Monday, March 19, 2012


On Saturday after the big parade we went to see if any antiques shops were open in Dorset.  As we approached Long Lake we encountered a dense bank of fog.

We found one of our favorite antiques shops open.  I bought some old photos and Far Guy bought an old soda fountain dispenser..not sure why..

On the way back the heavy fog had dissipated..but there was still some out on the lake.

Chance at Long Lake  March 17


It is called advection fog and it is caused by the horizontal movement of warm moist air over a cold surface.

Long Lake Fog March 17

This pair of Canada Geese were on and off the ice. It looks a bit spooky.

Sometime or another I read a book or saw a movie perhaps it was called “The Fog”  where people drove into the fog and disappeared. I am not a fan of scary movies.  I still have not been able to make it through “The Shining”  darn Jack Nicholson anyway. Talking about nightmares..

Is anyone else out there having dreams about Alzheimer's?  I am stuck in dreamland not being able to remember where I live or something simple that I should my name.  They are becoming very troublesome dreams.  Even worse than my looking for a clean bathroom dreams.  At least I can understand those.

In my dreams Far Guy knows where we live and he won’t tell me and that is starting to irritate me just a little… a couple more nights of him not answering me..might result in me being more cranky than normal:)

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  1. I don't have dreams about Alzheimer's but I do think about when I am awake and do something stupid or forget something I shouldn't. My mother had severe dementia and I am always afraid ( especially when I forget ) that it will happen to me also. I sympathize with you and your dreams. Poor Far Guy, getting picked on for something he only did in your dream. Been there done that with my husband. :)

  2. I haven't had any dreams like that, but now that you have planted the fear in my mind, who knows? I had a dream a couple of nights ago when I smelled something that was so strong I remembered it when I woke up. I didn't know you could dream about smells before! Sorry to hear that Far Guy has been bothering you in those dreams!

    I love the picture of those geese in the advection fog. Beautiful! Not at all spooky but almost (dare I say it?) dreamlike. :-)

  3. Poor girl!!! Nope, I don't have the Alzheimer's dream but live it with my MIL. Guess ya could say that's a nightmare in itself.

    I don't watch scary movies, they give me nightmares for weeks!

    Every time we enter a fog I turn into one of those old Eveready Battery commercials. 'Remember those???

    I adore the way Chance poses for ya! He's such a shinin' star.

    God bless and have a great week Miss Connie!!! :o)

  4. What a beautiful foggy goose picture, Far Side...

    I'm so looking forward to my dad's mother had it; one of his brother's had it and it showed up in him about two years ago...wonder if dreams about it would be better than having it...maybe not, don't remember...teehee...

  5. I don't like dreams like that either.

    We had a LOT of fog Saturday when we drove to Farmville. And we were driving away from water.

    Hope you're having some sun today. :)

  6. Connie, Your photo of the round bird feeder intriques me. Is it a thistle feeder? Do you remember where you purchased it? I've used "sock" feeders for years. My beautiful Bella is gone so the squirrels have become a real problem. You see the squirrels have ripped apart the sock feeder. That feeder looked like an answer. I discovered yesterday those darn squirrels have dug and eaten the roots of all my coral bells. In attempting to put a good spin on this tragedy, I'm thinking about what to plant in that area.

    1. Hi Harriet, That round feeder holds black sunflower seeds and I purchased it at a Farm Supply store. We have a sock feeder too..and squirrels. So far they are leaving the sock feeder alone...we have it hanging way out on a branch:)

  7. I don't have Alzheimer's dreams. My recurring nightmares are the out-of-control teaching dreams and tornado dreams.
    Love the fog... and the geese!
    I'm also not a fan of horror stories/movies/books. I remember seeing a movie in High School where the wife was being threatened by someone/something. She ran into the kitchen to get a knife, but the kitchen was just a model with no real drawers or cabinets. The drawer fronts came off in her hand as she tried to open them.
    Funny how an image can stay with a person for so long!

