Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today We Live On A Lake!

It has rained, and it has thawed and reduced some of the snowbanks to half their size. We have a lake in our yard.

The walk to the house is a wet one! The green thingy is a special grate that Far Guy installed in the walkway to scrape the sand off of your shoes. There is another of these special grates right in front of the front door. We have very sandy soil here. It vacuums up very nicely inside once it has dried. Sand is hard on your bare feet, Chance tracks a lot of sand into the house. He has four feet and they all collect sand!

It is the time of year where we should wear shoes with spikes on them. It is very slippery. It will get worse when the temperatures drop later today and it snows..it will be slicker than snot on a door knob. In the meantime I will enjoy the ripples that the rain makes in all the water. I need to find my rubber boots before I can walk in the puddles, I hope they are in good shape and don't have any holes!

Chance will find a perch up on a snowbank and watch the rain, today that is his job. He doesn't mind the rain as long as there is no thunder or lightening. He will get a good rain water rinse today, one that will clean the top hairs of his coat and make them really soft. When he comes in he shakes most of it off, usually on me. Nothing better than the smell of a wet dog, for me it beats the best french whores perfume that everyone seems to be wearing nowadays:)


  1. You live in a paradise! Rain, and snow and all.

    Wet dog smell...better than wet dog sprayed with skunk. We get that once in awhile. Ick


  2. Chance looks happy. Time to splash in some puddles before they ice over again and turn into skating rinks!

    And yes - please do wear your spiky shoes!

  3. Slicker than snot on a doorknob, SNORT! Giggle, outright Laugh.

    Ahhhhh you made my day. Could we please be neighbours? We would have such good times leaning over the fence, discussing gardening, dogs, life......


  4. nice pictures lots of floods here as well in England :-(

  5. We've been having the thaw/freeze cycle here too, and the country roads have cleared, but the driveway is still mostly ice. My car and I performed a near-perfect 180' turn on the way out to work yesterday morning.
    I do have to say, though, it's fun to play fetch with the dogs on that surface... :-P

  6. Noahs ark? That is way too much water sitting around waiting to freeze!

  7. I'll take wet dog over some of those perfumes any day!! We are on the thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze up here too...hopefully we will just land on thaw sooner than later! :)

  8. Whew all this warm weather is getting to you! LOL! Love the smell of a wet dog? Hmmm, well maybe.
    We lost alot of snow too and rain is expected all day. Our sump is running non-stop and our old Michigan basement has rivers running this and that away. I just love this old house.
    Be careful on that ice. Hopefully, and hate to even say it, you'll get some snow to cover your ice rinks!

  9. man it's as ugly there as it is here. we need a foot of snow and 20 degrees!

  10. Yuck. My feet feel wet just looking at the pictures. We only have a few standing pools of water around here--thankfully. And your reminder of the smell of a wet dog really made me miss ours. Not that I like the smell, just that the reminder of the smell brought it back very clearly!

  11. Lovely site! Your place looks much like mine although I don't have as much water but more mud already. This has been a record year for snow to stay on the ground this long - we usually have mild temps. and rain. I LIVE in Muck boots & shoes! Wet dog smell isn't that what it always smells like? LOL


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