Friday, June 24, 2011

Wild Iris

It is summer now, we have had summer for three whole days..and it has rained and rained.  Finally yesterday afternoon we saw the sun.  That has been our weather pattern, it rains for three or four days or the wind howls like a banshee and then we have one nice day which is usually windy.  So far it is a non summer.

The flowers bloom anyway.  The Blue Flag Iris are blooming.  We found this one close by. Wild Iris trying to survive the Leafy Spurge Euphorbia esula

This is a Wild Iris/Blue Flag Iris being choked out by Leafy does make for a pretty photograph..but also a sad one.

Far Guys Wild Iris/Blue Flag Iris  are beautiful.  He planted these from seed a number of years ago.  Last year he had one bloom and I missed taking a photo of it.  This year he has two blooms and two buds..success.  His patience and persistence has paid off.


Iris have really strappy upright foliage, I think perhaps a dog who shall remain nameless may have played ball in this flower garden:)

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  1. Beautiful Iris. I have never started any with seeds.

    Your summer sounds like our May, record rain falls and floods. June has given us August weather with no rain to speak of and we are bone dry.

  2. That's a lovely iris. Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

  3. What a pretty blue. I cut some of my irises that got bent over from all the rain and have them and a cut peony in the house. So pretty. The rain sure did a number on my flowers! Oh, I think one of the ladyslippers may be coming up! 3 little fuzzy leaves. come check it out.

  4. That last iris picture makes it look like the light is coming out of it. Beautiful, and such a delicate color.

  5. They are certainly a delicately beautiful blue wildflower. I, too, had several in my artificial ladyslipper bog. Alas all gone now.:(

  6. Lovely Iris photos !
    We have had a mix of sun and rain but also the the typical humid summer temperatures ! Miggy would like to say hi to the dog whos name wont be mentioned lol ! Have a great day !

  7. great iris photos. We've had two whole days of sun in a row here. Hope it moves over to your part of the world.

  8. I didn't know there were wild Iris this one is very pretty I guess blue is the main color of all Iris.

  9. Blue flags.. awwww, I love them. When we were first married we had a sweet "little old lady" neighbor that had a patch of them in her yard. They are so delicate.

  10. Lovely iris - it looks as if it has a tongue hanging out! Hope the rain stops and the sun comes out to play...

  11. They are beautiful:)
    One of those nameless dogs lives here too, but I get as much pleasure watching her have fun as I get from the flowers:)
    Our iris are just about done here.
    We are back to rain now too:(

  12. Very pretty! We love blue. Especially when it is in the sky! We are waiting for summer too and getting very impatient. We have a couple of nice days and then it's RAINY and cold. Oregon is a bad place to live. We are moving! Well, maybe. I haven't told the Duke and Duchess yet. I hope they don't give me any trouble about it! :)

    Emma Rose

  13. I have yellow flags blooming. I can't keep a blue one alive here. Yours are lovely even if they did get Chanced;)

  14. See all the more reason to move to the Okanagan and be our neighbors.

    They are busy picking strawberries right now....sigh.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. Ask Chance to be on the look out for that frolicking pooch! ha ha
    Iris are beautiful. I love their velvety inside.


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