Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chance: Up North

Of course I got to go along Up North, Miney (that is short for Hermione) lives there. I practically know the is a really good two hour nap in the car. After two hours I get anxious and start to drool.. I know once we go over the railroad tracks we are almost there. Then I start to whine..Miney must hear me coming, she meets me at the door, we are best friends.

Miney has it pretty good for a "town" dog, she has a doggie door and a fenced yard. She also has a Football Field.. perfect for herding a ball. We take turns, I am a gentleman and always let her have a turn first.

I think Miney may be putting on some weight, but we don't want to say anything..maybe she is just a little extra fluffy. She is a beautiful fluffy anyway.

When she gets tired we have to wait until she gets rested up. Far Guy says "Poor Miney, you don't have to run every time." But she does..I am a Border I wait and rest during her turn. I am pretty smart.

See everyone is resting, at least she didn't take her ball and go home. My Sister says that sometimes she just takes her ball and goes home when she is too tired to play.

I got the ball turn!! I am so happy!

Anticipation..when and where will he throw that ball next.. is it my turn or not? I had a ball playing ball on that football field. It was perfectly mowed, there are no trees or rocks to run into..and no brush for the ball to get lost in. Miney was a gracious hostess, she shared her food bowl and water dish, however she did fall asleep in a heap against the wall a few times.. my sister said "Look at Miney.. Chance, you have exhausted her." :)


  1. Connie~ You do have a way with words!
    I think you could be a children's book author:

    You could write a whole story telling it in
    CHANCE'S barkage(words).....just like the posts you do here on your Blog.
    Honest - try just never know, and with your connections to the Literary world, maybe, just maybe you can hit paydirt!

  2. Chance is such a pretty dog. Love his coat. That is so funny. I love it. Chance seems to like playing with Miney.

  3. I love it when Chance "lays and waits" for the ball. Reminds me so of my niece's border collie! Harriet would be absolutely no fun to play ball with. Chance could jump over her and INTO her and she would not notice the BALL!!! Miney is beautiful. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love the 3rd picture down, a really great action shot. They sure had a great time together. A really enjoyable post.
    Sunny :)

  5. Miney is a beautiful dog. Those two are a pair. Chance enjoys it all doesn't he? The photos tell the story.

  6. Chance is the perfect Gentleman!!!! Compared to our two! Good pictures

  7. Oh Far Side those are wonderful pictures!!! I am glad Chance has a best friend to play ball with. Sir Bear will not run with me so it's not much fun. Chance is ssoooooo handsome!

    Emma Rose

  8. Love the pictures of these two gorgeous dogs! And you're so full of energy, Chance! Love it...

  9. Wonderful photos of two spectacular dogs.

  10. Are you familiar with the Bedlam Farm Journal by author Jon Katz. Chance reminds me of Izzy and Rose. Check out my link if you have not seen it.


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