  8. I am living the dream...I forget more every day.

  9. No Alzheimer dreams thank goodness, but it is something that crosses my mind occasionally when I can't remember something simple. Apparently the Alzheimer's association has some sort of test you can take, I think it might even be on-line, and sometimes I wonder if I should take it. But that whole thought is terrifying. I wish I could inherit my mother-in-laws genes, who was 'with-it' for 100 years.
    Hope you don't punch or kick Far Guy in your sleep, in your frustration:) Ten+ years ago when I played soccer, sometimes I'd dream about it, and would take a big kick and hit Larry:(

  10. That foggy picture of the geese is magical!

  11. That gosh darn Far Guy, keeping secrets from you!!! Love the goose photo... award winning.

  12. Wonderful photos !It has been the same here thick fog on and off its kind of erie at times as the sun burns it off then it rolls in again and looks like smoke, we thought of the movie The Fog as well lol, it has been humid here summer like and we have a river and marshy areas around us and live only minuets away from Lake Erie so thats were all the moister is comming in ! Have a good day !

  13. Love the picture of the geese in the fog!

  14. The geese-in-the-fog photo is really stunning. I used to dream that I was in charge of a big conference and couldn't find the hotel, or couldn't find the right rooms inside the hotel. I'd arranged some big conferences as a volunteer, so this was my version of an anxiety dream. Darn that Far Guy for keeping secrets from you!

  15. Far Guy needs to straighten up now and do right by you. I hate re-curring dreams. They disturb me. We have had fog everyday now seems like a week or more. Take care Connie.

  16. If I was Far Guy I'd wake you up tonight and tell you were home is.

  17. Great pics by the lake. Reminds me of the "tule fog" we get around here--seeing people walking around with their heads "cut off" by the hovering fog, or vice versa, as in the case by your lake (speaking of horror movies...). Around here, we usually see that when the warm temperatures turn colder after our first rain of the fall season.

    I don't know if this is true or old wives' tale, but if you have dreams, you probably don't have Alzheimer's--I've heard that people with Alzheimer's don't usually have dreams. (Or is it just that they don't remember them?!)

  18. Hello,

    I read your blog daily but never comment. Just had to today. Thought I was the only person who ever had dirty bathroom dreams, LOL! Now I know why I enjoy your blog so much. We must be related in some way.

  19. Well, one thing for sure you don't have alzheimer's. Your only dreaming this stuff. Now if this was in real life you'd be in deep trouble. Carry on.

  20. Hi You sure have a beautiful picture of the geese. Dreams are no fun they useto be b happy but now their Neg. or worse. Take care GW

  21. Both the fog pictures are great. Chance poses so beautifully and the geese--that's just a magnificent shot!

    I have dreams about not being able to find a bathroom with a door or any kind of privacy at all plus some of them are broken and dirty, too. I don't have the dreams about Altzheimers, but actually forget some word I know I should know like the back of my hand kind of regularly the past year or two. Very disconcerting!! I'd rather dream about it and wake up and not have it happen in real life. ;)

    I remember an older movie called The Fog with Adrienne Barbeau with dead people coming out of the fog or some such nonsense. I'm generally not scared by those kind of movies. Don't usually watch the ones with monsters or horror or slasher stuff...not because they scare me but because I find them just dumb, I guess. I've seen Jaws, The Exorcist, and several others...but they don't scare me. Now something that could actually happen in real life--say a psychological thriller--is much more interesting to me, even if I still don't get scared. Love mysteries because they're fun to figure out. I wasn't fun to take to scary movies as a teenage girl, I guess. No clinging to some guy for me. I was more likely to tsk! tsk! and shake my head and laugh. ;)

  22. I have some odd dreams, but haven't had either of those yet. Something to look forward to I suppose :-o. Love love love the geese in/on the half frozen lake!

  23. The Shining has such incredible scenery, but boy howdy it is scary. But then again I thought The Birds was scary.

    You have some mighty strange dreams my friend. Far Guy should wake you up during the night and tell you where you live, think that would get him outta trouble?

  24. Hi Bro,

    Those Canadian geese, are they for real or are they a mirage?

    Our NZ geese are fat and white. They don't fly.

    Dog xxxx

  25. I've never been able to watch The Shining...I'm just a big old scardy cat. The geese pic is neat!

  26. The fog pictures are really great. My wife can be mad at me all day because of a dream even though she knows it was just a dream.


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