Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer is here!

Finally summer is here, the temperatures are warm and the mosquitoes are nearly as big as birds. There is a joke out there that has a ring of truth to it.  Minnesota’s State Bird should be a mosquito.  If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Minnesota in the summer you will understand.

The candle

If enough of them land on you will wish they would just cart you away. They are vicious little buggers..and it is only the females that bite ..the males just buzz around annoying me trying to fly into my ears and up my nose.. have you ever swallowed a live mosquito?  I have.. it felt really strange..until it died.

Chance’s pool came out.  He needs a new one.  Far Guy dumps it out every other day so it doesn’t become a mosquito hatchery. The smell of wet dog permeates the air…it is a good summery smell for me..along with sweaty horses, rain falling, freshly mowed hay, the river and Minnesota lakes.  ( Yes the river smells different than the lakes..I think as it flows the smells waft up out of the water.)The pool is out

Far Guy’s lilac is blooming.  I am not sure what kind of lilac it is..a late lilac for sure.

Far Guys Lilac

It has three of these long blooms this year.

We are getting thunderstorms at night. Chance hides in the safety of the bathroom.

It has been a really busy week at the museum..hardly time to catch my breath. Yesterday morning I could barely keep my eyes open on the drive in to work..too many early mornings and extra activities at the museum.  There really should be two of me some days.

I will enjoy the 15 hours and 53 minutes of daylight that we have achieved. The sunrise is at 5:23 AM and it sets at 9:16 is all downhill from here…every day we lose a few minutes. ( That was not a very cheery thought..was it.)

Oh well it is what it is:)

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  1. Happy Summer, oh I am so full of those Mosquito bites....Lucky Chance has a pool, I want one, humid here this weekend.....Nice Lilac bloom, Francine.

  2. I agree with your summer smell likes - even the wet dog. I'd add the smell of cornfields on a summer evening drive in the country. I like the longer hours of summer too. Wish the season lasted a little longer.

  3. Yes, summer is here! It took its time getting here in your part of the country. I love our summers here, when the rain finally stops for a while. :-)

  4. I am so happy that Summer finally arrived for you. It sure has been a long time in coming. Your summer smells are very similar to mine except for the sweaty horses. I also love how all the flowers smell. Have a great weekend. Happy Summer Solstice to you.

  5. Ahhhhh summer, with its long warm days!! Enjoy the sunshine if you ever get a chance to get out in it once in a while.

  6. A couple clones would do us all some good! ;-)

  7. I have the same lilac - it's blooms are more pink than lavender. It doesn't sucker and blooms in early June - long after the traditional lilacs have stopped blooming.

    Oh yes, I've experienced a few MN and ND mosquitoes - big and relentless creatures.

  8. Wow, you can keep your mosquitoes...along with your snow:) Haven't noticed much in the way of mozzies here yet. If they are a problem it is usually only in the evening or early morning. Yes, it is always discouraging that the days are getting shorter from now on. Our sunrise is 5:04 this morning, and sunset at 9:17.

  9. I've experienced the Minnesota state bird. Wiped the sweat off my arm off once, and both my hand and my arm turned red from the blood that dozens of hungry Mossies had sucked out.

    They make some sort of "Keeps Mosquitoes from hatching" thing they sell around here for bird baths. I don't know if the stuff is "dog safe."

  10. Those mosquitoes have really hatched now. I hate to think of the days getting shorter already.
    Happy Summer!

  11. If you spend five years in the arctic, mosquitoes will never bother you a gain! It's good that summer has finally come.

  12. Ah...the Minnesota State Bird ;)

    Funny thing happened last weekend: my daughter was visiting Minnesota, attending some meetings. Realized the mosquitoes hadn't bothered her at all--until the evening of the day she had forgotten to take her allergy meds. Guess those little buggers don't do drugs...

  13. Happy summer to you guys to ! Here it has been wonderful warm sunny day's with cool breezes no humidity as of yet and cool nights ! The skitters or mozzies as we call them here aren't that bad this year thank goodness . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  14. We have mosquitoes here in our yard, too, right in the Seattle suburbs. I'm not sure where the standing water is, but we are certainly bugged by them. we can't sit outside to enjoy the lingering twilight.
    Happy summer!

  15. LOL - I hear you about the mosquitoes! It's light until gone eleven here and then light again at 2 am so it won't be getting dark until 9 pm ish until about August over here!

    Wonderful lilac - enjoy!

  16. BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWL!!! No it wasn't! Winter was just way too long. You have an extra hour of sunlight than us. on the 21st We have 14 hour and 53 mints. The sun came up at 4:48 and sat at 9:12. I will miss this long, lovely, delightful day the rest of the year until it return again.

  17. Ah! The Minnesota state bird. I know it well.
    I have swallowed a mosquito before, but never noticed anything, I guess. Maybe it was a silent, but deadly female--LOL!
    Hope you get some extra sleep this weekend. Inbetween thunderstorms and lightning displays. ;)


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