Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Gull and A Changed View

Far Guy and I were in town on Monday, one day before summer arrived along with the cool weather and the rain.

Far Guy wanted me to take a few photos so he pulled over into the Casey’s parking lot.  Just as we pulled in a Gull flew out of the dumpster with a doughnut.


I wonder how often he comes here for breakfast?  He ate the whole thing.

Years ago you never saw the gulls, we just didn’t have any.  Then the French Fry Plant came to town and with it came the Gulls and if the wind is from the right direction the smell of half cooked french fries fills the air.

I took the photo Far Guy wanted.


The Memorial Day tornado and accompanying high winds totally changed the landscape across from the house he grew up in.

First a Casey’s next door and then the road was widened and a sidewalk added..and now the storm damage at the forestry across the street has changed a once familiar area.

Smokey Bear made it through the storm just fine:) IMG_3855

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  1. Wonderful photos !
    We have been having bad storms with tornado warnings two nights in a row, tornados havent touched down in our village but the have in the surrounding towns, Thankfully no injuries ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Since we live right on Bellingham Bay (well, a half mile away), we see gulls all the time but they stay out of the trash bins. However, the other day I saw pigeons and crows having a pizza fest out of a dumpster. Someone had thrown away a pizza and they had pulled it out onto the street, having quite a time. I didn't have my camera! Curses!

  3. That view sure isn't the same any more - will take many years to see it like it was. It just looks so bare when you are going west out of town.
    Have a great day!

  4. I'm just glad we don't have to deal with tornadoes. Of course we keep being reminded that we are overdue for 'the big one' of the earthquake variety.
    Gulls, well we see lots of those.
    'Shit Hawks' is one of their nicknames.

  5. We don't often see sea eagles here but there are a lot of them scavenging in farm fields across the river and ALWAYS at McDonald's in town;)

  6. Nice photos!

    We're only about 35 miles from the ocean so sea gulls are often seen here.

    They go anywhere they think - or learn - they can find a meal. Opportunists every one. :)

  7. Seagulls will swoope down and pinch your food !

  8. When the tornado went through here followed by a winter ice, our landscape changed forever. We are still cleaning up and it has been three years.

  9. Please.

    Send rain.

    A seagull with a donut would be cool, too...


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