Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

I give my Dad money for Bingo every year for Father’s Day.  Sometimes I go along with him to Bingo.  My Dad likes Bingo, he plays on Tuesday and Thursday nights. My Mother stays home and sews in her sewing room.

My Dad picks up Darrel for Bingo.  Darrel is legally blind.  Darrel has his own Bingo Cards with the little red windows that cover up the numbers that are also in Braille.  Darrel's fingers fly all over his bingo cards as he plays three cards at once..and pays just like everyone else.  Just think of the money he saves on bingo daubers.  Darrel and Dad enter the Eagles or the Legion with Darrel holding onto Dad arm. They walk slowly to their seats..I heard last week that SOMEONE was sitting in their seats.  Interlopers..that did not realize that Darrel and Dad like to sit in the same spot every week because that is the spot where they can hear the bingo caller call out the numbers the best. 

I think perhaps they should have assigned seats!

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad:)

Anna Dad and Jody at Bingo My Dad is in the center, he is joined by his sister, my Aunt Anna and his son, my brother Jody.

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  1. Your father sounds like a fun person.

  2. Lucky you, to have your dad to celebrate the day with! I only have my memories, but thinking of fathers the world over, I realize I was pretty darned lucky to have the one I did. And Happy Father's Day to yours, Connie!

  3. Love hearing about how the blind mad is able to play...

  4. I have done Bingo once and it is fun! I don't have just one Dad I have three to love and celebrate with! Glad you still have yours too!

  5. He sounds like a wonderful person !
    Happy fathers day to him from us !

  6. I love that, giving your Dad money for Bingo. So much better then a tie, or chocolate.

    Hope that they win big.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Bingo money! The best gifts are to give them what they love. Sweet! I hope they found seats that were adequate.

    Happy Father's Day!! :)

  8. Bingo money...what a great gift! Not a bad way to spend some time...keeps the mind sharp.

  9. The senior center here has bingo as well as a couple churches but so far we haven't had time to try it out. I think bingo was invented for seniors. What does the museum say about that?

  10. Glad you had a wonderful day!!


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