Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chance: The Chipmunk Battles

Hello there!  It is just me the handsome blogging Border Collie.  I have been too busy to blog.  I have been engaged in a war.


I have my eyes trained on one of those “Chippys.” Far Guy calls them Chippys they are really Chipmunks or some people call them Ground Squirrels or even Striped Squirrels.

I hardly even blink whilst watching…waiting..anticipating..I am so still I could be a statue. ( I have been in the pool and then I rolled in the sand a little..just so you don’t think I am a slob.)


I keep one eye on those varmits at all times..  They are in my trees, they are in my woodpile.  They try to eat the birdseed in the feeders to get enough strength to multiply and then eat bird eggs. Yes, they eat bird Far Side says my Chippy Hunting is justified.


Awe aren’t they cute.  I have been honing my Chippy skills for six years now. I am learning....I think I might be in my prime.  Sometimes I wait half the day for one of the stupid ones to come out of the trees and make a run for it.

Chance and the Chippy 

This one is going to make a run for it!!

Far Guy says “Crap, I suppose I will have to put my shoes on, get the shovel and bury another one.”  Far Side needs a camera that takes many pictures all at once.  That Chippy  came out of the tree and nearly ran right into me..he banked off of a tree behind me and I chased him right up the same tree again.

Everyone laughed..I did not think it was funny at all.  I watched and waited way past dark..I guess that Chippy will sleep in that tree tonight and tomorrow the battle will resume:)

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  1. Oh, sounds like a serious battle (and it looks like the dog will win too!)

  2. Chance - I am so glad you took furlough. When our troops are on the front lines, we worry when we don't get word from them. Sounds like you may need to change your tactical offense because your spying abilities are superb. Now if only the 'Fars' would help you, it seems like they could help create a maze or trap-like device to give you a bit more time with that Chippy when it hits the ground! I did not know they ate bird eggs - - - not nice at all.

  3. Chance, I have a bunch of full sized squirrels you would LOVE to chase, and hopefully catch. Your dedication to your task is awesome! Good on ya.

  4. Chance, would you consider coming to work for me? Not only could you get the 'chippies'; we have lots of red squirrels to chase away from the feeders. PAY: 3 treats a day, playing ball for 1/2 a day, lots of rides to get ice cream and you can sleep on the bed? Please!!!

  5. are a very intense dog and I hope it all pays off for you.

  6. Chance, will you come give Tucker a lesson? We don't have chipmunks but we have ground squirrels. They are really fast and... no trees to climb! We can make arrangements to meet you at the airport! It could be a great vacation!

  7. Go and get em Chance!!!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. What a delight! Great post!

    Hey, Chance...I have a ground squirrel I'm trying to catch, maybe we could team up!


  9. Hehe. Good luck, Chance! Hope you find a lot of stupid chippys. :)

  10. Oh dear, do you catch them then? Great pics of you!

  11. Chance, a canine with patience and persistence--a rare and wonderful thing.

  12. Chance you sure are a determined fellow, hope it pays off tomorrow.

  13. You are a brave loyal dog to guard the house so well. I watch my dog Barney shake snakes to pieces and he just doesn't it so quickly and quietly knowing he has my full approval. You have such nice brown eyes. I know border collies have different colors but I like your brown eyes.


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