Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wistful Wednesday: 1975

How many of you gals have been pregnant in the summer?  Miserable. You feel...fat… it is seems like you wait all summer for the baby to arrive.  Your feet swell…you are cranky.

During the summer of 1975, I was 23 years old.  Pregnant with our second child who we were sure was going to be a boy who we would name Travis but we would call him Duke.   ( cause Trica (big sister) liked that name.)  Trica and I and our Scottie Terrier/Mix dog named “Snuffer” lived in a cottage at the lake, with no hot water and no indoor bathroom.  We had an outhouse.  My parents bought a resort, my Dad was still working in the cities and my Mom was still farming I ran the resort for them for the summer.

Connie, Trica and Julie Summer 1975

Me, Trica (3years old) and my sister Julie (9 years old) at the resort.

Far Guy would commute and come and see us on an occasional night and weekends.  It was a long summer. My due date (September 1) came and went.  My Doctor scratched his head.  Finally he came to his senses and scheduled me to be induced, I went home and went into labor…eight hours later we had our second little girl!

SEptember 18 1975 Connie and Jennifer

Me and Jennifer Joy 5 pounds 5 ounces…tiny..tiny perfect baby.

She was hungry!  Her last few days in the womb were not the best for her, she lost weight and her skin was all wrinkled.  We were lucky she survived, the Doctor strongly suggested that perhaps I was not such a good incubator anymore.  So with two daughters our family was complete.

Jens Birthday Cookie.  1979 maybe

She would forgo birthday cakes and take a liking to Hornbacher’s decorated  chocolate chip cookies for her  birthday treat.

She grew up, went to school for 19 or 20 years and now she goes to school everyday.  She teaches English in a Community College. 

Jen taking photos

One of her favorite hobbies is taking photographs.  We have the same camera except her camera strap has a fancy smancy lace cover decorated with buttons.  She collects buttons..because she can and she is always looking for places to use them. 

I think she could have been an Interior Decorator.  She has a good eye for color and form.  She has decorated and redesigned just about every room in their 1910 four - square home directing handy Andy to build cabinets and trim that are true to the era their home was built in.

I won’t tell you how old she is, but you can do the math.  Math was never her strong subject but I am certain she remembers exactly how old she is!   Happy Birthday Jen! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Jen! I was pregnant during the summer months. My son was born in late October. I felt like a huge beach ball.

  2. Cute post and photos. Happy Birthday Jen!

  3. Well at least you got a perfect little baby girl out of that Summer! She's even cuter now! Yes, I too had a baby girl (my only one) born July 21, 1976 and she is also a teacher in the elementary grades teaching art. My legs looked like tree trunks that Summer and there was no air conditioning but at least I had indoor plumbing! LOL!

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to Jen, enjoy the day, Francine.

  5. My three kids were either born in May or December, so I really didn't suffer through a bloated summer pregnancy. Guess I was lucky. Birthday wishes to Jen.

  6. Oh the memories of days gone by, they hold a multitude of stories to be told. Please wish Jen a very Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Jennifer! She is the only one that looks happy in those photos:) Connie, you look so young. That was a big responsibility you had, looking after the resort. I wonder if there were paying customers during that time.
    My first was born near the end of November, and I had good pregnancies, and don't remember feeling particularly bloated or uncomfortable.

  8. A great post: sure glad you decided NOT to call her "Duke."

    Happy Birthday, Jen

  9. Happy birthday Jennifer. Births are very memorable occasions. I wish I had asked my Mom more. You tell a great story that I'm sure your daughter will appreciate.

  10. Happy Birthday to Jen. I was pregnant in the summer and boy, it was not any fun!

  11. Yes, I was pregnant during summer, for both of them. It was awful, and your picture reminded me of when I felt that way, too. But happy birthday, Jen. I was all worth it, wasn't it Mom? :-)

  12. what a lovely post! Happy Birthday to Jen. :<)

  13. Lovely post and photos ! My boys were born in April and May .I was 9 years old in 1975 lol . Oh another snap happy person that's wonderful . Thanks for sharing . Happy Birthday Jen .

  14. Great post! Happy Birthday Jen!

  15. Did I get that right? The doctor merely mentioned the word "induce" and you went home and obliged him yourself?

    I think that chocolate chip decorated cookie option looked great!

    Happy birthday, Jen :D

    1. Hi Jacqi, We discussed it, I did not want to be induced, but it must have been the right time anyway:)

  16. What a fun post! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to Jen!
    What a beautiful baby, girl, and woman. :)

  18. Like you, we figured our baby would be a boy, and of course, back then, there were no ultrasounds to tell one way or the other. And like you, we had a little girl named Jennifer. The only difference, our Jennifer was born 3 years later. She is now a minister and a mother with two of her own children. Happy Birthday to our girls.


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