Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making a list

I made the dreaded list.  The list of things that I feel must be done in the next couple of months.

Some projects are fun..I don’t mind organizing, remembering to repurpose, reuse or recycle.

As I smashed down the last cover on the Christmas tote..I felt guilty for a couple of days..then I went back upstairs..emptied them all out..and repacked them.  One tote had not seen the light of day for a few years.  Inside I found a wonderful little surprise.

I didn’t remember this package of ornaments.



Shiny Brites made in Italy..and unbreakable…who woulda thunk it?

Some things needed my attention..the box of ornaments that were handmade for Far Guy’s Mom..will the next generation know or care?   Will they know that the Christmas Choir Children were her favorites?  Well now they are all marked. 

One tote of Christmas decorations will be sent out to the garage to be donated or sold.

I ripped apart half of the walk through closet upstairs.  I enlisted Far Guy to help vacuum the walls and ceiling. He survived.  I still have oodles of drawers to go through upstairs.

The weather outside was frightful.


It rained and then it froze so everything is covered in ice.  Chance was surprised to find out that even in four paw drive he could not stop sliding.  Then it snowed but only an inch or two..maybe.

We ventured out to the Post Office on Saturday morning. The roads are terrible. We won’t be going out again for a few days.

The road home Jan 12

We hunkered down the rest of the with my project list, and a movie about Whales in the afternoon called The Big Miracle and a long nap:)

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  1. Those ornaments are beautiful. And what a gift it will be, your notes about the favorites, etc.

    I so need to do that.

    Four paw drive? THAT cracks me up!

  2. Definitely tire-chains road conditions! :-(

  3. Definitely dangerous. Last year we had snow on ice and I went kerplunk twice going out to the bird feeders. Luckily no injuries. Luckily also we missed this latest storm...

  4. The ice looks treacherous. I giggled at four paw drive!
    With the birth of my great niece, I've been thinking that I need to label a few sentimental pieces I have that will eventually be hers. I also wonder if anyone will really care about some of the things that are so dear to me.
    We've been having spring like weather. Cold is on the way though.
    A long nap sounds mighty tempting to me!

  5. Ice looks nasty ! That's what I am afraid of here , we have had lots of rain last night and it is still raining spring like weather , I hope the temps don't drop or it will be a black ice skating rink ! Busy Bee you have been , I liked the four paw drive made me giggle , Miggs four paws are just wet and muddy in this slop here YUK ! Pretty shiny brights you found ! Have a good day !

  6. Yes, you have a winning phrase with the four paw drive, better claim that one quickly...

    Nasty weather, and I suppose it's stinking freezing out...

    Stay warm, and dry, take lots of indoor photos.


  7. Read the 'four paw drive' to the Mr. He got a chuckle out of it. Hopefully in a few days those roadways will improve.

  8. Yikes, you better stay put, nice and toasty inside, movie sounds to, freezing out there, staying in P.J.`s all day......Blessings Francine.

  9. Four paw drive still doesn't do the trick for ice! Many an SUV has discovered the FWD is not magic, either. Good post, I laughed out loud at FPD. :-)

  10. Another "four paw drive" fan here. :) Naps are so healing - take lots during your nasty weather.

  11. I think we are hunkered down as well although I really would like to get the poodle out for a walk, so we may have to bundle up and do that just to exercise him!

  12. Good for you for labelling the ornaments. It will be up to younger generations to decide if they want to keep them or not, but at least they will know the significance of them to help them decide.
    Hope your ice melts or at least gets buried under lots of snow to make is safer.

  13. Okay you guilted me into making my own it can stare at me from the fridge until everything is crossed off. The "tupperware" cupboard is the first thing....I'm sure there's objects in there that haven't seen the light of day ..... in years :(

  14. I was terrified that you may be making a list of stuff to do before you die. As I read further I saw that it was three months and that's okay.
    I hate the weather you have because it is so dangerous.

  15. No ice here, but crazy rain and thunderstorms. We've been out all we'll be out unless it clears up.
    Stay warm and have a great Sunday!

  16. How wonderful that you passed some history on. Just the other day I was thinking about ornaments we used to have on our tree when I was a girl. My parents jettisoned things like that in their moves. It makes me sad not to have them around.
    Stay warm and safe.

  17. Your posts reminds me of all the little treasures around this house with no notes attached. Marking them would be a worthwhile project for me, too. Good luck, Chance with your Four Paw Drive. We've had rain all day. The last of the snow from December 26 has been washed away. But more cold weather coming tomorrow.

  18. Look at the wind whipping the snow around....ugh.



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