Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chance: A Big Yellow Ball

The other day Far Guy bought me a gift…


Oh ya..we still have snow.


The big yellow ball really scoots along in the snow. Pretty soon I had it way over in the woods behind the house.

IMG_1905 Far Guy to the rescue, I stayed put while he went and got the ball.


I played for awhile then it got stuck again.  Far Side kept hollering “Nose, nose hit it with your nose!”


I gave up and rested in the snow bank. A little later Great-Niece Anna came over with her Dad..she got the ball unstuck for me ..and then I took it back into the woods..and Anna rescued it again.  Then I got it stuck ..and pop..I guess one of my teeth must have put a hole in it..just like that it was no longer a big yellow ball..but flat as a pancake and it did not roll anymore.  I found Anna a proper ball and she threw it for me many times…I just love all the neighbor kids.


Here is the snow stick photo..sorry Linda P from are not the winner. Far Side says the snow is never going to melt:(

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  1. Oh my, you and your snow...well one of these days we'll all get a shock, and it will be gone!
    At least the sun is much warmer these days:)
    I found that a basketball is the perfect size for Luna. Just big enough and hard enough that she can't get her teeth into it. The one she has now has lived outside for two years, and is still going strong, and it was 'used' when I got it. Tell Far Side to get you a basketball:)

  2. I hope Far Side doesn't win this contest.

    I should have guessed Dad's birthday, April 30th. These kinds of winters, I can't relate to the length nor the cold of it.

    Sorry about your pretty yellow ball.

  3. It will melt. Just a matter of when. ;-)
    Chance sounds like my youngest son. Rough on everything!
    Have a good evening. ♥

  4. Chance - -- it's a good thing you had the ball with the snow so it would roll so easily. Sorry it popped but the good news is you got a lot of fun out of it for a few hours.

  5. Your post made me feel so much better that I am not alone with still having snow! Our yard has about as much as yours does. Yet, when we drive into a town about 30 miles away, there's has melted! It has been very cold here, especially at night. Tomorrow we are supposed to get in the 40's so maybe that will help us melt a bit here.

  6. Most of our snow is now gone from the storm we had last week. The sun is strong and warmer now and we get alot of winds as well so that all helps melt and dry it out. Miggy is the same ruff and tuff with her toys. Love your photos. Have a great day !

  7. Looks like it was a fun afternoon for everyone. We had about a 1/2 inch of snow this morning on the VA eastern shore, but it was gone by noon, though it's still chilly and windy.

  8. Chance quit wasting my inheritance!

  9. It's starting to disappear again and sounds like warmer weather is coming to the rescue! The snow sure made the yellow ball look pretty though.

  10. can remember if I told you, the most famous dog in New Zealand looks like your dog. There are comic books and a movie. He is just called Dog.

  11. Thank you for your continued lovely comments and your support. It really does help knowing you care. Your blog is just wonderful. And I am so relieved for you that your daughter passed through that medical crises OK. You are blessed!

  12. Oh what fun. Too bad it had to pop. Riley loves his big balls. He has several of them in the yard. It kind of looks like we are running a daycare with all the toys and balls we have in the yard now.

  13. hey Chance,
    I like my little green or yellow ones. Something about tennis whatever that is...

  14. Chance, you need to tell Far Side that the snow is like your yellow ball and will indeed be gone soon! Dirt spent our weekend with Anna and Justin playing ball and hide and seek games with Dr. Watson (Anna's little Rat Terrier). Now he's sleeping in he's so tired!

  15. Chance, I bet you were tired that night after all that exercise. You sure kept everyone else busy also. It has to be fun to have all the trees to chase around year round.

  16. What fun that ball gave you while it lasted! Looks like some of your snow is melting... We had a fresh snowfall this morning...

  17. This has been such a long winter all across the country. We will all feel much better to get a bit on sun shining on us. I promise I will not complain about the heat this summer in N.C.... I may think it, but I won't say it.

    I'm anxious for your snow to melt for you...

  18. I just love Chance's stories. (Trixie likes to lay in the snow too, just like Chance!) So sorry Chance, that you broke your new yellow ball. :-(

    And I am not in the least bit jealous of all your snow!!! :-0

  19. SNOW! At least Chance likes snow. Green would be nice right about now. Do you think April 12th will show movement on the stick?


  20. I like the big yellow ball - too bad it wasn't a bit stronger! Catching up on blog posts - I'm so glad I won the Carving - it sure a cute one!

  21. Oh Chance...the snow must melt someday!!! I adore your big yellow ball! Too bad it got stuck!

    God bless and have a great day filled with balls, bones and doggie treats!!! :o)


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