Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prom: Noah and his date

This is the first year that Noah has gone to prom. He wasn’t sure if he would go or not.  He asked Taylor to be his date.

We drove up North to take a few photos.  Luckily the rain held off.

I made a bracelet for Taylor, I had a photo of her dress and picked the beads and the design.  I waited to fit it at the last minute, I had to add a few more beads and make it a tad longer.  The second fitting was perfect!
Bracelet for Taylor
Peyote Stitch bracelet with a multi faceted sparkly heart shaped button.
Prom wrist coorsage
But first she got this wrist corsage.
Getting the flowers!
They went out for an early meal and then went to the school for group photos.
Then they came back and got the paparazzi!
Going to Prom
Taylor and Noah (2)
Taylor and Noah
Taylor and Noah
Noah and Taylor
Mom making sure his flower is just right
Part of the paparazzi (Noah’s Mom) fixing his flower.
After the photos we went back to the house, and soon it was time for the Grand March.
Grand March
The first go round was very serious…
Second Grand March
The second time was much cuter.  Noah had a Fire Extinguisher and Taylor threw candy into the crowd.   I took it that he was a hot date and she was a sweet date! 

The kids all had fun, some had horse head masks, others had shades and Hawaiian Leis, some even had grass skirts and coconut bras. But my favorite…
comfy feet!
After the dance the kids were all headed by bus to an all night venue of activities, in the morning they will be returned to the school and have drawings for door prizes.  A safe way to send Prom night!  There were 26 couples that went to this small town prom.
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Anonymous said...

How fun! The bracelet matches her dress so well - what a treasure! Noah looks so handsome. I love the comfy shoe shot.

Cynthia said...

How sweet! The bracelet is beautiful with Taylor's dress and what a pretty corsage. Great photos for them to remember the day by, thanks to their talented photographer!

Marty said...

What sweet pictures of those two. It sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the prom.

Rita said...

We had an overnight, locked-in-the-school party for graduation. Back then things were different, I guess. Most of the kids went and we played volleyball and danced to a band and played board games. Thinking back--that was still pretty innocent for 1968.

The look happy and I bet they had a lot of fun. You make such pretty bracelets for the girls! :)

Jennifer said...

Great Photos! I am glad you were able to come and see him. I haven't gotten a report yet, but he is safe and sound in his bed.

Gail said...

Glad they all had a good time.

Andrew declined to go to his senior prom...I don't know why.

DJan said...

What a beautiful dress! And the bracelet is just perfect. I laughed out loud at the Crocs! :-)

Mac n' Janet said...

Love the dress! What fun, the fire extinguisher and the candy.

Still the Lucky Few said...

A gorgeous couple! Who wouldn't have fun dressed like that! Isn't it nice to participate, if only to observe!

Lynda said...

What a great list of events for them. I had not heard about the Grand March before. Also, what a phenomenal community to plan the entire evening's events AND bus the students there and back. It is wonderful to hear this.

Patsy said...

Great color , must be this years color for proms. that is the color of our grandsons date and him.
Oh! to be young again, but not for long really don't want to go back in time.
I like my life now as is.
Great looking couple.

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh, I remember Noah when he was just a little tyke! Goodness what a Handsome young man he is!


Red said...

Lots of good tradition and fun. And then there's always that special photographer.

marlu said...

Beautiful girl, handsome young man, gorgeous dress and fantastic bracelet.
What a lovely prom to remember.

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job on the bracelet. It's beautiful! Hope they had a great time. Love the comfy feet!

Sam I Am...... said...

How fun is that? And safe and what a cute couple. Noah is so handsome and Taylor was gorgeous in that dress! I love the bracelet you made her....and her flowers...over the moon on the whole night! You are so lucky that you get to go see them and take pictures.

Henny Penny said...

I bet she loved the bracelet. It's beautiful! I like the first picture of Noah and Taylor. She does look like a sweet girl. All the pictures are great! Noah is a handsome boy.

Tired Teacher said...

What a fun prom! I love the Crocs, the fire extinguisher, and candy.

The bracelet you made will be treasured.

thecrazysheeplady said...

How fun! I think though, if he was carrying the fire extinguisher then SHE was the hot date ;-).

Linda Reeder said...

The bracelet is a gift to treasure.
I'm thinking small town prom is a lot more fun that the big city proms I have know about.

Granny Marigold said...

AWWW So sweet. The bracelet looks perfect with the dress too. I'm so glad there are more and more "safe" prom nights. It's a good thing.

Leah said...

Beautiful bracelet, wonderful pictures and a cute couple. What a fun and safe evening for them.

Jacqi Stevens said...

It's prom season everywhere this weekend! We went out to dinner Saturday night before a concert...and discovered the place was packed with large groups headed to prom night after dinner. Everyone was so elegantly dressed.

Noah and Taylor looked great in the Grand March. And your bracelet goes perfectly with her dress!

L. D. said...

Noah is a handsome young man. I noticed the glasses were gone and he got this awesome haircut. He could model for the selling of tuxedos. Great looking couple and great memories for everyone.

Paula said...

A very nice looking young man with a beautiful date. I love her dress. And the bracelet was the perfect complement!