Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wistful Wednesday :1997

I ran across some old photos recently that brought back some good memories.

Back in the summer of 1997 we were fortunate enough to get away for quite a few days. We had a house sitter to mow our lawn and the dogs went up to Buxton to stay with Trica and Dick, I hired a dog sitter to play with and make sure the dogs were all happy ( We had three back then all Shelties: Moses, Captain and G’Day Mate..all spoiled)  We went camping up in the Wyoming Mountains with my other baby brother and she who sees robins first.

I really miss those camping days.  Campfires and frost on the tent and all that.

Far Guy says his camping days are over and he is too old to sleep in a tent.  He suggested if I wanted to sleep in a tent to go right ahead and set up the tent in the yard.

Anyways I wanted to tell you that after one of these outings we headed from Big Piney Wyoming  to Ogden Utah for supper.  Far Guy had been to supper at a really cool place we drove the 198 miles for a steak and homemade bread served in a covered wagon parked around a campfire.  How romantic is that?  The food was great, the place was called the Prairie Schooner Restaurant and Steak House.  A nice little walk was in order after a great meal.

I had always wanted to wade in the Great Salt Lake.  Far Guy indulged was not the beautiful lake I once saw shimmering in the distance on an earlier trip through Utah.  The closer we got the smellier it became.  Far Guy wondered if this was such a good idea after eating.

My beautiful picture

Far Guy was not amused. It was hold your nose smelly.

My beautiful picture

I walked out to the stagnant smelly water and took off a shoe.  It wasn’t the stuff that dreams are made of..but I did it.  I finally made it to the Great Salt Lake:)

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  1. Morning, sounds like a wonderful trip, making memories...but the smelly lake, I have been to a few stinky lakes myself, phew!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  2. I haven't been to the GSL, and now it's fallen even farther down on my bucket list. Ewww! :-)

  3. It sounds like a fun trip! I wouldn't put my feet in the water though. :-)

  4. I love remembering back on old trips. I don't have many pictures, but maybe that's good. It's probably better in my head :-).

  5. I've been there too and wasn't impressed either. Looks much better from a distance. Love those pictures of you and Far Guy.

  6. My husband and I visited the Great Salt Lake in the 1970s. There was no smell at all that I remember but I do remember all those little shrimp! I am glad that I waded in the Lake because I had always read about how you can't sink in that lake but of course I did not try to swim in it.

  7. That's a long drive for a steak, but it sounds like fun! Can't blame Far Guy for not wanting to sleep in a tent; I don't think I could do it either.

  8. I only camp at Camp Hilton, but I'm glad you have so many fond memories!

  9. Due to grizzly or other bear activity, many camp grounds in Wyoming don't allow soft-sided (tent) camping anymore. I, personally, would not take the chance. Despite bear-proof food containers in the campgrounds, many people do not have "clean" camps, so the bears get accustomed to rummaging for food. Unfortunately, sometimes, they maul campers.

    Yes, the Great Salt Lake is a smelly place, but I'm glad you have photos to prove you were there.

    Have you ever been to a pitchfork fondue?

    1. yes..great tasting meat at those pitchfork parties:)

  10. All I remember of the GSL area are the endless salt flats with the endless cop cars making everyone do "55" on a road built for doing "80"... back in .. around 1978...


  11. Those were the days! I haven't slept in tent for years. I did a tremendous amount of back packing and tenting. Yes, frost on the tent too . And that one late October trip!

  12. I used to love tent camping. Now i leave that to my kids and grandkids.
    We drove around part of Salt Lake about 12 yeas ago. I didn't see any place where you could actually get to the water, the lake had receded so much.

  13. I used to love camping, too. My body would scream bloody murder if I tried it now--LOL! That restaurant sounds really unique--unforgettable! Salt Lake--well, I think I'd have to pass after that smelly description--hehe! Funny how 1997 seems just a little bit ago. ;)


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