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Wistful Wednesday: Pasture Friends

A long time ago when I was a teenager I belonged to 4-H.  It was an activity that I really enjoyed.  The first club I belonged to was the Ponsford Panthers, they got too many members and some of us were siphoned off and began our own club called The Thrifty 39er’s. ( I have no idea how we came up with that name.)

One year I took photography as a project.  Photography was an easy project, you had goals and filled out your project paperwork, took pictures and put them on a piece of tag board to display at the fair.

I took a number of photos in the pasture.

I was kinda close to the cattle with my Mom’s Brownie Flash Camera.   Of course I could run faster back then..and our Mama cows were quite tame..except if you got too close to their calves.

Herfords  4 H photos

1967 that was the year that I was a Sophomore in High School.  We had a good crop of calves that year.

That was the summer I learned about persistence.

One of the bred heifers ( first time Mama) had a complicated birth.  I think the calf was too big and died.  The cow was a mess..the birth did something to her spinal cord or nerves…she couldn’t stand or walk on her own.  We took her food and water and cleaned her area..she wasn’t in the pasture.. we  moved her over by some piece of equipment where she would have some daytime shade in the farm yard.  Every day sometimes twice a day my Mom would get out the tractor and we would hook up to the makeshift sling around the cow and lift her in the air until her feet touched the ground.  Little by little she gained use of her legs, it wasn’t a pretty sight but she learned how to walk again..then I think she was shipped off. Back then it was bad enough to lose a didn’t want to lose a cow too.


I always liked to watch the calves in the pasture..they would kick up their heels and run like the wind..and then return to their Mamas.  If they were gone for too long the Mamas would start bawling and the calves would usually come a running.


The old pasture

The old pasture January 14 2013.

The old pasture has changed over the is primarily Oaks now..back in the 1960’s there were a number of pines in the pasture:)

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  1. Mrs. John A. AndersonJanuary 23, 2013 at 5:15 AM

    Your 1967 snaps, especially the second one, look like group shots of my paternal-great-aunts several decades earlier.

  2. Those cows do look menacing. I really envy the life you lived as a teenager. I had dogs and cats but never any farm animals to learn about! :-)

  3. Love the "before and after" shots of the old pasture. Those cows look like they are telling you not to come any closer. LOL

  4. Photography was so much different then, having a limited number of shots on the film. I jave some cow shots from my grandparent's ranch somewhere!

  5. That was fun hearing your memories and seeing your old photographs!

  6. I love old black and white photos. What wonderful memories.

  7. It's still bad enough to lose a calf:( I admire your mother's persistence with lifting the cow up, that must have been quite a chore. I have a friend who raises Herefords. If the cow doesn't have a successful birth, she is shipped.
    Our second oldest sheep has to be lifted to her feet each day. She is arthritic I guess and can't get herself to her feet, but can walk once she gets up. I refuse to ship her and have been putting off calling in the vet.

  8. Your blog is so the old pictures of the cattle, they look so healthy, sweet little calf.......Such memories, many kids today know nothing of growing up on a farm, sure glad I did.......enjoyed seeing the before and after shots of the pasture.....Blessings Francine.

  9. When calves put their tails straight in the air and run and frolic, it makes me laugh out loud. They are so carefree and have a zest for life. Don't you love how some cows are "baby-sitters" and always have the calves clustered around them while the rest of the herd goes off to graze?

  10. Lovely old photos in original form . WOW ! the pasture has changed the first thing I noticed was the lack of trees there now ! I love to see the animals kick up their heels and play . I like the sound of cattle bellowing , Have a good day !

  11. People who have no experience with cattle have no idea how scary Mama cow can be when you come between her and her calf. I'll never forget those occasions.

  12. I love are younger than me...I graduated in 67 and that was the last summer I spent with my Aunt and Uncle in the country. Your pictures are great and what healthy looking animals....amazing, cows raised on grass...what a novel idea (pun intended).
    I wanted to join 4-H but they didn't have it in the city. I was a girl torn by spending Summers in the country and the rest of the year in the city...what a tangled web! Again...I don't like to be repetitive but STAY WARM! Hugs!

  13. That was an awesome post. Less trees, that is for sure.

  14. I loved the photos, Connie. I've never been around cows, but my brother talks a lot about our great grandpa and his cows.


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