Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Yellow Slippers

I did get just a few photos of the Yellow Lady’s Slippers on the back driveway.  This year there  are seven blooms. Ten years ago we had three blooms.  You have to be patient!

 Seven Yellow Lady Slippers

The seventh is there but very hard to see off to the left of slipper number five. If there weren’t located in a sea of Poison Ivy I would have gotten closer.  I already have one spot of miserable ivy on my hand ..I suppose from my friend Chance.

Two of the seven slippers

Far Guy and I have the same conversation every year.  He says “I don’t see the Yellow Lady’s Slippers..I bet they didn’t make the winter.”  I reply “Be patient, they will show up for Fathers Day..and so far I have been correct.”

These Yellow Slippers along the back drive are very shaded by the trees to the west of the drive, if they were in a sunny location they would bloom earlier.  The ones located in the gardens just west of these are all done blooming and have been for many weeks.

This evening we found two new Lady Slipper Plants in our Gardens..they were a nice surprise.  They are just tiny and may bloom in a couple of years..patience:)

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Country Gal said...

They are pretty ! I havent seen them here ! We have lots of pink, white, purple and yellow wild flowers here in the woods they are like a cluster of baby daisy's they are soo pretty ! Mother nature will bring them in full force for ya soon ! Have a great day !

DJan said...

They are just beautiful, Connie. Glad you are a patient soul. And such a good photographer, too; they will now last forever.

Anonymous said...

What lovely delicate shoes!

lisa said...

They are lovely and glad that they are still coming for fathers day!

Terry and Linda said...

We are so dry we will never ever see such lovely beauties here. Thanks for the photos I am drooling.


Maery Rose said...

I've been noticing new things popping up in the woods but none of those. I think I'd avoid the poison ivy too. Nasty stuff...

L. D. said...

Such a lovely orchid. I am really envious of those things. I really hope you make to see the pink ones too.

Linda said...

...and here I have to go see them at your place;)