Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget: 911 Memorial

Eight years ago, I was in North Dakota helping our daughter Jen with her newborn son Adam. Trica called us and said turn on the TV, she was living in a suburb of Chicago at the time. Far Guy was at home here in Minnesota. It is one of those days that you never forget where you were.

Yesterday we visited a little tiny town in Minnesota called New York Mills. The VFW there is hosting The Vietnam Memorial Travelling Wall. Along with the Wall are a 911 Memorial and The Cost of Freedom Memorial.

The 911 Memorial.

The Flag of Heroes, the names of all the Emergency workers that lost their lives during 911.

So many names, such a horrific time in our history, the day that we as Americans lost our innocence. The day that was our wake up call to terror. The day that we all changed a little.

A Motorcycle with a message.

This entire exhibit will be in New York Mills until Sunday. It is free and open to the public twenty four hours a day until late Sunday. It is a sad exhibit, but a good reminder that we should never let our guard down again..we should never forget:(


  1. You are so right, we will always remember where we were and we will never forget. The Flag of Heroes is truly a moving tribute.

  2. Our local radio hosts were doing there usual casual off the wall thing and when they started to describe what was happening, they themselves were in disbelief. As an art teacher I had a tv in my room and two janitors came in and we watched the second plane hit, live. I will never forget when I was trying to explain it to the teachers over the noon hour. I finally said they took passenger planes, large ones filled with fuel and innocent people, and crashed them to their death. The towers fell down. The attitude that I was receiving about it suddenly became quiet. I finally explained it so they could understand the terror. They had seen no visual and I caught them up very quickly. How soon some people do forget. I don't understand those kinds of persons. Thanks for sharing the memorial. That all was very impressive.

  3. I watch the replay of the entire events of the morning of 9/11 just as they were broadcast in 2001, on TV each anniversary. I relive the same emotion each time. It was just as hard to grasp then as it is today - a senseless tragedy. I will never understand how others can be so filled with hate to plot and take the lives of so many innocent victims. I pray that these dedications and memorials continue. I never want new generations to forget.

  4. Well said! Amen!


  5. I am a welshman in the UK....and remember 9/11 as though it was yesterday...... My partner and I came to new york a couple of weeks after 9/11 and I have an overwhelming memory of the welcome and kindness we recieved....

  6. Very correct - it is the day America lost its' innocence and yes we did all change a little that day. I remember many of the changes we all went through in those days and years to follow - doing your daily jobs was no longer as easy as it was before. Thank you for your story!

  7. A lovely tribute, Connie. You are so's a day we Canandians will never forget either as the aftershock of those terrible events was not just felt by a nation but by the world.

  8. I love that motorbike. I remember hearing the news just as I was about to get on a plane!


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