Thursday, January 17, 2013


Good news..I DO Not have Glaucoma..all the extra tests were for naught.  I was not worried…much.

I got my $10.00 gift card reinstated by the people from the Corporate offices of the corner of Happy and Healthy.  I have not used it yet, I will use it one day soon.

We are headed into the Deep Freeze early next week..possibly on the weekend. I will take a photo of some obscenely low temperature and you will all shake your heads and say “Tsk Tsk..she is nuts.”  I look forward to that every winter and I don’t want to disappoint y’all.  Us born and raised Minnesnowdains can take it..we have lots of body fat that will help protect us.  Once I get my three or four layers on..I find it difficult to walk..and I am exhausted..reminiscent of when I was a little kid getting my snowsuit on..If I fall down I will probably just roll.

Bad News..there have been many deaths lately. I will have to make up more cards one day soon.   Recently I was in the Detroit Lakes Mall getting more card supplies, I walked right past the Hallmark store..they were going out of business…another one bites the dust.  

How about American Idol ..Randy is the only one I recognize..who are those other people..someone so famous I have never heard of them before.  The chick with the blonde hair drives me nuts.  That show will be going down the tubes..oh well.

Our grocery store in town was bought by a chain store that is located in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota.  You can sure tell a difference.   Supposedly the same employees are working for the new store.  There were carts willy nilly all over the parking lot, the entry was filthy, there was product knocked from the shelves on the floor, the produce department is different and they were out of several of our usual items.  Perhaps it will take some time for the new manager to get everything on an even keel again.  I left them one of my famous notes, if they are out of something or have moved something to some obscure spot..I write a friendly note signed with my name and phone number..I am sure the former owners looked forward to my little notes with great anticipation. It took the new manager four days to return my call to answer my question.

The hospital in town is full up with flu patients.  It seems to be hitting some people really hard.  So far so good our flu shot seems to be working! 

Our yard and walkway will soon be covered in corn kernels.  One of my old friends suggested it as a way to combat the icy conditions after it rained.  The turkeys and squirrels think it is a fine idea.  Whole kernels work the best versus cracked corn.  It gives you some traction…Chance kinda likes it for a quick snack too.

The soft sunset colors were quite beautiful January 16 2013:)


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  1. It was surprising there were so many people who did not see Jesus Christ in the image in yesterday's post. They should consider packing light for their move out of this world. There is no need for woolen underwear and mufflers down where they may be heading. :-)

  2. I can see you leaving little notes on the store shelves! What an inspiring idea! Watch out, HEB in Midland!

    Corn as an improvement for traction? Awesome idea!

  3. I hope your local grocery store gets on track soon. I stop at one of their stores often when I travel to family and have been very pleased. The prices are good and they stock things I like. The staff is, for the most part, very helpful and pleasant.

  4. We have a local chain that has been bought by some bigger one, and now the stores are beginning to morph into something not as nice. I hope yours will eventually get better, and that mine will, too. They need feedback! I didn't know dogs like to eat corn. :-)

  5. Our local Hallmark went out of business then reopened with a new owner. No wit is better than ever. Sure hope your local grocery store gets on track soon. I have had to drive out of my way to find a grocery store that suited me. Seems no one cares any more about customer service. Maybe I should try the note idea at the store I used to shop at and see if it would work. I like the corn idea also.

  6. Glad to hear good news about your eyes, YEY!!!!!Guess the cold temps are heading your way, been in the deep freeze here for over a week, and heading into the weekend now........Corn idea is a good one, for the Turkey`s.....Idol is not the same, but will watch it anyway, not much on these days, glad Ryan is still there though, Francine.

  7. Good news about your eyes.
    Cracked walnut shells are also a really good thing to put on icy walkways.

  8. You can have the deep freeze temperatures: they've been here in Wyoming too long for my liking.

    Whether the managers like the notes or not, continue leaving them: they need to know what their customers want if they want to stay in business.

    The flu has filled the hospitals here, too. My shot has kept me vertical, too.

  9. Stay warm. Does Far Guy have the wood piled close? Great idea about the corn. If that doesn't work, the turkey poo will give you traction!!

  10. Smiling at your leaving little notes all around the store. I think that is a great idea!

  11. I'm still laughing at the thought of the turkey poo being good for traction...

    Sorry to hear about the store takeover, maybe they will get it together soon, if not you can leave them a note...


  12. I had not thought of corn. Corn is at such a high premium, kitty litter works too.

  13. Thankful for the good news about your eyes. I agree that the corn is a good idea, but expensive right now. Maybe you can justify the expense if you consider it dog/turkey/critter food?

  14. I'm a day late commenting about the "face." My mother, who was neighbor and good friend of "Aunt" Tracie, had the same picture in her scrapbook. Those ladies used whatever was available; I think Mom's was pasted in something she found at an auction sale. I can't see the face either, and I'm sure Mom pointed it out to me (long ago).
    I wondered how the transition at the grocery would go. I always shopped at "the boys' " when in PR. Guess I'll just have to depend on your notes to get things on track before summer!
    Good news about your eyes. We've got many things to be thankful for! Stay warm--beautiful sunset! Take care! MDowling

  15. Oh my Giggle Turkey pooh for traction I like it lol , a bit messy though wouldn't ya think lol ! Oh you may end up with every wild animal eating all your whole corn lol they will be calling the others there for a feast at your house lol ! PARTY time for the animals lol ! I am so glad your tests came back good ! I hope your local grocery store doesn't change to much for you . I hate that when you get used to it and things get changed and you have to find somewhere else to shop because of it ! Lovely photo ! Have a good day !

  16. Really glad you don't have glaucoma.
    I know why stores move stuff but I sure don't like it. I like to have a set routine for my shopping.

  17. Glad your flu shot is working! Mine too so far. It's been colder down here than the town I came from in Northern IL. Today Alabama and Louisiana got snow and for the year so far they have more than Chicago. It's loony tunes!
    I watch Dancing with the Stars but that's all the "reality" shows I can deal with and even that isn't REAL...I never dressed like that when I danced. Ha! Ha!
    Sad about the funerals and the stores going out of business. I have a nice little store here but it's part of a chain of small grocery stores and whenever I ask for something they say they have to take what the distributor brings them and I say...."Well, I don't!" LOL! But most are nice but they always want to carry my groceries out....I must look REALLY old and feeble! I tell them no, I'll carry my own and then they look at me and say, "Are you sure"....GEEZ!!! How patronizing is that? A few gray hairs and they want to get the wheelchair out for you. That will come soon enough but right now I'm still running the show! Ha! Ha!
    Have a good night and stay warm!

  18. Stay warm! My mom lives in Michigan. She said 14 this weekend there.
    I look forward to your temp photos, too!

    Such wonderful news about your eyesight! God bless!

  19. Glad you got good news about your eyes:) I get a kick out of seeing your cold temperatures, but I don't want to participate in them.

    Seems that where I might end up I won't have to worry about them anyway,LOL!

  20. So glad your eyes are healthy!

    We woke up to about -20,5 C and it's due to get colder over the weekend. Let's share our obscenely cold pictures!

  21. The have been telling us that the flu should hit here anytime now. It was in Denver last week. I sure hope I don't get it. I've been sick ever since Christmas and can't seem to get myself back to par. Not a good thing if bugs are out there wanting a host.



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