Thursday, June 6, 2013


Some things I find more annoying than other things.  The sound of a lawn mower, or no sounds of lawnmowers at the cemetery where you can practically see the grass grow…meetings  that don’t start on time and people who are not prepared for said meetings and arrive late.


Our closest little cemetery is very well maintained, it is mowed regularly and trimmed. Half of Far Guys relatives are buried there.  The other half are buried at another local cemetery which suffers greatly in the maintenance and mowing department.  In my opinion they are not being good stewards of the land or of the money they are entrusted with. Just my opinion. ( They are a bit holier than thou.)

I have asked Far Guy to buy a small push mower and we will take care of our own graves.  We can mow and trim them is what people did in the olden days.  Perhaps just taking a stand will help..I am not sure anything will change with that group until a few of them croak.  They are silver hairs so their time is probably coming soon.

On a different subject..I have a few questions for you..ready?  Do you ever get any annoying pop up ads that come up when you open my blog?  I have a reader from Alaska who is having a problem with pop up ads appearing.  Is it just her?  How does she get rid of them?  Is it  malware of some kind?

Myself, I use Google Chrome mostly and I don’t get pop up ads with that browser.  I don’t have an ads that go along with my blog, I know that some people do have ads..but I don’t  like commercials on TV so why would I have them on my blog?

Large Flowered Bellworts

The Large Flowered Bellworts are blooming.  There is a wild rose coming up right behind this Bellwort that will eventually steal the show from the Bellwort.

It is still rainy and cool. The high yesterday was 56 F or 13C.  It was cold in the museum. I had several visitors tour the museum, they didn’t stay too long after getting cold.

Tess, one of my volunteers and I worked in my office where I had a space heater plugged in. It was reasonably warm at 60 F.  We tore apart one of those old scrapbook/photo albums that had those horrible self stick pages. Buggers. It is a good thing that it was one of those inferior albums, after eleven years it lost it’s stickiness. We salvaged everything and put them in acid free page protectors in a new album.  We had a famous boxer that retired to Park Rapids by the name of Fred Fulton.  His entire boxing career is now safely tucked into a different album.  Eventually the entire album should be scanned and be available online ..but that is probably not happening anytime soon.  Funding for such projects just doesn’t drop out of the sky.  I feel lucky that I was able to order acid free page protectors and some albums so that some historical items could be saved, but still be accessible to the public.

I was asked to do some research for a grant, not a grant that we were getting but a grant for a Lake Association..they wanted me to do all their research by June 15…hahaha..I am still laughing over that one.   So you know I am not a total witch, I told them I would stack some research material up for them to look at.

So what is annoying you lately? :)

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  1. I have not ever had any pop-ups from your blog. I use Internet Explorer.

  2. To answer your question - no, I don't get any pop up ads on your blog. It probably is her browser. I use Safari (I have a Mac computer) and I am able to block pop up ads. Tell her to try using a different browser or to check to see if she can block the ads on her current browser. She should be able to go into the browsers "preferences" and look for something to block them. Still cold here also. Will it ever warm up?

  3. I have a Mac but I still use Chrome most often. No pop ups, but there are ways to block them. Not knowing what she uses, it's hard to tell her how to fix it, but it's not you. I especially enjoyed all the yellow I got to look at with today's post. I get annoyed when the bus is late and my day starts that way. :-)

  4. Nope no pop ups for me either. I use Fire fox as my browser never had a prob in oh 20 years since and with the original Google . It maybe set for that on her browser and she can re set it so it doesn't happen ! I don't use Chrome or Google + as over here lots of people that switched wish they hadn't as Chrome and + red flag the sites they used to go to and cant any more the company hasn't figured out the filtering of them yet ! Sounds like the spirit of the dead in the cemetery will be mowing their own grass soon ! I love the sound of a lawn mower or lawn tractor . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. I don't get pop-ups here. I just switched to Google Chrome. Trying to work some kinks out of my fairly new computer since I don't know if it's the computer, the new Windows, or which browser I'm using. I hate pop-ups.
    My mother-in-law used those cheaper sticky photo albums. Not good years later when you want to remove the photo to scan it. Not good at all.

