Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chance: Look what I saw!

Hiya it is me!  My turn, my turn.

Wanna see what I saw?

Brace yourself…

Chance hanging out the back window

Is that a handsome mug or what?  We went for a ride, at the crossroads we usually go right..but this time they agreed to go left for a change. An adventure!

I saw a deer far away, it moved so I barked at it.

Deer One

This one didn’t move for a really long know that deer stuck in the headlights look?

Deer Two covered in bugs

It was covered in mosquitoes.  Click on the photo to make it larger if you dare..those bugs are ugly…and that poor deer must be miserable.

Then we saw this..a long ways away.

Coyote A coyote. 

It was a great adventure! :)

Border Collie Intensity June 13


  1. A coyote and a deer! Wow - amazing! And what a gorgeous shot of you, Chance.

  2. That really was an adventure. You have lots of amazing things to see in your area. Chance doesn't miss a bit of either. He has that border collie focus on everything.

  3. Wow Chance, you should have Far Side go left more often, there's some really neat stuff that way!!!!

  4. That is one handsome dude in the mirror. You were so lucky to see a deer and a coyote in the daytime. Neat stuff!

  5. Wow, Chance, you are quite an accomplished blogger! You now even have your own signature. I am SO impressed. :-)

  6. That was a successful outing!

  7. Looks like a great trip, Chance. Have a great day!

  8. Wow, a coyote - a long lost cousin of yours!!!

    :) Deer really attract the ugliest of insects... you don't want to go to near one!

  9. That poor dear looks so thin with all that lush grass around, coyote must be keeping her on the run. Hope you scared him off there Chance.

  10. Hi ya, Chance. Thanks for sharing pics from your ride. Harriet loves to ride, too!

  11. Nice post Chance. You had a great tour because you like all these things.

  12. Cute guy in the mirror! Looks like you had quite an adventure!

  13. Here is the Coyote National song by Hank the Cowdog
    Me Just a Worthless Coyote is the coyote national anthem

    (Hank, Rip and Snort)

    Me just a worthless coyote,

    Me howling at the moon,

    Me like to sing and holler,

    Me crazy as a loon.

    Me not want job or duties,

    No church or Sunday school,

    Me just a worthless coyote
    And me ain't nobody's fool!

    Boomer and I love singing it back to them when they get crazy on moonlight nights!

    That is until we get yelled at by Mom and Dad.



  14. Talk about sights and smells for a dog with an exceptional nose! Whoohoo!! :)

  15. I have been told that our herd north of town is up to 27 or more now. I guess they circle the town in the night. I did see two in town one morning going to work and they were looking like large lawn ornaments in the yard. It was foggy and the car didn't scare them away. The coyotes seem to be plentiful out there too. It is good to see you out and about. I guess I need to get Barney's pool out and see if I can get him wet.


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