Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wistful Wednesday : 1961

This is Far Guy in 1961, he was eleven. This is his second go cart. His first go cart had a hood and was quickly sold for this one that went faster. He was pretty dressed up for a go cart adventure..but then his Mother was always pretty fussy about what he wore. In fact she was fussy about what everyone wore. She used to hang Far Guy's Dads clothes out for him every evening. That way he couldn't mess up and wear something that didn't match.

The cars in this photo are pretty interesting. The Chrysler Newport was brand new in 1961, it was bird egg blue. Far Guy's older sister, Jan, drove it to Detroit Lakes one time and didn't pay any attention to the temperature gauge, she drove it until it stopped. Far Guy says that was the last time he saw that car. The 1955 Pontiac Chieftain in the background was a cream color, it had a hood ornament that would light up. Far Guy said " That car had heavy duty clear plastic seat covers, I melted perfect circles into them with the cigarette lighter." I did the same thing in one of my Dad's cars..and not in the seat covers either..I did my circles right in the actual seat.

When I first saw this photo, I asked who's cars these all were. Far Guy said they were both my Dads. Now lets see, Far Guy is eleven, his Mother didn't drive, and his sister was sixteen.. now I understand..Far Guys Dad always was looking for any excuse to buy a new car. Far Guys sister got to drive the new car, when Far Guy began to drive he drove a 1959 Desoto..hardly seems fair:)


  1. I love the cars they had back then! And that go cart looks built for speed!

  2. I had forgotten about clear plastic seat covers! Ours had a textured pattern on them. Nothing like sticking to the seat in the summer heat and hearing them crackle in the cold of winter. Oh, the memories.

  3. Oh the good old plastic seat covers, tearing the flesh off your legs when you wore shorts!
    Great trip down memory lane.
    Sunny :)

  4. My older brother would love this go-cart! I can just picture the robin egg blue car paint - my grandparents had that color. I also remember grandpa having the plastic seat covers that I stuck to in the summertime. Great memories and more great family pics Connie.

  5. I think we have some old photos just like that somewhere in the closet! Right down to the go cart! Ha!
    Emma sends kisses for Chance.

    The Duchess

  6. You have brought back a lot of memories with those old cars. Was that Chrysler one of those that had the buttons to push for drive and reverse etc?

    Can you imagine driving those gas guzzlers now day?

  7. you always share these photos that jog my memory banks and gives me a smile


  8. Brings back some great memories! Thanks!

  9. AND my grandmother put clear plastic covers on all her! I always stuck to them.


  10. What a great photo and thanks for the description of each car...I never would have guessed what they were. Reading this brought me back to my childhood...looks as if Far Guy is only four years older than me...he's the same age as one of my brothers. Great post!

  11. My brother was always trying to get his go cart like that to run again! I'm not sure it ever did. What a fun walk down memory lane.


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