Friday, October 19, 2012

Gardner Lake Trail

We took off late one afternoon to check out one of the trails “up north.”  I believe we were in Forest Township of Becker County.

The forest is brown and bare looking.

leaves are gone

The leaves are gone.

Unknown Lake

This was one of the little unnamed lakes that we encountered.

We bounced along for quite some time..always going left..then about eight miles from nowhere we saw a building.

Hunting Shack

A Hunting Shack..Far Guy said “Did you see any signs?”  Nope not a sign to be least none of the “No Trespassing” I got out and took a photo.  These guys are ready for a cold hunting season.    Gardner Lake is not too far from this shack..but we never saw that lake..maybe another day.   I wondered later if these guys have a Trail Cam..if so they caught me taking a photo of their shack in the woods:)

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  1. Will you starring in "Caught On Video"? I don't think this constitutes a major crime.

    Wonderful photos. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello....think your o.k....only taking a picture of the cute shack.....Beautiful scenery though....Blessings Francine.

  3. Nice little shack, and that's a LOT of wood stacked up. Your pictures show how much it looks like winter up there... or at least late fall.

  4. Somebody is in shape after getting all that wood in and stacked! Great photos.

  5. I could imagine them looking at the photos in the trail cam, "hey look at the wildlife" lol.

    It's really cold there isn't it? We still have leaves, but they are predicting that maybe the snow will fly soon.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

    1. Not too cold yet..highs during the day in the 50's..I will take that any day in October:)

  6. Should we start a collection for bail money for you and Far Guy?

  7. Looks as if the hunters plan to spend more time sitting around the fire drinking beer than hunting!

  8. I love when you guys share your drives with us. Cute shack!

  9. Lovely photos . That shack looks cozy , think they would notice if I showed up lol ! Maybe with a pot of home made stew lol ! Thanks for taking us with you ! Have a good day !

  10. Well, they certainly have their wood all stacked and in order! Looks like someone has plans for this winter...

  11. You could have crashed the place and looked for beer in the fridge and built yourself a fire. That would have made for a cozy afternoon.

  12. That's a pretty substantial shack. It looks well built and has lots of wood, a fire pit and a barbecue. Don't feel guilty about a rather interesting shot taken on the sly.

  13. Great looking little shack. Nice photo, too.

  14. That's a pretty nice 'shack'. Wonder if it has a sleeping loft.

  15. That's a really nice looking shack in the middle of nowhere. I'd be afraid of getting lost. I have no sense of direction and can get lost turning around--LOL! ;)


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