Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bee Happy Bargains

Finally I  got a chance to change from my winter very warm wool felted just in case I get caught in a storm purse that I could use as a hat….to the summer one…I have not seen a bee yet but I need to carry my epi pens during the summer.  I am not much of a purse person and would rather have my pocket book in my pocket…but the size of  those epi pens makes that impossible.

There are not as many bees around anymore.

Bee Happy

I have had this wreath next to the front door for years.  I decorate it with the seasons. I found these bee decorations at a garage sale…for $1.25 I have a whole new look.  I may have to look for a few more bees…

Last year I scored a new loon flag for a dollar.


Bargains always make me happy.

We finally heard the Loons down on the lake this week.  They are very late this year.

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  1. Be happy. I got a hardly used juicer on Craigs list for only......:)

  2. I like your bee wreath decorations. How about a yellow and black polka dot bow to finish it off?
    I noticed the first bees here yesterday so you should see them soon.

  3. We've got bees in our garden, I saw them all around the strawberry blossoms. Those berries are getting big now, and I'm excited to have my FIRST strawberries out of my own garden. I love that flag. Wish we had loons around here but I guess they are not salt water birds. :-)

    1. I have seen them at White Rock beach, which isn't all that far from you:)

  4. Sweet wreath, love to hear the Loon call, makes me happy as does a bargain, Francine.

  5. My two Nanking cherries are in full bloom so I have lots of bees right now. We are having excellent weather so you will get it in a day or two.

  6. What a lovely flag or just a dollar!

    Shirley H.

  7. Mr. Dreamy doesn't understand outside decor! I love your bees… and bargains are wonderful!
    Loons remind me of summers at camp in Canada. I love the eerie calls.

  8. Great bargain finds! I'm always on the hunt for bargains.

    The bees have been very active here. Last week they were swirling around cars stopped at a light. I quickly rolled up my windows. The last thing I want is a bee in the car that can't find the way out!

  9. We have some bees but not as many as years past.

    Your decorations are lovely.

    I'm lucky if I get things done. Decorating is on the back burner.

  10. When you mentioned that you don't like to carry a purse, Far Side, I thought immediately of my own daughter. However, I would not recommend carrying an epi pen around where she keeps her cash and driver's license...

    We know quite a few bee keepers, and believe me, the subject of "not as many bees around anymore" is a big topic of conversation in our rural areas here. You can see those white boxes around everywhere in the fields, particularly in orchards, but I also know there is a lot of research going on, trying to figure out what is making the hives collapse, and the bees less prevalent--or at least less effective. It usually centers on how our modern conveniences are somehow impinging on bee survival. Sometimes, I don't know who to believe...

  11. :-)
    Congratulations on your finds. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I love the bees on the wreath and the flag is great. It has been very hot and dry here but rain is expected this weekend.
    Hope FG is feeling better.

  13. I do think it's interesting that you have a severe bee sting allergy, but you enjoy decorating with bees. Love your enemy.

  14. Love the sound of the loons!
    As you know, I'm with you on the bargain hunting:)

  15. Ah! Loons!
    Great bargains, Connie. :)

  16. Everything is really late here this year also. In fact we have geese that decided to stay and not leave it's been so cold.

  17. I miss seeing and hearing the loons. Your banner is a winner.

  18. Good for you but sad for the bees. I've taken to a "wristlet" which holds my cards, checkbook, chapstick and pen. It would work for your epis yet it leaves your hands free. Your wreath is darling. I think I'll try that as I've been wondering what to put out on my door and the "bargains" make it even sweeter!


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