Sunday, June 26, 2011

Museum Update June 26, 2011

Well I have almost eight weeks down..the time I spend at the museum goes quite fast.  We are seeing a influx of tourists especially on rainy days. They are tired of entertaining their kids in a they all come to the museum. 


My daughter Jen made a Military display in the cabinet in the foyer for me.  She is very talented! She has a “eye” for putting things together and they all look great.  She edited most of the letters that I had to write..thank you for the donation..thank you for renewing your membership..yada yada..she made me sound real good.

I know more than I did when I first started.  I am learning.  I am learning that Rome was not built in a day and the museum will keep on being the museum day after day.

I hate the meetings, they take up so much time and effort. I have to be pleasant and I have to know “stuff” and I will be the last one there to clean up the kitchen and to lock up the doors..on one of my days off.  It is the day off part that sets me on edge..if it is one of my days off..then let me have the day off..gosh sometimes I really need those two days off to get my smile pasted back on my face again.

Sometimes I get tired off smiling, sometimes I get tired of talking..I just want to hide in a vault and wait for someone to drag me out.

I am getting some more volunteers ..slowly.  On Friday I drug a small table up from the basement and set it just outside my office.  I placed a chair nearby and moved the bell and the sign.  The one that says “Ring the bell if no one is at the desk.” The volunteer on duty has to have someplace to hang out near the foyer and greet people as they enter the building.  We have sleigh bells on the door, but if I am in one of the back rooms or in the basement I have no idea who is in the building.  The other day I was giving a tour and I could hear the sleigh bells ringing and the phone was ringing off the hook..people were coming and going..I am just one person.

I am making a volunteer calendar ..and I am taking it to the meeting.  I might be in trouble for moving the table and the chair into the be it…or should I say bring it on:) 

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West Side of Straight said...

You're really doing a great job Connie! Hope they all get on the band wagon and realize how good you are doing. Keep smiling!!!!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

"Bring it On!"......YOU GO GIRL!!
Know the feeling....sometimes this Visitor Center could use a full staff and we'd still miss a camper...
Answer to FAQ.....yes, the river runs north.....!!!


Patsy said...

Mrs. Museum person,Can you show more displays that we can enlarge to read about them?
Smiling at you,Patsy

L. D. said...

I don't miss all those teacher meetings where my time was wasted and no real decision was ever made. Having meetings just because it is fun, really is not great to be a part of. The display is wonderful. When they are done well they can stay up for quite a while and then another display can be reworked until everything looks great.

CiCi said...

I'll say you are learning. And getting lots done. The powers that be in the museum mucky muck would be nuts not to appreciate your hard work.
The display Jen did does look great.

Gail said...

I like your take charge approach. It's seems to be needed greatly. You are doing a fantastic job.

The day off is essential to your well being...and for the next person that walks through that door.

RURAL said...

Connie, organize those meetings for a day when you are working. And if that isn't possible, then you are going to firmly, and politely tell them that you are busy on your day's off, and no longer available, so they must move the meeting to a day when you work.

Do you know what burn out is? Of course you do, and you are more then well on your way.

I have heard that meetings are much more efficient when they are held standing up. Suggest that, or a time limit.

Sorry, I am feeling very protective for you, but this doesn't sound good.

Tell Jen, it's a lovely display, she has done a great job.

Hugs to you, and take care of yourself first, they are not going to do that for you. And Far Guy and Chance need you.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Leah said...

Keep up the good work Connie - you are making a difference! I enjoy the updates and in fact if I don't get there before August I plan to come when the quilt display is on.... it was nice to see a flyer on it - I hear ya on the "smilin" - my voice has to smile every phone call! :)

Shirley H. said...

Congratulations on already attracting a couple volunteers. I hope you get many more. Your daughter's display looks very attractive and interesting. I hope she will do more displays and that you will show us pictures.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Compensatory Time Off. If you absolutely can't move the meetings to one of your workdays, arrange to take comp time, leaving a couple of volunteers in charge. Since your new volunteers may not be up to the task, you may have to ask that board members do it. "Bring it on," indeed.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

It's going to take some training to get them to appreciate all you do. I was a retail "Mall store" manager and can say, I hated being the one with the keys. Getting called in a days off, staying late because someone called in sick, etc.

I hope you can turn them around to your way. They need you. (and Thank Goodness for daughters)

Lynda said...

I say, "Bring it on!" You are seeing what will work and implementing it. They should give you points for making administrative decisions that make sense and work well.
Your daughter does have a good eye for display cases. Praise God she enjoys working with you! It's a blessing!

Anonymous said...

The display looks great. Hope you get those volunteers and get the others to change the meeting to a day when it does not mess up your free time. Tell them "Chance" said so!

Rita said...

Your daughter did a beautiful job on the display.

Your solution to the impossible situation seems just practical common sense to me. But then, my "common sense" used to get me in trouble at jobs all the time--LOL!

You're doing such a great job! I love hearing about it and seeing pictures. I hope Chance is not lonely with you being gone so much nowdays. ;)

That Janie Girl said...

I'm impressed! And how can you get in trouble for being an awesome volunteer?

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if the museum is lucky to have you!

As for your day off, I'm with you. Don't go to meetings on your day off - let them know that and they can then re-schedule?

Liz in PA said...

Connie you do know how to make a
"chuckle" each that
Museum is really so fortunate to have you as HEAD MUSEUM-MISTRESS!"

And so be it.......since you are at the helm except for those ever ongoing meetings.......what you say GOES on your shift.

Keep on Keeping the Ship afloat!
Liz in PA

DJan said...

I got behind in my blogging, since I went jumping out of airplanes yesterday. I also hope you make your days off sacrosanct, because otherwise you WILL burn out, and you are making such a difference! :-)

Linda said...

Way to go! They probaly love you!