Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Surprises

Sometimes gardening leaves you little surprises..

My Mothers Morning Glory 'Star Of Yelta' that she didn't plant. A stunning little bloom.

My Dianthus 'Siberian Blues' that reseeded all over and is blooming even if it is only two inches tall:)


  1. It looks like light is coming from inside the morning glory. It is a nice surprise. Beautiful colors on both photos.

  2. Those are both breath-taking beauties. It's always a delight to find such treasures in our walks around the yard, isn't it? I wish you a nice week ahead.

  3. Hey Connie, love the photos. Such great shots of color.

    BTW, since you know everything, how can I make my comments show on the blog page like yours do? I think that is much easier for everyone. I do have comment enabling on, I wonder if that is a problem.


  4. As a kid, we would walk the corn fields for large weeds so they could be pulled and not cause problems with the two row corn picker. It was such a pleasure to run across them growing in the corn rows, wild, and I would always pick them and bring them home. They wilted as soon as I picked them. The color of morning glories are so rich. I have never seen blue dianthus before, they are great.

  5. Just look at those vibrant colours!

  6. Garden surprises are a lovely gift, aren't they!


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