Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunflower Field

If you have been following my blog, you know I had some photographic wishes. The Sunflower field was one of them. One day on our way into town off of the main road we saw a field full of sun shiny yellow...what a sight for sore eyes. I got so excited I nearly peed my pants. There are only two very small fields of sunflowers in our area. I took these photos on August 16, 2009.

I wanted to be taller, I stood inside the car with the door open, hanging on to the roof rack..I really needed a step ladder. I was tempted to crawl up on top of the car..but I didn't. Far Guy just said " Would you just be careful."

What a happy place to be!!

There were lots of bees, I am not nearly as afraid of them as I have been other years. I have taken lots of photos of bees this summer and luckily I have not been stung..yet. I have also managed to escape the Poison Ivy and except for that one almost I think he might have been dead snake in the road..I have not been dissolved into a crying, can't breathe panic stricken Ophidiophobic. I have only suffered with my food allergies on one occasion all summer.. and that was a beautiful little strawberry..that caused me to breathe funny for awhile..but I was no where near death this time. So it was a pretty good summer. Back to the sunflowers..

I went back again on September 02, 2009 to the same field. What a difference seventeen days makes. There were still some bees..and lots of grain dust.. the cheerful yellow is almost gone.. I found it kind of sad. This time I was alone, so I tried my best to hold my camera high in the air instead of climbing all over the car:)


  1. Those are beautiful pictures Connie. That is a cheerful sight with all the "heads" turned toward the sun, standing tall. They just don't last long enough do they? Thanks for sharing such a sight!

  2. They were beautiful while they lasted. It is hard to believe that they could wither in such a short time. I guess the birds will get a nice meal from the seeds now.

  3. I love sunny sun flowers too! A field of Flowers always remind me of a huge choir with childrens happy faces looking to their director-singing their hearts out!!!!

  4. Glad you found your flowers. I had trouble with bees when I took my pictue of them. I didn't know it until I got in the pickup and there were several of them that followed me. I turned up the AC and they eventually left.

  5. Loved the sunflower pictures and it is so neat that you went back and took the field when it looked so sad!!! I laughed when you said you nearly pee'd your pants when you saw them. You are so funny. I feel the same way when I come across a photo opportunity that can't be missed.

  6. Nice post. I once had a long conversation about how sunflowers and people are alike with one of my nephews. How some are tall, some short, some stragglers on the edges; most of us are going the same direction but not everyone, and each is different. Since that conversation, I always think of sunflowers as fields of people. As soon as I saw the last picture, I imagined they were bowing their heads in prayer.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful. Are the fields awash with dove?


    I love it. Take me with you next time you go to these fields.

    Are thye for flower cuttings or for seeds?

  9. I bet that was an awesome sight! Great pictures!

  10. You took the photos that got away! A couple of years ago we were driving across Kansas and passed a lovely field of sunflowers. And he kept right on driving.

  11. I love these photos -- especially the first one. Maybe you should store a stepladder in the trunk -- just in case.

  12. Oh my! that is just so beautiful!
    Will they use the sunflower seeds for birdfeed or human sunflower seeds?
    Or maybe make sunflower oil?
    I have moments like that too, where I get so excited over seeing a snake to take a picture of or the grandkids or animals doing something funny that I nearly wet my pants, also!
    Isn't life fun??
    Have a great day.

  13. Connie, you got great shots, there is something about a different angle of shooting that makes it even more fun. I loved driving around in my Sister's pickup, doing drive by shootings. With my camera of course.

    The strawberry only caused you to breathe funny for awhile, and you were no where near death. What a understatement!

    My Mom has been experiencing severe food allergies for the last few years. It is terrifying. Keep those epi pens with you.

    I understand the snake phobia, mine is great big hairy black spiddddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrsssss.



  14. I have snakes everywhere. I don't like them but I can't stand to take them out with a mower either. Sunflower fields are magical. I like the wild sunflowers that grow along our roads. I eat great celery and I am on the floor looking just as green. Ate it like crazy when I was a kid. I think it is the chemical they spray on it.

  15. Thanks for the comments everyone. I believe that these seeds are used for bird seed, either that or sold for their oil content:)

  16. AWESOME!! I'd love to see that in person. I loved Chance in your Sunday Stills too.

  17. Those are wonderful photos. We LOVE sunflowers too. We are planning to put some on our photo blog. A whole field of sunflowers is sooooo cool!

    Kisses for Chance,
    Emma Rose

  18. There is just something about a field of sunflowers that uplifts the heart. Today I took pictures of signs of fall which equals end of summer. It was a sort of bittersweet walk. Your September field photos give me the same sense.


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