  6. I don't get pop-ups with Chrome or with Firefox. She might be getting ads if she's on her mobile phone though.

  7. Don't get pop-ups ~ I also use Google Chrome. "Annoying" ~ some things bother me and yes they are annoying ~ they make me crabby! Most I would have to say are work related!

  8. No pop ads for me either: I use Safari.

    If you have difficulty removing photos from the sticky albums, use a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. The photos will peel right off without any damage.

  9. I don't get pop up ads on anything including your blog. The lady might have a way to block pop ups on her computer. I have Internet Explorer and can turn off pop ups.

  10. No pop ups here, either, but I do block them with my browser (Safari).
    Love your Bellworts - they look so dainty and fragile. I can almost see some sort of wood fairies collecting under them!
    Nice try to get their research done... but how nice of you to collect materials for them!
    My major annoyance at the moment is dog hair. I can't escape it! Perhaps I should go get the vacuum and do some battle against it!

  11. No pop ups for me either. I use Google Chrome.
    I hate driving by a cemetery that is not well maintained. It is sad.
    The Bellworts are so pretty. I've never seen them.

  12. I never get pop ups while reading your Blog.

  13. No pop ups for me either. I use Google Chrome. I love cemeteries. I always wished I could work in's a male dominated world here.


  14. One of my most favorite kinds of posts from I actually read parts out to my husband, because like I said to him..."she is outspoken, and doesn't pull any punches."

    I don't get pop up ad's but I would say that if you did, the blogger is responsible for some of them being there if they belong to Blogher network.

    Found a great tip for relaxing those plastic album pages in one of your comments above...that's great.

    Annoying me? Ah the dogs that bark continuously every Tuesday, and Thursday from the new neighbors, who mooves in and tells their neighbor's that their dogs bark all the time and is proud of it?

    Want to come and visit and give them a piece of your mind? I know you could do it for


  15. I've not had an pop up ads when opening your blog. I use Google Chrome and have been very happy with it. It does annoy me when there is a cemetery that isn't being taken care of. I live in a small county in TN and when I was small, it seemed the norm for the cemeteries not to be very well maintained. Usually the families of the ones buried there would take care of their plots but the rest would be grown up and brambly. However, now as I drive around, I notice that most of them are very well maintained which makes me happy.

    Other than the neighbor's dog who likes to bark from 11:30 PM to 2:30 AM, there's not much around here that bothers me. And when the windows are closed on a hot, muggy night, I can't even hear him.


  16. I use Chrome, too. And I don't ever get ads. She may have a trojan virus.
    No politics here.
    Have a great Friday!

  17. I've used Explorer, then switched to Firefox, then switched to Chrome and now have Firefox for my secondary browser. I've never had any pop-ups from your blog. I suspect she may have some malware on her machine that's causing it. Tell her to seek out (google it) and download the FREE version of Malware Bytes and use it to scan her machine every week. It works very well.

  18. It seems that cemeteries can cause some of he nastiest of feuds. Back home in the old days each denomination had it's own cemetery??? They were all christian!
    I don't get any pop up ads on your blog.

  19. No problems with pop ups. Love the flower picture. Such a pretty yellow.

  20. Nope, I don't see ads on your blog. Hmm, I'm really interested to see how many of your readers use Chrome! I use Firefox on my PC and Safari and Puffin on my iPad but I think I'll have to try Chrome. I'd hate to be missing out on something good!

  21. No pop ups here either. I use Chrome.
    I am annoyed that the mosquitoes have started coing out in the evenings, and they find me and drive me indoors, when I would like to be sitting on the patio reading until the light fades. I have two itchy welts I am trying not to scratch. Mosquitoes love me.

  22. I'm on a Mac with Safari and no pop ups over here. I with you--would never want them on mine, either.

    I don't have anything annoying me today except my sciatica--ROFL! ;)


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