Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Well it's here. The day of chocolate, perfume, flowers, cards, dinners out, diamonds and love. A simple lovey dovey day that has been commercialized to near death. " Every Kiss begins with Kay..the jewelers of course." I would like to stick my finger down my throat and barf when that commercial is on. The message is the larger the diamond..the less likely she is to resist your undying love. Hogwash..apparently their target audience is very young and very naive.

Today is the day that makes or breaks most Florists, it is the biggest day of their year..with red roses being the favorite. Since they are so busy, some roses will not be properly cut and get bent necks. You know the rose that looked fine when it was delivered but the next morning it looks was not cut properly underwater and has an air bubble that does not allow it to take up water. If you re-cut the stem can save that sad little rose from a certain death.

Far Guy could bring me roses, I like them all..but they make me sneeze and my eyes run and water. He knows better than to bring me some perfume that I would promptly throw in the garbage. I don't wear the diamonds that I have, buying me more would not score him any points. He could bring me chocolate.. sometimes he surprises me with a simple Milky Way Dark candy bar..he always gets a kiss for one of those. An entire box of chocolates that have mystery centers would just get hard and mummify after I found the one with caramel in it. He could take me out to supper, but all the restaurants in this area will be full and we would have to wait in line. No thanks. We will have a quiet evening at home.

So where is the Romance? Where is all the lovey dovey stuff? It is in a loving glance, shared laughter, an "I Love You" and those things happen with great regularity at our I guess you could say we don't need a special day..because everyday that we continue to appreciate each other and enjoy each others company is Valentines Day:)


  1. I'm not much for commercializing holidays either but who wouldn't like having a barbershop quartet show up at your door to sing "Won't you be my sweetheart?" Honestly, I have enjoyed reading my blogs today and I've read some very creative ways to express love.
    One little boy said, "I know my grandpa loves my grandma because she can't paint her toenails anymore so he paints them for her." Is that love or what?! I will think about that the next time my husband colors my hair.;D

  2. We celebrate like you do -- at home, just through the pleasure of shared company.

  3. You've got the right idea. A candy bar and an evening at home. The best!!

  4. Valentines Day is a great day to celebrate the love of Border Collies :) That's what we do in our house!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Valentines Day to you and to Chance!

  5. A quiet evening at home looks better and better however I hope people do go out and both my daughters make a lot of money tonight. One is a bartender and one is a server. I am sure restaurants will do good business. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. You two definitely have it right; share the special love and memories every day. (and of course the occasional candy bar never hurts!) My favorite is Reece's peanut butter cup - the JUMBO pack! Have fun.

  7. You hit it dead-on. Your thoughts mirror mine about this holiday. My husband and I both experienced marriages with the "wrong" one, so we appreciate each other every single day. We've had a wonderful day today, sans celebration. Oh, yes, I also agree about the box of chocolates, and I would only eat the caramel ones too. :-D Happy V Day to you and yours!

  8. How do I love thee? It is true, although this is a day when so many think they must go overboard to show how much they love each other. It is the glance, the kind word, the enjoyment of each others company that makes true love shine.

    We will spend tonight having a romantic delivery pizza dinner together. And we will love it.

    Happy Valentines Day,


  9. I will take true love...the people kind and the dog kind....over romance any day! Happy Valentines Day! :)

  10. Amen to that! I don't like all the hype and guilt that they push on us to show our better half that we love them. Simple is better and should be shown every day in small ways and simple gestures. Happy Valentine's Day, Connie

  11. Dear Connie, Far Guy & CHANCE~
    ...That's it: "TOGETHERNESS"

    the Sweetest of ways to say I Love You! ♥♥♥

    Liz in PA

  12. You guys are just too cute!

    I agree with you! Hope you had a lovely time at home.

  13. Yes, yes, yes! Real love is: Husband going out in the blistering cold and starting my car in the morning so it's warm when I get in it!
    It might be "romance," but when I think of the thousand ways he removes little miseries from my life every day, I'll take it.

    ...but the white chocolate rose didn't hurt!

  14. Of course, I meant to say: It might NOT be "romance." A Freudian slip? :-)


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