duchess remembers the avocado green and the harvest gold. She had some of each. She says it sure seems like a long time ago. . .

    Kisses for Chance!
    Emma Rose

  10. I DO feel old some days. My son is 27 and has been married 5 years (or is it 6??) - and she's the most wonderful DIL. We get along like friends. It was great to go back to OH and see them. I miss them the most living here in KS.

    Making your own dog food is so easy. I will post the recipe soon. I have my own, and you can also find it on that Back to Basics website I mentioned in my last post. Easy peasy! And of course, they absolutely LOVE it. What dog wouldn't love dog food with fresh chicken and fresh veggies and brown rice in it??! Way cheaper too, just buy your own whole chicken, get a big bag of brown rice at Sam's Club, and use either fresh or frozen veggies -- I found some zucchini and/or peas always worked well for my dal. Some veggies didn't set right with him, or else he would eat around them. haha.

    Seriously, if you want the recipe, just email me and I can send it to you --

    Hope you and the hubby are doing well... autumn is settling in here, and I love it. :)

  11. Happy Birthday to your baby! I'm new to your sight and have enjoyed reading it. I am not quite as old as you. lol. But don't feel bad I bet I feel twice as old as you. lol. I went through severe postpartum depression after my last child and am now a Grandma!depression, anxiety,blood clots your name it have controlled my life for years. But I'm hanging in there. And my little one went through horrible seperation anxiety after all of this. School was a nightmare, I pretty much lived there. Anyway check out my blog if you get a chance. thanks


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