Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wanna Go Outside?

Hey! It is I, Chance the wonder dog, I am the guest blogger today. Let's go outside! It snowed, fresh white stuff, not much, but it looks cleaner and tastes better. Stay AWAY from the yellow snow.

Gotta run, Far Guy is getting the mail. Far Side is pointing that thing at the snow and the trees, you know that thing that she carries around her neck, sometimes it flashes in my eyes and she tells me to stand still and look handsome. The still part is hard, handsome..well I wake up handsome.

Don't go anywhere we will be right back.

Stealth is my middle name. I am sneaking up on Far Side. I am so quiet. Oh no I think she saw me..yup..BUSTED.. "Where is Far Guy?" Oh ya, he is slow today, something about bad hips... I will go get him...
Found him! Now what should I do with him? Oh ya, lead him home..gotcha!

Here we come..ready or not! Far Guy has the mail and I've got Far Guy..what a team! Did you miss the two best guys in the whole world? Far Side always says she misses us when we are gone, cause when we get back she always says " Are you two back already?" I've got some new wonder dog moves..prepare yourself to be impressed!

Fancy Pants Chance..sometimes they call me that...

This one made Far Side laugh out loud..she called me a silly turd and nearly fell in the snowbank.

Blocked! NO, I don't want you to go inside yet! I have a great idea... let's play outside all day.

I will get your boot Far Guy. I know how to stop you..I will hang onto your boot..until Far Side in her best Victoria Stilwell or Megan (my old trainer) voice says "ECH." Well I know what "ECH' is SERIOUS and I must stop immediately if not sooner. Thanks for coming outside with me... I had a ball:)


  1. Oh Chance - you are a furry,handsome smarty pants!

  2. Hi Chance,
    What a great little blogger you are. In fact you're so good, I'm thinking that sometimes you write farsides posts and she just pretends that she did. Right?

  3. ILAUGHED OUT LOUD! This was great!


  4. Gosh what a smart little dog! What a fun day!
    Where is the lake?

  5. What a great post by Chance! I love border collies and australian shepherds alike. I have two aussies, one with a bit of border collie in her. Guess I should let them write a post or two sometime. :) Great blog, I will be following ~

  6. wow... looks like us a couple of weeks ago.. fortunately we 're having a brief reprieve from the white stuff.. arent dogs great in the snow?

    gp in montana

  7. Chance is such a cutie! Love him!

  8. Love it!! I so wish Sophie and Chance could play together...there would be some great photos!! :)

  9. Chance, this is Peanut. I cannot believe that any decent dog-person would love snow like that! When my little toes-ies (as Mommy calls them) get cold and my ears get cold, it's time to go INSIDE. I do not like my tummy getting wet - that is the area that is only for rubbing, not getting wet. But you look like you are having fun, so who am I to force you to behave like a proper dog?

    Time to climb in Mommy's lap - she loves it when I cuddle with her! I bet YOU are too big to sit in YOUR Mommy's lap!

  10. Far Side,
    What a playful little doggie!

  11. thanks for taking us on your walk chance.

  12. I LOVED those shots- it was fantastic!!


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