Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Lists

Do you make lists? I do, and Far Guy does, sometimes he will add stuff to an old list just so he has many things that he can cross off. He did that yesterday. I read his list..and laughed..most of it had been done months ago. He makes his list on the computer and prints it that is going a bit too far.

Full moon on September 04, 2009

I have to add something to my photography wish list.. I wish I could photograph a ____________. I don't know what to wish for. Moose, Bear, Mountains, Great Lake.. any suggestions? Lightening, a rainbow, a double rainbow, a Flax field and a Beefalo calf are all still on my summer wish list. I am thinking maybe I need a Fall list.. and I should put away my summer wish list..I did manage to get that wonderful sunflower field. I attempted to photograph a lightening storm with no luck. The Beefalo calves are no longer cute and all legs, they only spent a few days in their front pasture. The Flax fields were non existent, and rainbows are few and far between this year.

Make it work!! Those doggone power lines are always in my way... Moon shot...this one made me smile. This would have turned out better but I don't carry the tripod in the car.

Some of the things on my Fall work list :

Help Far Guy in refinishing the log steps. This is no small project either..and is already causing frustrations.

Repaint the very old dinette set. Big project..involves lots of sanding..etc..I am tired of the green that they are painted now..I have blue paint..but now I am thinking maybe I want them yellow or cream :( :( Far Guy just may kill me after he reads this..cobalt blue is his favorite color.

Touch up the front door. It needs just a little paint. No changing colors allowed!

Clean up my garage.

Wash all the windows and give them a coat of Glass is a pain but I know it helps to keep them all cleaner when it rains/snows.

Fall work..stuff that makes my life easier or more enjoyable INSIDE during the winter:)


  1. I only make lists in my head...which isn't a very good system, because I sometimes forget, and also it's easy to add to them, and then they become never-ending. How about adding falling leaves to your photo wishlist-they are really hard to capture (I know, I've tried).

  2. Puppies! We vote for puppies!!!
    The Duke and Duchess both make lists. Nothing would ever get done without a list :) My list just says "eat cookies, run, play, snuggle, eat cookies"

    Kisses for Chance!
    Emma Rose

  3. I find I feel organized when I make lists. I maynot get everything done, but I can see the list and know I am headed in the right direction.


  4. Making lists helps me sleep. When I am mulling things over that keep me awake, I get up and write it down. I also get more done during the day if I make a list the day before---not that I do this very often!

  5. I have far too many lists. Sometimes it drives me crazy. When I have something really important to do it will be on post-it notes that I tack up all over the house.
    The orange moon shot is spectacular. A harvest moon shot would be nice as it appears on the horizon. Of course I vote for any photo with Chance in it.

  6. My problem is that I make lists but often misplace them! I jump up in the night when I think of something to blog about and jot myself a note sometimes. Cleaning the garage is on my list too! It catches everything we don't know what to do with!

  7. What are you saying----you are suppose to wash windows? guess I better get busy too. I would love to take a picture of a moose. Oh, I was writing a list just before I got on line.

  8. Love your moon pictures - I'm always trying to get moon pictures but I'm not steady enough for taking pics in the dark. And yes, I make lists too.

  9. My mind is always listing, but I don't write it down....

  10. oh and I'm sorry for being so slack lately....:(

  11. I'm a list person...I'm like Far Guy making them long so I can cross them off (looks like progress that way). Sometimes I come across old lists because when they get messy I have to re-write them (maybe the computer is a good idea!)
    How about a goose or geese in the sky - I see quite a few in the fields now and have taken some pics of them eating the neighbors grain.

  12. I am totally with Mary. I make lists anytime I need to, but if there's a lot to do, it will keep me awake until I turn the light on and write down the list--then I can sleep.
    My hubby does that 'adding to lists so he can cross it off' thing--I only do that if I know we're going to be comparing our lists later in the day and I do something that needed to be done but wasn't already on the list.

  13. How about frost on the grass--or the pun'kin? Or, the classic harvested fields? Do you have wild turkeys up there? that would be great for Thanksgiving. Or pine trees in anticipation of Christmas? I could see a whole holiday/seasonal project coming out of this. ;-)

  14. I hate lists as much as I hate housework!

    I love your moon shots!

  15. I always make lists and I still forget things! The other day when I went grocery shopping, I actually forgot my list. Duh!
    The moon is fantastic, even with the power lines. I looks almost like it's balancing on the top one, like a tight rope walker.
    Sunny :)

  16. My son bought this very small tripod to carry in the car. It can sit on the hood of the car when you want stability. It is small.
    I use to make summer lists so that when I had to go back to work in the fall I could look and see that I got things done and didn't waste my summer free time.


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