Saturday, July 27, 2013


Far Guy has his tomatoes in a wagon.

Tomatoes July 17

He likes to put them in a wagon so that he can wheel them into his garage if the weather turns wicked. They have some flowers and some small tomatoes.  I told him to lop the tall one off… he ignored me.

We saw a great little wagon at the fair.

Wagon at the Fair

It has turned real cool here. Cool as in high of 65 F or 18 C yesterday, with an overnight low of 46 F or 7 C.  Just a tad chilly for July in Minnesota.  Of course it is still warm in the museum from the hot weather last week.  It has been a very busy week at the museum with Silent Movies, Root Beer Floats on Main Street and a Rummage Sale in the basement.  With the cool weather many people have found their way to the museum.  Nine weeks left… the countdown has begun:)

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  1. Love the wagon. Cooler temps would be welcome here. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  2. That is really cool for your area, isn't it? We get weather like that all summer long, mostly from our proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Lately, though, it's been ten or more degrees hotter than that. We rarely make it into the 80s, however. I think that weather sounds perfect! Nine weeks, huh? I'll bet you can't wait! :-)

  3. I haven't had a Root Beer float in years, so I'd be the first in the line.

    The heat finally broke here, but not as drastically as it did in MN.

  4. I'm hoping there might be some fresh tomatoes at the farmer's market in DL this morning. I love home grown tomatoes!

  5. After your long, long winter, you deserve a decent summer. Wish you were getting it!
    Love the wagon planter. Good idea of Far Guys. I am NOT good at growing plants in pots, so my tomatoes are in the ground. Great Summer here, yay! Lots of watering to do though.

  6. We've had cooler weather here, too, but not like yours! It's okay, though, I'll take any relief! Love the wagons!

  7. It is raining here today thank goodness we need it ! Cute little red wagon ! Out temps have been up and down as has the humidity ! Our gardens are doing well this year . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  8. Great idea to have those tomato containers in the wagon so Far Guy can get them into his garage on cold nights. I had to carry mine in from the patio and that is a lot of work. I wouldn't lop off the tops of the plants - that is where the blossoms come on mine. Shirley H.

  9. That is really a clever idea. I had that problem here with the weather and the tomato plants. I'll keep his idea in mind for next year. Very cool here last night and today also. We are kind of enjoying it - all the windows are open.

  10. That wagon is a great idea, think I will get me one!
    We have warmer weather in Alaska...gonna be 80 tomorrow!

  11. When 18 comes in July it feels cool. We've become softies.
    Now a wagon for tomatoes? Great idea.

  12. We tried growing tomatoes in buckets this year. They did good for a while, but then started dying off.
    When we finally pulled them all out, they were all root bound. How do you get yours to grow so well in buckets? Is the wagon the secret?
    Hope the rummage sale and all went well!
    Still plenty hot here.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. I liked the wagon idea. Up there you can save the life of your plants just by pulling them inside. Actually I assume they are getting pulled around to be put in the sun all day. My kids wagon needs new tires as someone carried something too heavy in it. Our high is suppose to be 74 today.

  14. I think next year I am putting my bucket tomatoes in a wagon. My neighbor was tossing out an old red wagon and I confiscated it. Now it has a purpose.

  15. The tomato wagon is a good idea!
    Silent movies!! What a hoot! Glad the people have come out now that it cooled off last week. Supposed to warm up a bit again this coming week, but not the 90s, I don't think. Was crazy to have fall weather in July, wasn't it?

  16. 20 deg C in Scotland just now but yesterday hit 23 so I sat outside for a while. I wish I hadhn't because the dreaded Scottish midge has eaten lumps of me. Love the tomato wagon!


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